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runningtoyou.'s pretty face

R. Addicted

Contributed by: runningtoyou. on February 24th, 2009 at 6:25 am

Hello, I'm back! Well, this skin is inspired by the song by Stevie Hoang, Addicted. A navigational one, with the same colours used in "Mundane Nature" and "The Scientist". I like grey and black, that's why. Orkay-orkay. Please preview here. Usual drills, thanksssssssss. xoxo, runningtoyou.

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Picture frames are an item that new mums always need more of.Batería GATEWAY NV5211U If you're trying to find a nice simple gift or a sweet item to add to a gift ensemble, picture frames are a wonderful way to go. Try to find a cute style that has something to do with infants, or perhaps a colorful frame that looks like it is just meant for a baby picture. Collage frames and shadow box frames are another great choice, since these enable you to display many photos in one place,Batería GATEWAY NV5212U and maybe even a few baby keepsakes. If you already have found out if the baby is expected to be a boy or girl, picking a picture frame in either pink or blue might be a fun added touch.
Spa Gifts for the Mom-to-Be
You just cannot go wrong when getting a pregnant mother a spa kind of present.Batería GATEWAY NV5213U It is usually a lot of hard getting ready to be a new mom, so gifts such as bath sachets, creams, and other gifts made to pamper will always be a great choice. You might even gift her a gift certificate to a certain spa if you know of one she likes. A gift card to her favorite hair salon would also make a gift that would be appreciated and used. Or, create a spa gift basket, filling it with , scents, bath products, and a loofah sponge. If she also has other little children at home,Batería GATEWAY NV5214U you might tuck a gift certificate for an evening of childcare into the gift basket too. This way, she will have a chance to thoroughly enjoy the contents of her spa gift basket without the potential interruptions of small children.
You may find that these presents are basic, but your pregnant friend will really appreciate your kind thoughtfulness.
People do stupid things when they are angry, and for some reason some folks think it is natural. Well,Batería GATEWAY NV5215U it happens but it is not that natural. You see, with a little stress relief you can keep that anger from getting that far and you can be happy more of the time, than be angry enough to hurt someone you love.
When you find that the person closest to you is snapping more often,Batería GATEWAY NV5216U it is time to get them some stress relief. You could offer it to them in form of their favorite hobby, or you could just offer to take a walk to defuse the situation. I know you won't be surprised at the results.
Ladies often get cranky like once or twice a month and guys just have to be patient with them. But sometimes the PMS thing seems to be lasting a whole lot longer.Batería GATEWAY NV53 At a time like that you need find out what the problem is; she must actually be stressed or something, and you don't want something like that to fester.
There are all kinds of ways to get stress relief these days.Batería GATEWAY NV5302U Many people get into some hobby that they fancy, others just do something abstract and not work-related, and others go see a shrink. I don't see anything wrong so long as they don't hurt anyone, and the stress leaves. Do not let anyone fool you - there isn't anyone on earth who does not get stressed; we just kind of handle it in different ways. Your way is certainly different than the way your dad handled it, Batería GATEWAY NV5331Uor your mum. So don't expect to find the same kind of relief doing it my way; find yours.
You can live like a kind yet without all the accolades; Batería GATEWAY NV5337Uyou can learn to love yourself in spite of the stresses you have to deal with everyday. All you must do is find a way to get stress relief when pressures pile up, because they will. You can't let them take you down. They say you can get angry but don't so something stupid. I think that getting angry enough to do something in the first place is ignorant. Batería GATEWAY NV5378UDon't let it get that bad - your stress.
People are different and they show off their stress in various ways. You need to find what your poison is and attack it in your own way. Or else, you could hurt yourself and others.
People who don't know what triggers them are walking bombs.Batería GATEWAY NV5387U They could go off anytime because they cannot forestall the explosion. They need to find a shrink quickly so that they don't do stupid things that they could get to regret. 'First do no harm' is cardinal rule #1 for doctors. However that's precisely where you are headed with if you do not give yourself a chance to rest.Batería GATEWAY NV54 Call it stress relief if you must, you need it to get back on top of your game.
Frustration is a kind of stress that we all feel. There is no stopping the emotion when you fail at something, but there is controlling it so that it does not overwhelm you.Batería GATEWAY NV5423U If you don't know how to handle that yet, find a shrink.
There are loads of ways by which people relieve stress these days, and any of them could be yours.Batería GATEWAY NV5425U Why not read up on them over and then consider your options. You shouldn't wait until you are in another fix before you deal with it. It might not be the hours of work or the fact that your wife seems to be out to get you. It could just be that you favorite team has been losing all season.Batería GATEWAY NV5435U We all get stressed one way or another, the question is what we choose to do about it - relief, or implosion?
