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yy26's icon Author: yy26
Posted: 6.9 years ago
jimmychoo manolo blahniks manolo blahnik online platform sandals He is also the same as the previous two charcoal guy invited his boy did not put oil to eat the potato. Young man left him to enjoy together with their own wishful tablecloth flavor. Charcoal guy too fond of this piece of cloth, and finally we propose to use a horn to change his wallpaper. The only horn are completely different from that of the magic hat. As long as it is a blow, all the walls of the fortress, together with cities and villages, would have collapsed down into ruins. Young man immediately with their own tablecloths and charcoal guy exchanged his horn. But soon, he also sent troops to the cloth to be back. In this way, the last backpack, hats and horns go all three things were all he had. "It's down the matter," he said, "I look at the back over how well my two older brothers had." Returning home, he saw two brothers have with their silver and gold made a very nice house and live prosperous life. When he went to visit them, because of his wearing broken coat, head, wearing an old hat, also carrying a bad back bags, they not only did not recognize his own brother, also ridiculed him: "You claim is that gold and silver look down, and to find greater happiness of the brother, then you will definitely like a king, like clothing Jinrong triumphant return, how it fell into a beggar? "said, they took him driven from their homes. After listening to these words, he was furious, one after another to beat his backpack, until neatly arranged in front of him out of 150 heavily armed soldiers. Then, he ordered the soldiers to his brother beat the two defiant meal, until they know who he is playing up. Neighbors heard the noise of running over and wanted to help the two brothers in distress, but they can not deal with those soldiers. News eventually reached the King, where the king heard this, so angry that he ordered a captain with his soldiers to go to the trouble the guy out of town. Who knows this young man carrying luggage but called in more soldiers to the captain and his soldiers one by one all bruises, fled in panic. So the king said: "must make good governance a rule that tramp!" The next day,christian louboutin air jordan jordan shoes Shox r4 Shox nz cheap jordan shoes he sent up a more powerful army, but their fate was not much better. The young man not only sent more troops to deal with them, but also to win as soon as possible to switch the two series under the hat, so cannon went off everywhere, always playing the king's soldiers fled in panic. "Now I am not the king to make peace," The guy says, "unless he put his daughter to marry me and make me inherit his throne." Then he sent his request to inform the king, the king will be on his daughter, said: "This is a must swallow the bitter pill. In addition to receiving his requirements, what do I have? To get peace, to keep the crown of the head, I have wronged you!" So, young man and a princess held a wedding. But the princess was not happy because her husband is a head wearing a battered hat, his back carrying old luggage civilians. So she wandered all day and night how to get rid of his own. Suddenly, she was an inspiration, I thought: "Could it be the power of his magic hidden in his old backpack, right?" So, she would pretend he is very affectionate, and so he relented, she said: "You're The backpack to take that break down is oh, it makes you hard to read, even I am ashamed for you na! "" No, honey, "he replied," This backpack is my most important treasures, With it, I am not afraid of anyone in the world. "Then he took the magic backpack and told the princess. After listening to it a princess threw herself into his arms, put on the way to kiss him, but she was clever backpack from her shoulders to take him down, carrying it ran away as quickly. When he does not recover to, she would beat the backpack, ordered soldiers to seize their former masters, and put him out of the palace. The soldiers obeyed and left the unfaithful wife also sent more soldiers to catch up with him until he was out of town before they give up. If he did not have that little top hat, he may really finished, when he was let go one hand, and turning a couple of hats, so cannon went off everywhere, instant sensation back then all the soldiers. Princess only person running for mercy, as she put it so sincerely, but also to ensure rehabilitation, he was impressed by her insincere, they agreed to reconciliation with her. So she pretended to like him very friendly, it seems she had loved him very much. But before long. She also captivated his heart orifices, so that he revealed even if someone took his backpack, as long as he still has his hat, it was regrettable that he was not someone else's secret. When the princess knew the secret, they wait for him fell asleep, quietly took off his hat, and sent him into the street. Fortunately, he still Nazhi horn battle! Angrily, he will try very hard to blow up, Suddenly all the walls, fortresses, towns and villages have collapsed down, the king and the princess to death by stoning of all. If he does not lay down their horn, blow it once more, then the entire kingdom would collapse into ruins. So, no more who he dealt with him, so he became the rule throughout the kingdom of the monarch.
dolores's icon Author: dolores
Posted: 6.8 years ago
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linhh1023's icon Author: linhh1023
Posted: 6.6 years ago
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