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Skin thumbnail
Hello! Before anything, thank you for making my 17th skin the Skin of The Day 。(⌒∇⌒。) I wish there were words to really describe how much it's important to me but when I try to think of something I just can't so--- THANK YOU! I know I always say I will be more active here but actually I ha...

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BM sunwoo's pretty face
07-30-2014 7 5.00 stars

03 Color Splash

Skin thumbnail
Hello! If there are any errors with the layout, let me know, I would be willing to help you. Go ahead and edit the layout however you want, but DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDITS! Let me know if you want to use as a base code and link me the layout ^-^

Live preview ♥ Mah personal blog yo~...

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BM squiddy-squid's pretty face
07-29-2014 5 5.00 stars
Laserpointer Grün 200mW Gute für brennen kaufen Laserpointer Grün 200mW Gute für brennen kaufen
Dies ist ein wirklich schön gemacht, kompakt hohe Qualität brennen grünen Laserpointer 200mW kaufen. Denn die Fünf-Sterne-Bewertungen hier lesen vielleicht durch die Erwartungen waren ein wenig zu hoch, aber es ist wirklich nicht heller als eine...

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BA jutego's pretty face
07-29-2014 0 0.00 stars
EXO, we are one 01

Skin thumbnail
Hey guys, this is my first blogger skin ever so excuse any coding mistakes I made T___T
The header features EXO and you can edit anything you want as long as you don't remove the credit links. Thank you!!

Livepreview Here | My Blog

Alternative header here...

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BM xehun's pretty face
07-28-2014 27 5.00 stars
Ice Cream Is Wonderfull

Skin thumbnail
Skin pertama. jadi maklumkan saja kalau kurang menarik . Credit Tolong jangan diubah-ubah.
Temanya tentang es krim warnanya campur aduk...

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BM adis's pretty face
07-28-2014 13 0.00 stars
pseudologia fantastica △

Skin thumbnail
a{text-decoration:none!important;}.topnav{display:none;}.navsearch{display:none;}.logo{display:none;}.tabs{display:none;}.footer{display:none;}.footernav{display:none;}.footernavright{display:none;}.highlightbox{display:none;}#my_comments{display:none;}#friends_skins{display:none;}#profile_skins img...

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BM laurabates's pretty face
07-27-2014 12 0.00 stars

#10: RED (Taylor Swift)

Skin thumbnail
Yay! Tenth skins! Hope u like it, and don't remove the credits! About Taylor Swift ;)...

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BM sharonemily123's pretty face
07-27-2014 18 4.17 stars
#9: Strawberry Cheesecake

Skin thumbnail
Uh huh, 9th skins from Sharon Emily is here! Hope u like it, no rip no copycats without credits, kay?...

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BM sharonemily123's pretty face
07-27-2014 10 0.00 stars
#4 Olaf Bloggie

Skin thumbnail
Hai! Aku {Axl} bawa skins baru lagi, nih! ^^ Hahaha. Temanya Olaf. Moga suka, ya :) Makasih buat @Tabitha atas basecode-nya. Meski aku enggak izin .___.V Soalnya lemot, sih!
Kalau mau basecode, jangan hilangkan credit, ok?...

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BM Katrina Sweety's pretty face
Katrina Sweety
07-27-2014 6 4.50 stars
#10 //Mio Pink!

Skin thumbnail
Ini skin kesepuluh aku. Buatnya yah 3 jam atau 3 setengah jam =_=. Makasih basecodenya Kak Alvina ;D. Rate please. ...

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BM JenniferSkins's pretty face
07-26-2014 13 5.00 stars
#4 Elsa of Frozen

Skin thumbnail
Hai! Aku {Katrina} bikin skins baru, nih :D Mmm, basecode-nya ... Nuha sama Tiara. Moga suka, ya^^
Rate me 5 stars, please?...

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BM Katrina Sweety's pretty face
Katrina Sweety
07-26-2014 13 5.00 stars
#3 Kawaii Bloggie!

Skin thumbnail
Hallo! Aku {Axl} bawa skins baru lagi, nih! Basecode dari Kak Nyimas Amalia. Maaf enggak sempat izin :( soalnya lemot, nih, laptopnya!!
Semoga kalian suka, ya! Musiknya enggak bisa aku ganti. Soalnya aku enggak ngerti, sih, sama kode-kode kayak gitu. Hehehe. Rate me 5 stars, please! :)...

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BM Katrina Sweety's pretty face
Katrina Sweety
07-25-2014 6 4.00 stars
Snow Diary

Skin thumbnail
Hulla! Aku buat skins lagi. Kali ini duet sama Farahnisa Fasya. Dia bagian membuat header dan pictsnya. Sedangkan aku, sisanya '-' Temanya Frozen. Warnanya biru muda dan judulnya "Snow Diary". Semoga kalian suka ya, jangan lupa rate. Diusahakan 5 stars lho ..!! Tengkyu all, bye!...

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BM Z_nafaraisya's pretty face
07-25-2014 18 5.00 stars
Snow Diary #sotd

Skin thumbnail
hai! ini skinsku temanya frozen tapi judulnya snow diary. aku duet sama kak zahra. mau bascode? mau pakai? jangan lupa rate 5 bintang dan dont remove the credit!...

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BM fasyanrl's pretty face
07-25-2014 18 5.00 stars
Recambio de Batería para HP 628419-001

Skin thumbnail

Batería para HP 628419-001 Spécification:
1.100% compatible con la bateria original.
2.El mejor rendimiento al mejor precio!
3.La bateria compatible para su HP 628419-001 le proporcionará una larga autonomía, para su portátil..
4.Entrega rápida colissimo suivi.

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BM kendeji's pretty face
07-25-2014 6 0.00 stars
Reproduction Cartier jewelry signifies adore Reproduction Cartier Jewelry sequence has established the best image associated with eachother. In order to mess the actual diamond ring like a image associated with ADORE is actually jewelry Emperor Cartier within the worlds most widely used functions, isn't sure through the conventional style ent...

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BM jasonwongoo's pretty face
07-25-2014 3 0.00 stars
Cartier Ballon Bleu reproduction wrist watches Logo design has become the the majority of prosperous means to fix create switzerland motion reproduction wrist watches the prolonged enduring impact upon it's customer as well as help produce your own manufacturer. Trademarks may exhibit the actual character as well as mindset of the company, ideal...

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BM jasonwongoo's pretty face
07-25-2014 5 0.00 stars
i heard angels twice

Skin thumbnail
i found a few layouts that i was working on when my laptop broke down. i kind of like some of them so i'll be sharing them with you. :)

♡ previous layout for fauxteeth.
♡ change all the necessary links to your own.
♡ feel free to edit to your liking~
♡ use safari when viewing for best ...

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BM sagacity's pretty face
07-24-2014 31 5.00 stars
#2 I Limited Edition

Skin thumbnail
My #2 Skin!!
Thanks for Tiara.Don't copy cat!...

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BA NessaEmanuella's pretty face
07-24-2014 36 5.00 stars
I Don't Know

Skin thumbnail
I hope you like it and visit my blog :) .Preview error(just the image)...

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BM Asmiza Jirasalim's pretty face
Asmiza Jirasalim
07-24-2014 45 4.80 stars
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