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Name: Lee Hito
User ID: 357861
Member Since: 10.5 years ago
Last Visited: 8.8 years ago
Age: 25

URL: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/epicity

Location: Yishun , Singapore

About Me:

Quitted skinning.

In case you guys don't know,
I'm the famous Royal Prawn.

Still hang around sometimes though.
I love giving critique and I look out for efforts a skinner puts in.

If designing's your passion,
don't ever give it up.

msn: pirated@orthodox.com

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My Skins

[0914] - #01. Sweet Death; Come Earlier?
[0914] - #02. The Death Angel;
[0914] - #03. Unmatchable Confusion.
[0914] - #04. Pink (Unmatchable Confusion II)

Skins From My Friends

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yj: out...
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07. This Ain't Goodbye. {retardarts}
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My Comments

voiceless screaming {deleted}

0914 said:

(9.2 years ago)


[0914] - #04. Pink (Unmatchable Confusion II)

0914 said:

(9.4 years ago)

get a life. -_-" why won't it be correct? it's just the theme coz the brushes are all in a mess. describes confusion. you blind? like that nia give me 4 star..

#18_☺|Love me or Hate me  -~MadGal

0914 said:

(9.5 years ago)

the hell man. if you think it's girlish it's your problem. isn't 1 star a bit too harsh! GET A LIFE.

i like the gif! but unfortunately it doesn't really go with my resolution.. everything looks a little crammed..

good effort though ;DD

[#01]Mickey And Minnie`Hwee

0914 said:

(9.7 years ago)

neat and simple, but you could've made use of the space more. looks just this little bit crammed tho it isn't coz things are small.

would be better if the image of mickey and minnie didn't have the stupid thing at the bottom at their feet, but oh well i guess this will do.

graphic-wise rather okay, not very poor quality of your jpeg images. i like it. neat and sweet.

be lucky kay hwee, 5 stars for you :D

sleepy} 13. toilet papers are loved(:

0914 said:

(9.8 years ago)

image detail isn't very good huh.. maybe something happened while you tried editing. the quality of the jpeg isn't very nice, but it'll do somewhat.

i like the way you match your colours for this skin! it's somehow soothing to the eye, and this is the first time i like pink so much. love it! that shade is just perfect for me ^^

but erm.. concept-wise.. i get your idea about the loving part, but TOILET PAPERS? i don't get it. not that i don't like toilet papers, but -_-" toilet papers.. lol.. you get the thing.

yeah. remember the thing about crediting the image i told you? remember to change the credits thingo, kay? (:

and yes! i am rating you! be honoured xDD i haven't rated in ages, and i really MEAN IT. here we go!

E*/ 25 Self Against World

0914 said:

(9.9 years ago)

:D ANNE!!!!!

SB [#06] my BEAUTIFUL illusion

0914 said:

(10.2 years ago)

i tried to provide you suggestions and you snapped? you better be glad i didn't rate you.

[your.juliet] #17 Sweet Flowers

0914 said:

(10.2 years ago)

the colours seem to match, but would such colours portray a sweet impression? if they're meant to be "sweet flowers" like what you've put in your title, shouldn't they have "sweeter" colours?

layout is slightly crammed, but overall still acceptably neat. good effort.

[0914] - #04. Pink (Unmatchable Confusion II)

0914 said:

(10.3 years ago)

._. teehee.

{SOAB #11 } Our Love Contract

0914 said:

(10.3 years ago)

quality of the jpeg is a bit bit not very the high..

i don't really like the colour theme, but howell.. make sure your image is bigger when you do a scrolling skin next time.

but nice work and good effort sunny!


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