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General (6,209 total threads, 0 recent)
-Anything goes in here, with an emphasis on non Blogskins-related topics.

Subject Posted By Latest Reply
Word game! :) (1 replies) Sticky Topic !lollipop's pretty face !lollipop 4.2 years ago
BlogSkins is free to join again (40 replies) Sticky Topic myles's pretty face myles 5.0 years ago
FAQ (299 replies) Sticky Topic ♥ooh-'s pretty face ♥ooh- 7.0 years ago
Blogskins is dying. (1 replies) fckers's pretty face fckers 5 months ago
Hello everyone. (1 replies) Kristopher8x's pretty face Kristopher8x 5 months ago
hi (16 replies) x_empty's pretty face x_empty 1.2 years ago
Is this site dead? (6 replies) Bumblebees's pretty face Bumblebees 1.2 years ago
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Tips & Tricks (805 total threads, 0 recent)
-Share your website design tips & tricks with the community.

Subject Posted By Latest Reply
BLOG PASSWORD PROTECTION (read this.) (43 replies) Sticky Topic xragdollx's pretty face xragdollx 9.2 years ago
**Tips on making layouts* (120 replies) Sticky Topic met3ora's pretty face met3ora 9.3 years ago
Government (1 replies) bali culture's pretty face bali culture 3.0 years ago
HELP WITH COMMENTS!! (1 replies) carolvascen's pretty face carolvascen 3.9 years ago
hui (0 replies) letsbuydrug's pretty face letsbuydrug 4.1 years ago
Threaded comments (2 replies) ValentiaV's pretty face ValentiaV 4.1 years ago
Help me pleas! XML (3 replies) becksieme's pretty face becksieme 4.2 years ago
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Help! (3,165 total threads, 0 recent)
-Having problems with BlogSkins? Ask about it in here, someone's bound to know!

Subject Posted By Latest Reply
How to: Template, Layout problems/Guide. (102 replies) Sticky Topic //& tessa *'s pretty face //& tessa * 6.9 years ago
How to use your downloaded blogskin [Guide] (132 replies) Sticky Topic yurihime's pretty face yurihime 9.3 years ago
How to make blogskins : "guide" (70 replies) Sticky Topic xragdollx's pretty face xragdollx 9.3 years ago
Can't upload thumbnails? (0 replies) malamigpusa's pretty face malamigpusa 2.1 years ago
Editing old contributions ****please help**** (1 replies) malamigpusa's pretty face malamigpusa 2.2 years ago
How do I edit Blogskins? (1 replies) miimuu's pretty face miimuu 2.2 years ago
Problem about changing and uploading (1 replies) donuchi's pretty face donuchi 2.3 years ago
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Suggestions (299 total threads, 0 recent)
-Submit your suggestions for the site, and we'll see if we can do it.

Subject Posted By Latest Reply
Affiliates Skin (1 replies) choihyun23's pretty face choihyun23 2.8 years ago
BlogSkins needs improvement? (0 replies) anxn's pretty face anxn 3.4 years ago
Some Skin For Me (0 replies) heruu22's pretty face heruu22 4.2 years ago
:) (1 replies) jessiasilvi's pretty face jessiasilvi 4.4 years ago
I need a simple blogskin. Suggestions? :) (1 replies) sweetest_addiction's pretty face sweetest_addiction 4.7 years ago
Need Tumblr theme Easy Reader but with header (0 replies) Kayz_15's pretty face Kayz_15 5.2 years ago
Suggest Me A New Place In Singapore (0 replies) Web Design Singapore's pretty face Web Design Singapore 5.3 years ago
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Skin Requests (1,152 total threads, 0 recent)
-Have a skin you'd really like to see? Post it here!

Subject Posted By Latest Reply
Help me ? (0 replies) shineesuperboyfriend's pretty face shineesuperboyfriend 2.2 years ago
Blue polka? (1 replies) nuaralia2004's pretty face nuaralia2004 2.4 years ago
help please (2 replies) morilovepink's pretty face morilovepink 2.5 years ago
Can Anyone Help Me? (1 replies) sarahsophia99's pretty face sarahsophia99 2.9 years ago
I need skin for my blog please.... (1 replies) ayuditta's pretty face ayuditta 3.0 years ago
Exo Baekhyun blogskin (1 replies) Jung Soyeon's pretty face Jung Soyeon 3.0 years ago
Kai Exo (1 replies) iamyasmin24's pretty face iamyasmin24 3.3 years ago
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Blogging Software (71 total threads, 0 recent)
-Do you prefer good ol' Blogger? Or Wordpress? Or a hosted solution like Typepad? Or LJ? Argue about it here.

Subject Posted By Latest Reply
How to create a html preview codes? (1 replies) fiezalena's pretty face fiezalena 2.3 years ago
Help i search a template desginer (2 replies) Magicstar2700's pretty face Magicstar2700 3.7 years ago
Free Blogging Software- wordpress, drupal .... (0 replies) RH-Calvin's pretty face RH-Calvin 3.8 years ago
How can i change my own blogger page?Click where? (0 replies) juxcynthia's pretty face juxcynthia 4.2 years ago
cheap nfl jerseys (0 replies) dronorenioumb's pretty face dronorenioumb 4.2 years ago
Looking for someone to create a skin/website! (3 replies) paniclove1's pretty face paniclove1 5.3 years ago
HELP ME!!hw to change info? (3 replies) PigPig猪's pretty face PigPig猪 5.4 years ago
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Web Hosting (108 total threads, 0 recent)
-Looking for a place to host your blog on the cheap? Or somewhere a little more fancy? Post questions and reviews here.

Subject Posted By Latest Reply
Free Premium Review Theme (0 replies) readythemes1's pretty face readythemes1 3.2 years ago
★ Limenex - 60% OFF High Performance Web Hosting ★ (0 replies) JFSG's pretty face JFSG 3.2 years ago
AFFORDABLE, CHEAP, FAST WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICE STA (0 replies) v1technologies's pretty face v1technologies 3.3 years ago
>>>>> SALE! (0 replies) Alnitech's pretty face Alnitech 3.6 years ago
VPSHOSTINGDEAL.COM - Low-Cost Self-Managed Xen and (0 replies) RH-Calvin's pretty face RH-Calvin 3.6 years ago
Unmetered VPS Hosting, cPanel (0 replies) RH-Calvin's pretty face RH-Calvin 3.7 years ago
Reliable & secure Web Hosting Solution (0 replies) RH-Calvin's pretty face RH-Calvin 3.8 years ago
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