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khairumadi's pretty face

ina skudai

Contributed by: khairumadi on May 5th, 2012 at 10:24 am

Photobucket Dream High $(document).ready(function() { //Tooltips $(".tip_trigger").hover(function(){ tip = $(this).find('.tip'); tip.show(); //Show tooltip }, function() { tip.hide(); //Hide tooltip }).mousemove(function(e) { var mousex = e.pageX + 20; //Get X coodrinates var mousey = e.pageY + 20; //Get Y coordinates var tipWidth = tip.width(); //Find width of tooltip var tipHeight = tip.height(); //Find height of tooltip //Distance of element from the right edge of viewport var tipVisX = $(window).width() - (mousex + tipWidth); //Distance of element from the bottom of viewport var tipVisY = $(window).height() - (mousey + tipHeight); if ( tipVisX /* Combo-Box Viewer script- Created by and © Dynamicdrive.com Visit www.dynamicdrive.com/ for this script and more This notice MUST stay intact for legal use */ if (document.getElementById){ document.write('\n') } function contractall(){ if (document.getElementById){ var inc=0 while (document.getElementById("dropmsg"+inc)){ document.getElementById("dropmsg"+inc).style.display="none" inc++ } } } function expandone(){ if (document.getElementById){ var selectedItem=document.dropmsgform.dropmsgoption.selectedIndex contractall() document.getElementById("dropmsg"+selectedItem).style.display="block" } } if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener("load", expandone, false) else if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent("onload", expandone) click on the dropdown menu to navigate through this blog My Journal About The Owner Scream Box Links and Contacts
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I am NurulAin and this is my blog, it's mine. In this very little space from the World Wide Web, this could be the only place where in i can have my freedom to express myself, rant whenever i wanted to, post non-sense shit, type asdfghjkl until i get tired like an idiot. I mean, who the hell in the world, uhmm (except me) would do that effin thing? of course no one. EXCEPT ME.Alright, you've got it. I really am an idiot. okay? and you've got any problems with that? kiss my fist. Actually i'm just sixTEEN and i don't act like what normal teen girls do. I'm weird and i like crazy things. I like the smell of an old book, I yawn and don't close my mouth even if i'm in a public place.. and i blah blah, i blah too.. enough. bye byee! You may click links and contact to befriend with me.Thanks ! Tagboard leave your message here and i'll pay you a visit later
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cherubicain's pretty face

cherubicain said:

(4.6 years ago)

why are you redesribute my skin ? T____T why why why ? this is my skin :( please....i'm begging you,remove this ASAP.thank you.

chocolettha's pretty face

chocolettha said:

(4.9 years ago)

Hey there just wanna say that you are "SHAMELESS"

whenkneewidtut's pretty face

whenkneewidtut said:

(4.9 years ago)

hello there, is blogskins moved to be like this?

X-Jiie's pretty face

X-Jiie said:

(4.9 years ago)

You Ripped a skin... -.-

Rocketphoto's pretty face

Rocketphoto said:

(4.9 years ago)


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