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Chili★'s pretty face

Chili★ lil vintage.

Contributed by: Chili★ on December 5th, 2008 at 3:25 am

Hey guys. my 1st skin in this account. So i've decided to come up with a simple unique one. P.S + If u use the codes, leave the credits & pls,do not just change the background & take it as ur design==, i'll take it as ripping ): thnx xxx

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diya sesame's pretty face

diya sesame said:

(4.8 years ago)

all blogskin tutorials at this blog ok

Ninajailani's pretty face

Ninajailani said:

(5.0 years ago)

faved :D

Sya Syahirah's pretty face

Sya Syahirah said:

(5.0 years ago)

so Nice.
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auseptiyaa's pretty face

auseptiyaa said:

(5.1 years ago)

nice ^^d
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lanyuhua2011's pretty face

lanyuhua2011 said:

(5.3 years ago)

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