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.:x:.chemistry.:x:._______ shrek + fiona - #3

Skin thumbnail

back again wif my third skin... no more instruments and stuf... now on the theme of movies... as u would see tis one is on sherk...nice and sweet movie... i find these pics really cute yea? hmm... pls giv more comments and thanky for all the gd comments yea??? i'll try to work on other co...

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BM blueflame89's pretty face
12-28-2004 8,565 2.52 stars

3 ways to make money online from home for stu 3 ways to make money online from home for students

By far the most common issue among college students are is how to earn some money following easy methods that our studies wouldn’t affect? As you googled, searched through many blogs, websites, surely you found numerous ways of making mone...

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BM alex2017's pretty face
02-06-2017 26 0.00 stars
.1 School Days - Solchuu

Skin thumbnail
My first skin! Yeah, i know, it's very ugly, but i'ts
first skin, ok??
Well, i'll improve, just, give me a little time, please.
I edit this skin from here, i change the background and the colores, columns backgrounds, fonts, almost everything..!
Also, you can view the preview on my blog for ski...

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BM *Solchuu*'s pretty face
10-05-2008 697 4.63 stars
#3 //Hug And Kisses

Skin thumbnail
This is my third blogskin. I love EXO song very much so, I made a cover for 'Hug and Kisses' album.Please don't rip my blogskin apart or I will humiliate you. Please credit me and others too. And sorry if there is an error on the preview....

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BM _itsmicka_'s pretty face
05-09-2014 326 4.50 stars
#40 Summer Reminiscences; } LIX!

Skin thumbnail
I've rehosted the images but i'll telling you my bandwidth might explode anytime again... so if you don't want a page filled with blue banners of photobucket's " bandwidth had exceeded"... kindly host the images yourself! Do me a favour please!!!

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BA thusha's pretty face
04-11-2012 98 0.00 stars
#o1 } ♥ GirlsSTUFF

Skin thumbnail
My first skin wor x)

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BM babylorves's pretty face
03-13-2008 699 4.63 stars

%1 Simple

Skin thumbnail
.#profile_skins a {color: #996666;} #profile_skins img { position: relative; display: inline; background-color: #F1F1F1; border: 0px solid #fff; padding: 2px 2px 4px 2px;} h1, h3 { font-family: tahoma; font-weight: normal; font-size: 15pt; text-transform: lowercase; color: #595b3e; letter-spacing: ...

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BM %vanilla's pretty face
03-04-2012 302 4.17 stars
Losing weight will know8 Losing weight will know...

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BA beautyadelina's pretty face
04-14-2014 48 0.00 stars
! ♥ FW #2 , Robots .

Skin thumbnail
Credited .
did this for someone .
she nvr knew .
i made her angry by not even taking a glance at her.
Sorry , ChinHuiYee . Amanda.

Screenshot is blur , used my cam to take .
sorry , live preview ?

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BM ! ♥ fuckworld's pretty face
! ♥ fuckworld
10-12-2008 613 4.25 stars
!o6; ほうき星

Skin thumbnail

sudden inspiration by houki boshi - younha , and my godbrudder:D


and there's something wrong with the preview.
please view it here : houkiboshi...

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BM !RANDOM's pretty face
01-02-2007 1,398 4.83 stars
# 01. Christmas Specials

Skin thumbnail
Christmas Special :

Target : Girls of all ages.
Theme : Christmas season.

Please give me constructive comments to help me out with my next skin!

My first skin, so please me lenient! >.<

If I used any part of this skin from you, please tell me in case I forgot to credit you. :D [Sorry...

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BM x3PinkPerfect's pretty face
11-30-2009 566 4.91 stars
# 8 Walking through My PAST

Skin thumbnail
H0PE ya lyke it...

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BM reena14's pretty face
05-13-2007 887 4.90 stars
# I h0pe y0oh understand.. { / - FADED-MEMORIES1

Skin thumbnail
uh. third skin. the picture can be improve. But if you do use codes from this blog.. please credit me!! [: rate/fav/download!...

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BM %faded-memories's pretty face
11-10-2007 765 5.00 stars
#.07 ♥ 黑糖瑪奇朵 ♥ brown sugar macochiato ♥

Skin thumbnail
#.07 ♥ 黑糖瑪奇朵 ♥ brown sugar macochiato ♥
this is Octopus! seventh skins yeah!
Recently im watching a new drama throu. youtube.com, 黑糖瑪奇朵,brown sugar macochiato.
Its simply a cute and funny drama.
Do watch it,if you have the time :P

the image ...

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BM octopus!'s pretty face
08-09-2007 1,682 4.80 stars
#01. I'll give you a slap on your face, bitch. Co

Skin thumbnail
Hey guys. ^^ I've not the first time creating skins, cos i just created another acc. :P This is my first skin, & hope you like it. ...

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BM Deboraahsim's pretty face
12-25-2012 281 0.00 stars
#09. friend, you force me to do so

Skin thumbnail
#09. friend, you force me to do so {by, Octopus!

this skins is kinda simple, but i like the photo so i turn it into a skins.

look kinda strange but i hope you guys like it?

photo taken by my friends.
the one who "kena" hitted was m...

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BM octopus!'s pretty face
09-03-2007 896 5.00 stars

Skin thumbnail
Hi. This is my first skin. Hope you like it...

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BM Syifanurhaliza's pretty face
03-22-2014 396 4.50 stars
#1 &&. VINTAGE!

Skin thumbnail
I got the original Image from deviantART's Panicize's work, I used PAINT to edit it and made it a skin, I DID CREDIT ALL OF MY SOURCES!
A BIG thankyou to all of them! This wouldnt be possible without you!
I dont expect much from this skin, its only my first ever publish for this stuff. I plan to g...

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BM vogueMADNESS's pretty face
10-19-2006 2,084 4.88 stars
#1 - HUIXIU} her royalty, her life

Skin thumbnail
Currently BREATHING in TOXIC gases of this DAMN HAZE.
I can't breathe properly.
And my eyes are watery.


Please Rate.

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BM tempting.pieces.of.glass's pretty face
10-07-2006 1,357 4.71 stars
#1 God Loves You ; ♥Exothermic-X

Skin thumbnail
A simple christian skin.
Background is black.
Picture is a cross with lyrics from "at the cross" by hillsongs united.
My first skin.
View and comment please [:...

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BM ♥Exothermic-X's pretty face
02-06-2008 1,848 4.60 stars
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