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Lovely Blue

Skin thumbnail
1st skin i've made. Use basecode from some skin i founded here.


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BM camella's pretty face
02-09-2015 47 0.00 stars

A Midsummer Night's Sweetness // 003 After a year passed, I'm back in 2015 with a skin. This is inspired by another song, A Midsummer Night's Sweetness by San E x Raina. You must listen to the song because it's awesome! I know it's bad because my skill on html haven't improve much....

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BM dheafhra's pretty face
02-07-2015 9 0.00 stars
You had me at hello Its been a loooooong time since i dont make any theme! But today this berlin-artparasites's image inspired me so much, i couldnt hold myself! haha :P


Hope yo'a...

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BM sophieflora's pretty face
02-06-2015 7 0.00 stars
#4 Strawberry Milk hi, this is m 4th skinIni buat annisa pramudhita yaww

Basecode? Izin dulu, don't remove any credits...

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BA AnandaChusnul's pretty face
02-06-2015 16 5.00 stars
Best Tools Cele mai bune preturi pentru aspiratoare
industriale le gasiti pe site-ul best-tools.ro...

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TUM simion's pretty face
02-06-2015 3 0.00 stars
Revitify Keep one factor in mind its officers claim there's no filler or any single binder in their formula, as a result of they need science laboratory approve Revitify formula formulate in it however have you ever found any laboratory approval or any single document from any clinic or any single sickbay fa...

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DEP miringaword's pretty face
02-06-2015 3 0.00 stars

#6: Dream&Inspiration Thank you Wana for the code. Hope u like it!...

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BM Clarissa16's pretty face
02-06-2015 11 0.00 stars
Entwicklung von Laserpointer
Entwicklung von Laserpointer
Die erste Generation von Laserpointer: Single laserpointer
Bezieht sich auf einen einzigen Laser laserpointer kaufen Funktion, unabhängig davon, ob der Stift zu schreiben, ob er strecken, um den Zeiger zu werden, aber er immer als die Hauptfunktion des Laser ge...

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BA deulaser's pretty face
02-03-2015 4 0.00 stars
Rainbow Affies Linkies

Skin thumbnail

#google_ads_div_728x90LoggedOutTop_ad_container,#google_ads_div_728x90LoggedOutBottom_ad_container,.logo,.navsearch,.tabs,.footernav,.footernavright,.footer,#my_comments,#my_favorites,#user_profile_ad,H1,#friends_skins{display:none;}td,p,body{width: 500px;font-size:12px;font-family:Delius;color:#...

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BM ainulmardhiah172's pretty face
02-03-2015 50 0.00 stars
#5: Summertime Sadness I really love this song...

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BM Clarissa16's pretty face
02-02-2015 20 0.00 stars
Fckers 5nd Inspirated by 16thday's.

i dont need to use screenshot here. baii.

live preview...

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BM fckers's pretty face
02-02-2015 9 0.00 stars
#3 Bunny! Hi, ini skin ke-3 ku.. kupersembahin bwt kak dza!dont remove any credits!...

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BA AnandaChusnul's pretty face
02-01-2015 9 0.00 stars
EXO XOXO SKINS Alhamdulillah, siap jugak akhirnya skin ni ;D thanks for the basecode. Full template by; AtinTory. Free to use! Don't remove basecodes/credits please :) // Visit my blog ^^ http://budakpurplish.blogspot.com/ .

Skin ni khas untuk EXO-L :>...

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BM EllaKyra112's pretty face
02-01-2015 28 0.00 stars
#2 Princess Pinky Hello, alhamdulillah succesfully my second skins. Dont forget rate !...

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BM wafiamultazima's pretty face
01-31-2015 23 0.00 stars
Life is melody My second skins...

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BM Syafiqah Rosli's pretty face
Syafiqah Rosli
01-31-2015 17 0.00 stars
曇天に笑う 曇空丸風 コスプレ衣装-1 半纏は黒で、写真通りに赤い縁取りをしています。

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TUM yakusoku0121's pretty face
01-31-2015 6 0.00 stars
#4: Pinkish 2 skins in one day:)) I make this skins because i likes pink. So i think, how about i make pinkish skins. I hope u like it, because it's so hard to make a skins. Basecode by Siti, i take the colour code from Salsa:v Hehehehe. Please rate if u like it^^
#sorry if i can't speak english very well:v...

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BM Clarissa16's pretty face
01-30-2015 21 0.00 stars
#3: Eiffel Story This is my 3rd skins^^ Wohhoooo Thanks for Salsa for the code, header made by me. u can change it if u think it's so uglyy:p Hahahaha. Don't forget to rate. Finally.. After hardwork for 2-3 weeks, this skins is.. DONE!...

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BM Clarissa16's pretty face
01-30-2015 34 0.00 stars
My Pinky Skin This my skin number one^^ Rate please... okay?...

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BM DorothyIrene's pretty face
01-30-2015 23 0.00 stars
test test...

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BA poppyasyaazzhr's pretty face
01-29-2015 4 0.00 stars
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