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Name: woo lala
User ID: 338263
Member Since: 10.8 years ago
Last Visited: 10.5 years ago

About Me:

kissmyarse, :D

well, this is just a fake account, cus i deleted my real acc.
& im leaving blogskins for good. i just detest some people in here, their attitudes just simply sucks. I cant do anything to them, because, if i rate smthing bad abt them or wud, their 'fans' will come flooding with me red flags. Well, if u submit ur skin, just simply accept what comments people have to say about u, if u cant accept it, den dun publish ur work. Be it you, self downloaded or what, just play along with what people say. What for rake out a big deal about it. If you cant accept criticism, then jolly say it out. & i hate those 'fan' clubs. If u like the skin of sumone, even if others dont lyk, you dont have to scold back or wadever. Different people have different point of view. You like, does not mean others like also.

Thats it, Getting fed up, && I simply detest people who 'advertise' their friendster. Or saying how many hits had their blog hited.. Blabla, if your a real talent, people will flock to you automatically.
So, theres no point in contributing here.

seriously, i gonna emphasize on this since i gt a red flag for nothing. i did not mention any names in my profile. did i? open ur eye bigger. im not gonna pin point who ever who gave the red flag, u noe whu u r, bitch.

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TheX'sMakeMeEmo // 001 // Pucker Up!
#01. love princess        -lemon

kissmyarse, said:

(10.7 years ago)

love it. xD

loving memories:):):)

kissmyarse, said:

(10.7 years ago)

great for a starter.

The Rockstar's Memoir [AbySSiNiaN AnGeL]
Farewell,my lady [TW.c]

kissmyarse, said:

(10.7 years ago)


See what Apple can do. #71 #40

kissmyarse, said:

(10.7 years ago)

uHH, I cant view it properly.


kissmyarse, said:

(10.7 years ago)

not bad for a first time (:

DEMISE > Marionette

kissmyarse, said:

(10.7 years ago)

aiseh tts nice.

Mistress of the storm *Storm-Angel*

kissmyarse, said:

(10.8 years ago)


[t.v`4] the magicians of love

kissmyarse, said:

(10.8 years ago)

nicee , althou i dun lyk the show.


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