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BA lamerlizer0's pretty face
05-13-2005 447 0.00 stars

//#1 Depressed soul*

Skin thumbnail
My first skin;please forgive if it ain't nice=DPlease comment too so i can improve=D Thqew;}...

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BM //evil-cream}'s pretty face
03-15-2007 400 0.00 stars
Paul Frank-/Kaiting168

Skin thumbnail
Paul Frank
This is my 4th skin.

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BM Kaiting168's pretty face
12-20-2008 253 0.00 stars
the key tuu our heart

Skin thumbnail
err...ii just triied iit out tuu see hw iit looks..wiit the two keys...iits liike openiin a lock tuu two persons heart,,,...

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BM xiiaoliin's pretty face
12-09-2007 422 0.00 stars

Skin thumbnail
heart is loved...

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BM ♥SyAsHa♥'s pretty face
12-15-2008 433 0.00 stars
Diary ....

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BM faraarissa's pretty face
01-27-2009 241 0.00 stars


Skin thumbnail

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BM dongx3's pretty face
03-24-2009 266 0.00 stars
cs dude (fixed)

Skin thumbnail
rawr a little better than my previous two but still kinda bad

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BM kibbles13's pretty face
07-17-2006 528 0.00 stars

Skin thumbnail

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DEP minniestcentre's pretty face
04-20-2007 219 0.00 stars

Skin thumbnail
If you love cute and animation things!
Thn this is suitable for yoouuuuuu!: D
3rd skin! ((: ...

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BM Sotongkwann(:'s pretty face
11-17-2007 358 0.00 stars
my life

Skin thumbnail
my life...

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XG lil star from sky's pretty face
lil star from sky
11-18-2007 255 0.00 stars
LoNeY gal with simplicated LiFe

Skin thumbnail
loney gal with simplicated life...=))hearts and loves everywhere...love a person is tough...=))...

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BA bernice1995's pretty face
12-18-2007 314 0.00 stars
colourful gift

Skin thumbnail
dedicated to Jacy // arenelle for Christmas! a gift colours, with love. rate and comment, yet don;t forget to download and mark as favourite! do not just rate without any reasons~ first succesful skin..


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BM **comotioN's pretty face
12-25-2007 315 0.00 stars

Skin thumbnail

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BA maplepro's pretty face
07-03-2008 179 0.00 stars
Electric Love // TJ

Skin thumbnail
I made this out of boredom.
There's not much that says Love, though Electric, erm.
Nothing too,
So it's more of a fluorescent or neon blogskin.
It's been tested with Internet Explorer and Firefox, works perfectly well with both,...

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BM thjulianatheory-'s pretty face
03-29-2009 342 0.00 stars
Last Drop of Hope

Skin thumbnail
This is my first skin so go easy on me.

The colours are mainly black and its a pretty simple skin.

The header wording can be pretty tricky so only change it if you think you understand how to get it right.

Comment & enjoy

there could be a preview error, but i tried and it should work p...

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BM ForeverShortee.'s pretty face
08-12-2009 336 0.00 stars

Skin thumbnail

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BM Soperfectdesings's pretty face
08-27-2009 801 0.00 stars
My Special Diary (2)

Skin thumbnail
Please Do Not Remove The Credits Or Edit It....

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BM Luv_Kawaii's pretty face
12-18-2009 219 0.00 stars
Little Moony

Skin thumbnail
I love it...

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BA Retrobaby's pretty face
12-20-2009 76 0.00 stars
Meet Teddy

Skin thumbnail
Dearest heavenlygirl,
you really needn't be such a (ahem) over this, not once but twice. Appreciate your concern, but maybe you should learn to be a little less mean on your comments. If you think I'm irresponsible, really, why do you think i go to all sorts of trouble just make sure the pic is vi...

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BA ke ying's pretty face
ke ying
03-13-2010 136 0.00 stars
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