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Name: Designs by Arianth
User ID: 109330
Member Since: 12.8 years ago
Last Visited: 10.7 years ago
Age: 29

About Me:

[ Music Playing ]

Inside- Collide

[ My Info ]

Not a whole lot to say here. I'm a 16 year old girl from the U.S. who loves art and design. I'm going to Hawkeye then to Iowa State to get my BFA and a degree in web-design. Hence I'll be a full time artist and a part-time/free lance web-designer.

I'm a very nice person if you get to know me. I'm a great friend and I usually give people the benefit of the doubt. I don't rate anyone below a 5 either...except one person who copied my entire layout, but that's another story. The only way to get on my bad side is to hurt my friends, steal my work, or lie to my face.

[ Great Designers ]

{Very original. First person I saw using Photoshop to produce amazing layouts.}

{Awesome designer. Makes wonderful, dark layouts}

{Wow...not much can be said about her, her designs speak for themselves. Tranquil, serene, and beautiful}


{Has some awesome dark layouts. Her style is unique and really shows a lot of who she is.}

{Beautiful style, similar to that of Ev0nE's, but unique none the less}

{high-tech designs, all very original. Her layouts never get old.}

{Thought it was about time to add someone new. Besides, she is well deserving. She has some amazing layouts, so go check them out!}

[ My Site ]

Brand new site and name. I've combined my art and designs to make it easier for others...and myself, lol. I've been working on this for about a month now. It's been designed, I just didn't have time to put it together and add the html.

As of now, my site contains what little of my art I have on the internet. My layouts will be up within the next week, not that you cant find them here until then. I have over a total of 80 poems that will all make their way up eventually, as well as all my sketches, drawings, photomanips, photography, etc.

[ Requests ]

I should have updated this bit sooner. I'm no longer taking requests. Sorry to all of you that have made them already. I'm not so good with them as I work at my own pace and I have very little time to make them lately. Since I've started taking extra classes from the college, taking on a second job, and then making sites for a couple businesses on top of that, I haven't had any time whatsoever.

I'll make random blogskins every once in a while when the inspiration hits, and I do plan to make at least one, maybe two, for people who alreay made their requests. One is just a customized version of one of j-wens designs, which I wont be submitting. The other will have a broken heart theme. It may be a while before that gets finished...depending on my december schedule, but I will finish it eventually.

[ Tagboard ]

[ Note ]

Don't leave stupid, pointless comments on my tagboard. And please don't tell me I suck. Be original now, will you? ;) And please don't impersonate me. It's very immature and quite annoying. And stupid since people can just look at your IP and see we're in two different countries *rolls eyes*

My Skins

blood::worthless::pain::lost [designs by arianth]
Eye of the Beholder [designs by arianth]
Eye of...
Inspire me a lost emotion [designs by arianth]
1.0 Serial Experiments Lain [designs by arianth]
Angel [designs by arianth]
Kiss [designs by arianth]
Dark Angel [designs by arianth ]
2.0 Serial Experiments Lain [designs by arianth]
2.5 Serial Experiments Lain [designs by arianth]
Evanescence [designs by arianth]
Believe [designs by arianth]
When Summers Breath Has Gone [designs by arianth]
Butterfly Dreams [designs by arianth]
When Summers Breath Has Gone v.2 [designs by arian
Wings of a Butterfly [designs by arianth]
Wings of a Butterfly [pink] [designs by arianth]

Skins From My Friends

No skins yet!

My Favorites

No skins yet!

My Comments


fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)



fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

Nice job! ^.^ But the links are a tad hard to read. Perhaps use purple in them somehow? Instead of the black?

winged // {star}

fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

I agree with evone, this is the best use of this pic I've seen. And amazing for a first skin! Nice work. ^.^

Wicked the musical

fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

Hmm, your code's messed up hun. I took a look at it though...at least you have all the blogger codes in there and they're all right as far as I can see. I see a lot of people get 5 stars and they dont even have that right. It's still pretty messy though. Just keep trying and don't submit something until you're satisfied and you think someone out there will like it, ok? Good luck... ^.^


fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

you forget the code or are you just wastin more space?

Cherish { Frozen Dew

fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

Woot, another one already! =) Amazing, once again...I'm with jacelyn, I just adore you're blending skills ^.^

Blue Metal by SpankyJewels

fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

Not your best, but not bad either. ^.^

BeautifuL BritNeY

fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

I hate britney, but this is actually well done. Good job.

Cherish { Sweet Memories

fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

Beautiful pic...you've done a wonderful job on this layout!

winterdreams; thinkingofyou*

fallenangel9098 said:

(12.3 years ago)

Beautiful ^.^


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