Perhaps you got married to get away from all the stress of living home with you parents, but now your wife seems to be bringing that stress home to you. Please don't get worked up about that, we humans get stressed up anyhow.Batería GATEWAY NV5470U You should just get something to relieve you of that stress.
You can log on to the internet any day and find tips that can help you when you are stressed. A few of them may be general in nature, but you are also sure to come across a few that are specific to you too. Try them out; they'd be good for you. Without stress relief you'd be angry all the time you'd have no clue what the problem is.Batería GATEWAY NV56 Even if you are not angry all the time already, you could just cool it off everyday with a little work out. You might surprise yourself with how well it .
While a lot of industries have been affected by the economic slump in recent years,Batería GATEWAY NV5602U the cattle industry today remains to be one of the world's largest industries. Billions of dollars have been chalked up as profits from beef production worldwide. This only shows that cattle farming for beef remains to be a very viable business proposition. Even as a lot of people romanticize beef or dairy cattle farming to increase its lure to business investors, it should be made clear that there are no guarantees to the profits you can make from this type of cattle farming.Batería GATEWAY NV5606U?Anyone who wishes to get into this business venture should make sure that he is cut out for the work that is involved in beef cattle farming and that he has the right skill and information on how to raise beef cattle.Just like any business venture, there are risks.?
You can start learning how to raise beef cattle by reading books and learning resources. This,Batería GATEWAY NV5610U however, is not enough. You can try getting in touch with people who actually have successful beef cattle farms and seek their help in getting the information that you need. Better yet, you can immerse yourself in cattle farming by taking on a job at a farm. Batería GATEWAY NV5614UThis will allow you to gain first-hand experience on how to raise beef cattle. A few months could be all you need in order to learn how to raise cattle. As you get down and dirty doing the chores required, you will be able to gauge your desire to get into the business venture.
You should also consider the location of your farm. Does your farm have good pasture where your cattle can graze and eat regularly? Batería GATEWAY NV5615UIs the location suitable for cattle farm? You should also consider the neighbor in the location of your farm so that you will not have any problems in the future. Your farm should also be large enough so that your cattle can graze around.Batería GATEWAY NV58 Your cattle need to move and not just stay in one area.
If you are confident that you have exerted utmost effort in learning how to raise beef cattle and if you are sure that you are physically, emotionally, and financially prepared for operating a cattle land, then you can go on ahead and make your way to taking part in the multi-billion dollar industry.Batería GATEWAY NV5807U Go get your land, your breed, and have fun - and lots of money, raising cattle.
Do you often feel stressed out during the Christmas break? Batería GATEWAY NV5810UHave you failed to enjoy the essence of Christmas because of so many pressing matters you have to attend to? This is the best time to find out how you can combat holiday stress once and for all and promote relaxation.
Let me tell you a of tips that worked for me:
1. Simplify your Christmas season.
You might have concocted some grand plans this coming Christmas season like going abroad, experimenting on home decor tips to change the look of your house, or attempting to make stuffed turkey. There is nothing wrong with trying out something new but if you are already stressed out to begin with,Batería GATEWAY NV5814U you would want to save these attempts for later. Try to make things simpler and easier this season.
2. Take a leisurely stroll or to the park.
Go in the morning where the area will be less populated.Batería GATEWAY NV5815U You will be greeted with the morning streaks of the sun, damp leaves and fresh air. Breathe in the fresh air and bask in the warmth of the sun. Communing with nature is one way of beating stress.
3. Sleep.
This is the best time to catch up on your sleep. If you have been sleep-derived all year long, you would want to go out of your way in preparing for a long sleep. Try to make your room as conducive for sleeping as possible. Get some soft sheets and fluffy pillows.Batería GATEWAY NV5820U Add your choice of tabletop fountains for ambience and turn on the ventilation to get rid of the stuffiness in your room.
4. Keep in touch with people you haven't talked to for a long time.
You will be surprised of how uplifting this can be. Batería GATEWAY NV78Talking to friends and sharing your burdens and stories with them can help ease up your stress and take your mind away from present matters.
5. Watch funny movies.
Laughing is a panacea. Studies have found out that laughing loosens up your blood vessels and promotes faster blood circulation. This will also help release endorphins that will make you feel good inside and out. Try sparing at least one night this Christmas season for a DVD marathon.Batería GATEWAY NV7802U Match comedy flicks and laugh your heart out.
6. Be with your loved-ones.
If you have spent the rest of the year being away from your family, it is time to be with them this Christmas season. Family has a way of pampering each other. So let yourself be pampered by your family and enjoy the simplicity of .
To keep your holidays stress-free and enjoyable, these tips are what you should follow. These will definitely help you in celebrating a Christmas that's not only joyful but also meaningful.

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