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♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.8 years ago
ok i am tired of seeing threads asking very commonly asked questions.
so let's end it all.
i shall compile everything (well almost) here.
here goes :

1. How do I install my blogskin on to my blog? It just gives me some could not be parsed, XML error."

ok, to solve this,
look down from the huge input box where you tried putting your code into.
and click onto the "Revert to Classic Template" link very close to it.
hope this solves it.

2. How do i download blogskins?

On the page of the skin, click the button of your choice (for whatever you use)
"blogger main"
"movable type"

Image from lix

after awhile, your download should be completed, edit the code by putting in your profile things or what-nots,
and there you have it,
a nice blogskin for your blog!

3. How do i style my blogskins profile page?

Well, this one requires minimal knowledge.
view each and everyone of those links.
and don't forget to NOT leave a line between each line for your css code.
paste this code into your "about me" section

more experienced people with css, and some html

just view source,
figure out all the components with the class=WHATEVER CLASS tags in the [div] tags
and then view here for the default attributes for the various parts of your profile page.
NOTE : figure out which of the tags declarations are actually for your profile page.
or you might mess something up.

4. How do i have the comments section in my blog?
if your blogskins does not have the comments part added for your blog,
add the following code,
to enable comments.
[a href="[$BlogItemCommentCreate$]"
[$BlogItemCommentCount$] comments[/a]

replace the "[" or "]" brackets with the angled brackets.
you may want to add this just before the [/blogger]
part of your blogskins code, to allow comments after every post.

Where can i get nice fonts / brushes /pictures ?
well, there are many sources.

Fonts :

Brushes :
Miss M
Project-gimpbc GIMP brushes

Pictures :

Don't forget to credit the sources and ask for permission from deviantart users.

5. How do i make i screenshot?
Ok, two methods for different computers.
first mtd :
ctrl + prt sc

second mtd :
fn + prt sc

after doing that, open paint or some photo editting software and paste it in.
then save it.
and upload it :D
any other mtds, please tell me :D

there you go, some help and questions answered here,
if there are any other common or frequently asked questions, please do tell me and i may add them here.

Edited 7.9 years ago.

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♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.2 years ago
  bang i'm back
there is no such thing as a code for labels. you just type inside there.

you can make a blogskin anywhere, in the toilet, room, school, anything.
there is no program you need if you're good enough, just, notepad.
tillyness's icon Author: tillyness
Posted: 8.2 years ago
weyn13's icon Author: weyn13
Posted: 8.2 years ago
  Hi all! I'm sorry if this question's been posted before, but if your skin becomes SOTD, is there any way you'd be notified (like e-mail or private message)? Thanks!:)
weyn13's icon Author: weyn13
Posted: 8.2 years ago
  Oh, and lastly, if anyone comments on your skin, how'd you be aware of it? I usually check each one. Too tedious.
dramma queen's icon Author: dramma queen
Posted: 8.2 years ago
  please... help..
all i'm downloadig
is in .txt.html so, i have an internet page...
don't have any code...

what can i do???
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.2 years ago
sotd - go view your skins. i don't know. i havent gotten any, have i? (;
comment - go to your page, and go to reverse activity.
darksunshine's icon Author: darksunshine
Posted: 8.2 years ago

ohhh. thanks hahah.
cause like i have ideas. but i'm not that good to make one :)
so yeah. oh well.

thanks again ^^
kapil030786's icon Author: kapil030786
Posted: 8.2 years ago
  please help me out i can't download it.

Alcoholism Information-Alcoholism Information
weyn13's icon Author: weyn13
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  hey ♥ooh- , thanks for helping :) i appreciate it.
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  youre welcome
iloveCuCuMbEr's icon Author: iloveCuCuMbEr
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  hi urm wanna ask whats the code for adding a comment box for every post.
Silents20's icon Author: Silents20
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  erm anyone knows how to do those spoiler tags on blogskin??
its like there's one button beside the word Spoiler saying expand...
something like this :
Spoiler (button : Expand)
and when you click it, the text will come out in a box...
so does anyone know how to do it ? Please and thank you T_T
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.1 years ago
it's in the guide up there
Beyond.theSky-'s icon Author: Beyond.theSky-
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  Hey, is there any other good color reference sites that provide you with the color codes?
/crazylights's icon Author: /crazylights
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  This stays up there with a silver thingy on it, thanks :)
LOVE--d's icon Author: LOVE--d
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  How to add a picture in the about me section ?
Thanks (:
Been trying for ages, but cant seem to do it.
lilindohunnie's icon Author: lilindohunnie
Posted: 8.1 years ago
  I tried to add comments to my blog, but it didn't work. I'm using one of the blogskins and still have the classic blogger. any idea how?
Cath-shen's icon Author: Cath-shen
Posted: 8.1 years ago
maybe u put it on a wrong place..?

hee~ try 2 open www.w3schools.com/Html/html_colors.asp
maybe that'll help you ^^

just put the image's html code!

i copy it to my blog so my friends can see it, i hpe u dun mind XD
i'm tired of my friends question that always ask something like that
and after i explain to them, sometimes they still don't understand!
So annoying!


