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Name: !attitude punk
User ID: 431127
Member Since: 9.2 years ago
Last Visited: 9.1 years ago

Location: rah-rah clique , Singapore

About Me:

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we are a joint account :D

Our Email- Send us a Message here
Add !attitude as friend- Click Here :D
Add !attitude as enemy- you won't live long

About Us

We are !attitude, and we have one, you need one- get one yourself, down there :D
So, Greetings my pal- this is your first time here I think :D
and we proclaim that we DON'T do skin requests
Haha, let us Introduce. ourselves to you ;D

1. De Jun

Chapter 1.1 - known as djrhapsody and abyss
1.2- emo-looking but so well-loved junior
1.3- and i am so trying hard to have an SOTD- but i doubt i'd get it! cries. =D
1.4-perfectionist and a realist. i step firm on the ground :D
i always think what i have done is not enough, you have to do more. and i must ; yepp and lomography addict!
thirteen this year 2007. wef 2607!

I am from Hwa Chong Institution and previously from Tao Nan School and Kong Hwa School
From Hwa Chong Institution Band and I Love Music cause music rocks mine as well =D don't you agree that music
works wonders. Free from stress, cause you sing and distress. and i just love Lomography skins. Your head will befall from the night skies if i see my skin being used and that they are un-creditted. You would be so shocked at the attitude that i can give out, if You try to make me mad. and so i am a CLARINETIST and i am so loving to be in that section. Will maybe change to bassoon section next year. I am clueless yet of the next year =D and yes, think you are smarter than me? I am smarter. HAHA! haha. for more details of me, click here for my darkdegree profile or here for my blog! hey and I hate jenny for owning such lovely and intricate picture of lomography, i'm jealous in fact. =D

2. Jenny

interj; a retort to warn someone to back away.
noun; a collective or quantitative noun for music
verb; to behave in an irritating manner
adj; surrealist,idealist,imperfectionist,saddist,ultimate procrastinator,photo/lomography addict.

i'm a happy gay-ish twelve this year and a WTPS-ian.
i'm in art club(yes i know,it sounds lame) and i like to bully my juniors there mwahaha. -.-
FYI,the lomo images that are used for my skins are ALL TAKEN BY ME
and oh i hate de jun,because he is such a ^*!&@ great designer.
when you get me into a pissy mood,back away,or i will have you tied down and getting combusted.
don't ever fucking try to rip my work especially my lomo pics,or i will hang you upside down and punch your balls out.
if you're a girl,i will still hang you upside down and disfigure your face. come la mierda

click here for my profile
or here for my blog!

Our Ratings

!attitude ratings, with attitude, of course.

5 stars- lovely, perfect with a little yet not obvious unperfection in the skin

4.5 stars- oh! you need little improvement near to perfection

4-3 stars- This skin is too common and little effort is seen only

1-2.5 stars- it is badly done, with codings, from someone else and not creditted


Our Friends

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Just leave me a tag if you want to be added as one of our clique :D


image: DA,JENNY
Xavqior for the tutorial.
DA for the pattern.
IDayBefore!Misery for the base codings.
Photobucket for the free upload.
And finally, Blogskins.com for the profile hosting.
*Ive forgot which specific artist for the credits in DA.


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My Skins

!attitude o1. Everytime It Rains ;

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My Comments

!rock 30. special someone.(lastchristmas)

!attitude said:

(9.2 years ago)

ahh! rock!design style, lovely and original, i always thought it was so =D Perfect. and if the profile box could be larger and the entry box can be smaller, it'd be like wonderful =D


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