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Name: jee ohdee
User ID: 158164
Member Since: 12.4 years ago
Last Visited: 4.4 years ago
Age: 29

URL: http://arefreshingglassoflemonjuice.blogspot.com

Location: singapore

About Me:

Hi, if you are reading this, thank you for using my skins. In the meantime, the server which hosts my images has shut down, unfortunately and suddenly. Therefore, until I find a new server, if you are using any of my skins, you will need to find somewhere to host your own images. Otherwise, it will not show up.


I have moved to here older skins are still available, and will continue to be available, on the older site, but updates will now only be on the new one. =)

harlow!!! just a guy here from spore! and just in case you couldn't tell from my skins already, i have a website too! Here! Just click on skins in the links button to get to the rest of the secret stash of blogger skins! :D

if you are planning to switch from one of my skins to another:
this applies to most of my skins: if you've used on of my newer skins, it's quite easy to change without having to insert the links and tagboard codes and whatever. replace whatever codes are between ... with the same portion from the new skin, and voila! you're done!

i use verdana and arial a lot for the words for almost all of my skins, but you are free to change the fonts, sizes etc, if you know how, of course. but please do not remove the credit link as you weren't the one who spent hours on end making sure the codes work, and thinking of the layout, and editing the pics over and over again. so, at least credit me with the picture? thanks.

some of you may think the arrangement of certain skins look familiar. but please also take not that everything else, is not. so please do not condemn me just because a small part of my skin seems like i ripped it off someone else. i probably did, and changed almost everything about it to make it mine. at least give me credit for that?

i've decided, if you want me to host for you, go ahead. but if anything crops up with the server, don't blame me!

if you see anyone copying my skins, pls inform me. thanks!

comments? leave them here!

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a

Creative Commons License

My Skins

Fallen Angel 1.1
Stars 1.1
Stars 1.1
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Tears in Heaven
No Noise
No Noise
Don't Speak
If Only It Were
If Only...
a refreshing glass of limejuice
Beauty and the Beast
boogie blues
Long and Winding Road
Bowl of Lights
Bowl of...
Fragrance of the Night
Hitch A Ride
Hitch A...
Wish You Were Here
goo goo dolls [iris]
goo goo...
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
Ordinary Miracle
Let It Snow, Please?
Let It...
Christmas Candles
Belly Belly Good
Chinese Painting

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#44. ♥ rainbow of house

jeeohdee said:

(9.1 years ago)

don't know if it's just me, but i'm seeing this in firefox and the picture's alignment is a bit weird.

plus, you don't really need the border for the picture, or the nav and entries for that matter (not too sure if it might look good, but worth a try).

move the parts closer together so it looks more coherent in general. =)

Chinese Painting

jeeohdee said:

(9.1 years ago)

bolong92: background is a composite image based on various paintings i found on the net, mainly from www.silverdragonart.co.uk/, an online art gallery.

but they have been heavily edited and rearranged so you shouldn't find the exact same thing anywhere else.

to many others, yes the preview looks screwed up, so you should click on the link found in the description, now also found here.

Chinese Painting

jeeohdee said:

(9.1 years ago)

and there's this extra bit at the bottom that works only with IE but not firefox...

Belly Belly Good

jeeohdee said:

(9.9 years ago)

-vintagedew: he =)

Ordinary Miracle

jeeohdee said:

(10.2 years ago)

it look messy here, because of some error with the preview my codes have that i can't figure out / fix. but look at the screenshot; i assure you it works perfectly with blogger.

goo goo dolls [iris]

jeeohdee said:

(10.5 years ago)

i made it using firefox. it's a preview error. unless you can figure out what's wrong, really, i'd like to know too, why my skins keep showing up funny.

photoBOOTH}after the kiss

jeeohdee said:

(11.0 years ago)

nice use of brushes


jeeohdee said:

(11.6 years ago)

i know from where this misunderstanding about racism arose: "eurasian is a dumbass. they didnt even make a skin they entire time they were here." he probably mistook your "they" for eurasians and "eurasian" for, well, eurasians, instead of the "eurasian" the person who commented!

anyway, interesting idea, but maybe you could do your designs at a higher resolution so the pictures are smoother and clearer?

Love Me Or Hate Me - Trina

jeeohdee said:

(11.7 years ago)

the flowers in the background are a bit distracting, but it's nice.


jeeohdee said:

(11.8 years ago)

i'm not sure how tot solve the problems actually... would someone care to try?


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