^^MoMo HinaMoRi^^ Pictures, Images and Photos
this picture, i paste the html code, LOVE--d! Gud luck!
rock.city's icon Author: rock.city
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  wow.this is really helpful.
I couldn't find gimp brushes but when I read this FAQ,I found the links,the brushes were gorgeous!
Thank you.
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  you're welcome, rock.city.
i hope this guide has helped everyone in some way or another.
elenafication's icon Author: elenafication
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  I can't submit theblogskin into blogskins.com... thre seems to be a problem.. - -.
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  aww, just keep trying. it is slow sometimes.
and sometimes i cant submit too.
%HecticReality-'s icon Author: %HecticReality-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  You can also download fonts at fontcubes.com
I hate dafont, it's so troublesome. -.-''
Simperfect's icon Author: Simperfect
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  how do i create a RELINK skin? thanks in advance[:
sweetpurity's icon Author: sweetpurity
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  ♥ooh- Hey! Can you give me the websites on how to learn HTML? Very much appreciated. :D
Mirthless's icon Author: Mirthless
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  1 question, what's a GIMP brush? x.x
cubnm's icon Author: cubnm
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  I have a problem with my HTML.I downloaded this skin: blogskins.com/info/225352
(my blog is on blogger)And it says there's some error with it and it wont put it for my blog.
''The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.''
Please can someone tell me what to do?
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  Simperfect Just create a skin that has a link to the new blog. There, easiest relink skin.

sweetpurity here you go clickclick

Mirthless A gimp brush is a preset image that you can 'stamp' around in the program gimp.

cubnm You have to press the 'revert to classic template' button. read the FAQ before asking.
iloveCuCuMbEr's icon Author: iloveCuCuMbEr
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  Uh, i made a blogskin.
But it doesnt view good in mozilla.
It works fine in IE7+
How do i make it look nice for mozilla & IE?

thanks in advance.
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
you have to code it nicely.
the css.

there is no way to make it look the exactly the same in FF and IE that I know of.
you could try resetting all the default paddings and margins.

* {
padding: 0px;
margin: 0px;

yes. apart from that, i say, code for nice views in firefox.
cause firefox rocks my socks.
xcuppycakex's icon Author: xcuppycakex
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  Howdyy. I have a MAJOR problem guyz. I have the most awesome'st skin & stuffs but after i posted an entry my previous post's ended up in my chatbox section and i dont know whats wrong, ive gone through my skin my knowledge of html is limited but i know e-nuff 2 build a skin & stuffs. Please help me dudettes!! Thnx muches much. Love Love.x
xcuppycakex's icon Author: xcuppycakex
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  Okay guy's i wana know,

1.) How i make my blog body scroll, like in the diary skins/notebok skins.
2.) Where do i put it?

Love Love.x
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
the first problem is that guys is spelled with an "s" not "z"
ok, so for the skin.
it's probably lousy coding of the skin.
change to a new one.
or pm me.

dont understand you.
Lisa11's icon Author: Lisa11
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  It is really a nice and informative site.

alcoholism treatment

alcoholism treatment
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  lisa11 has been banned.

wish i could do that
dreamxmix's icon Author: dreamxmix
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  Is there a way to make a navigational blogskin with tables? (the [table][/td] codes I mean).
If there is, is there a site that teaches it?
If not, can you suggest another way?

Thanks a bunch!
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
yes there is a way. Study the code for navigational skins that use the div tags.
then just change it to fit the table tags.

try coding it.
flexibility.'s icon Author: flexibility.
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  This will definitely help when i start seriously skinning.
Thanks a bunch.
♥ooh-'s icon Author: ♥ooh-
Posted: 8.0 years ago
  yeah welcome sarah.
alliemaz's icon Author: alliemaz
Posted: 7.9 years ago
  umm. can anyone tell me how to put the followers part on ur blog?

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