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septictank's pretty face

Marilyn Manson

Contributed by: septictank on January 6th, 2005 at 10:42 pm

I've been working on this since 8:00 till 12:00. And its like the most simple layout ever. Anyways, it's basically an image of Manson, (which is amazing) and I hope you like it. Please rate it and HOST THE IMAGE YOURSELF CLICK HERE FOR THE IMAGE This skin is really simple. It's basically for you if you just want a change, and you're in to Marilyn Manson. It just has one table, so it's easy to modify, and its Ad-Free. I was going to put in another table, but I'm too tired so I just said forget it. Please rate and leave a comment. Thanks. The work below is because I knew this skin would get lots of stupid people commenting, so I put them down below to humiliate them. I'm sorry I have to do this, magmag, you're just stupid. I'm sorry. Same with you MuMboChiK. You're just stupid people. I don't understand why you're so angry. You act like idiots, I point it out, and then you act like fools again. The reason I re-submitted this blog is because all you stupid people out there reported this skin, and it was deleted. If you have nothing better to do but make fun of me and rate all my skins a 1, well I guess all I have to say is have fun. ugh... stupid people.... -To "SpankyJewels" in regards to her comment of: "You tell me all my skins suck? LOL! That's rich coming from a lowlife who thinks a picture of Marilyn Manson with his penis in a bible is cute. I so don't give a flying hockey puck what you think of my skins. I find all yours to be too simple and rather boring." What I said to SpankyJewels: "All of your blogs are bad." Listen, I know you're mad because I said your skins are bad, (I didn't say they suck) but I went through each of your skins and looked at every one of them (except your most recent). That was my honest opinion. So if you're angry that I have an opinion, then I couldn't care less about what you think. So at least respect me, and I'll respect you. And I never said that the picture of Marilyn Manson was cute. Artists create ugly things too you know, not everything in art has to be flowers, little children, candy, and happiness. C'mon, grow up. If you're mad about my opinion, then make sure it says "DON'T LEAVE ANY COMMENTS" on each and every one of your blogs. -Matt -To "MuMboChiK" in regards to her comment of: "u realli sux calling ppl skins sux when urs is plain sh1t" What I said to MuMboChiK: I'm not quite sure, but I'm pretty sure it was about what I said to SpankyJewels Okay, so you tell me my skin is "sh1t" (the number one isn't part of the alphabet) which I believe means "shit" as in bad, but for some reason you had to use a one. You know I'm not quite sure why you did that but fine, I'll let it go. I'll count it as a mistake. Anyways, I'd like you to at least explain why my skins are bad, but no, my skins "sux" (not a word of the english language) for some reason. I guess they "sux" because you didn't like my comment towards SpankyJewels then next time, I suggest you say that. Okay so I understand you fine my comment rude. Then say that. IF you're going to say something stupid, I don't really care. AND, you could of a least e-mailed me to tell me you didn't like what I said, instead of going off topic to say that my skin "sux" AT LEAST learn to spell and use proper grammar. You spelled SEVEN words wrong out of tweleve. Let me do you a favour and correct what you said. you* really* suck* people* your's* shit* There, now you're all better. So my final words are: 1. Learn to spell 2. Instead of taking your anger out on my blog, tell me personally. 3. Judge my blog on its creativity, neatness, and overall apeal, don't write "sux". 4. Learn to spell. -To "emma21393" in regards to her comment of: "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW THT'S SOOO PURE EWWW!!" What I said to emma21393: I'm really not so sure I said anything to her. Okay, so I see you don't like my skin. I have one little short thing to say to you, Please make your comments a bit more well 'less childish'. I understand you don't like my skin. Next time, just say "I find your skin unattractive" or something along that line. This way, you don't look like a complete idiot. -Matt -To "magmag" in regards to her comment of: "U SUX!! soo ugly!! suxs to the core!" What I said to magmag: I think it was something rude I said about her skins, or someone else's So, magmag, I see you are not to pleased with the content of my skin. But, there's something really funny about what you said. Now when people comment, they usually comment on the skin. You know, "I liked how you..." or "That wasn't that great, here's where you could improve...". I believe I'm right on that one. But what you said had ABSOLOUTLY NOTHING to do with the skin at all. "U SUX!!", is making fun of me (not that I take offence). Oh and by the way you spelled sucks wrong, it's 'sucks'. So next time why don't you e-mail me and tell me I suck, instead of trying to instigate a fight; because I know you won't e-mail me. So, let's get to the rest of the stupid things you said. Now right after you said the "U SUX!!" thing, you wrote "soo ugly". Now I'm wondering if you're calling me ugly or if you're calling my skin ugly. Because you didn't state what was ugly. It could of been the screen, it could of been the site...next time, just give me a hint on what's so ugly. Next, you wrote, "suxs to the core!". Again, you spelled sucks wrong. So my skins "suxs to the core!" eh? (Yes, I'm from Canada) Well, what is the core? The core of a pineapple? the core of planet Earth? Or are you trying to say it sucks all the way through, meaning each and every bit is bad? I guess I'll never know. So, what do you need to fix about your comment next time? 1.Make sure you learn to spell 2.Explain what you're trying to say 3.Try to keep proper grammer during your entire comment 4.Comment on the skin, not me 5.Learn to spell


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lollipopaddict's pretty face

lollipopaddict said:

(9.1 years ago)

well, there is some problem with the website 'cos i cant see any picture. but based on the comments, i could get the gist about your blogskin. well, i think the concept is cool, but as a catholic, i really do hope that you will be slightly more conscious of the people around you. not everyone is open-minded and can see it in a light way. but anyway, you were rated high, so keep it up! :)

babylolipop's pretty face

babylolipop said:

(9.8 years ago)

Does it suppose to have a picture? I really cannot see it! But nice try!

sparklingpoop's pretty face

sparklingpoop said:

(10.2 years ago)

I like it!

gong2's pretty face

gong2 said:

(11.3 years ago)

i don't really care bout how your skin looks like, you rock! the freakin people who posts THOSE comments are just plain bored. if they really piss you off i say get back at them! its YOUR skin. not theirs. so who cares if they like it. theres no need to be so harsh. I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY! ROCK ON!

j0lx.iinc-'s pretty face

j0lx.iinc- said:

(11.5 years ago)

oh wow, many peeps hate you, dont they. anyway, your skins just look like any other ordinary lookng skins too you know, and i can say, i did better then you. HAHAHA. well, you got to prove smthng to me then.

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