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Name: Micho Lee
User ID: 644839
Member Since: 6.4 years ago
Last Visited: 4.4 years ago
Age: 22

URL: http://escapingtears.blogspot.com/

Location: In my little world.

About Me:

Hello my name is Micho, and that's all you need to know. (:

Micho has 3 friends, like:

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Tomo Toggi
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My Skins

No skins yet!

Skins From My Friends

Sweet Refrain
Spring of life
Psychedelic Heroine
Tomorrow never dies
Pieces of you
Sakura moment
Hate you
Hate you
B1A4 - Let's Fly
B1A4 -...
If I never see your face again
If I...
Summer Beats
Summer Story
Muzik Beats
In my dream
In my...
Black Moral
Strawberry Swing

My Favorites

Always Smile

My Comments

01. I build my hopes, you bring me down

Micho said:

(6.0 years ago)

Just because it's IU, I love it.


Micho said:

(6.0 years ago)


It looks EXACTLY the same, -abn♥rmalme, you should really credit snowy for basecode, or just not post it on blogskins at all. . . It's considered ripping.


Micho said:

(6.0 years ago)

This is actually good and simple, dunno why it didn't win any SOTD yet, but it should.

Be My Valentine ♥

Micho said:

(6.1 years ago)

Nice job.

Nice To Meet You

Micho said:

(6.2 years ago)

Internet friends but I guess it makes you to feel better to have lots Interner friends, right? Oh well at least we actually know each other and see each other regulary.

Also, x-Aozora and mymostloved have contated each other via Privated Messanging, so really this is considered over and done with. Move on.

@Insani-ty: Moar lemmings, yeyz.

Also, really stop spamming Tomo-Toggi's tagboard, and if you want to bash personally, don't be a coward and put your name & URL please. We'll return the favor.

Nice To Meet You

Micho said:

(6.2 years ago)

@summert1me: I retract my statement.

How is following a flock being "white-washed", I sure for hell didn't say you were "white-washed", you could be following an Asian flock for all I know, oh look at that, it is an Asian flock. Also I liked to point out I have many white friends and just because they're white they don't get wasted just for the hell of it, stop spitting out stereotypes, Google that word up if you don't know what it means.

And also, along with Freedom of Speech comes responsibility, hatin' is not one of them. Grow up, and last thing, just saying that "it was ugly" is not really criticism, more like blatantly expressing your hate and anger which clearly your expressing it on the Internet just because your life sucks THAT much.

I think this skin was pretty and well done, I could not see the similarities between the so-called "layout" that xAozora ripped from mymostloved. Either way, just don't reply to her, as they say, don't feed the troll.

@Fishy13: She's just trying to gain attention.

Nice To Meet You

Micho said:

(6.2 years ago)

@summert1me: December 23rd, 2010 was the last time posted up a new layout for the world to see/download/rate/etc. That would be about 21 days ago? 3 weeks, not that long ago, even though if it an "old layout"

Also I used the bold code TWICE, and I might want to use it MORE, just because I know it annoys you that MUCH.

Also, I am a dog, didn't you know that? Oh wait your too much of a insolent little teenage girl that follows the flock just to fit to notice it, right? Woof woof~

Also, don't hate on the Internet just because your real life sucks okay? Do us a favor and don't try to troll us anymore. Thanks. You're really bad at it.

Haters gonna hate.

Nice To Meet You

Micho said:

(6.2 years ago)

@mymostloved: I don't know you, but I can agree with you did "drop it all" but did you little flock do the same? No, they posted more insults and commented more on this. Especially summert1me.

@summert1me: Again I don't know who the hell you are, but at least have some respect, you're throwing swear words around like it's your first time using them, and last time I check homosexuality IS NOT an insult and YOU'RE also part of the contribution which makes blogskins "shittier" everyday, bashing people like there's no tomorrow.

Nice To Meet You

Micho said:

(6.2 years ago)

Honestly do you people have that much time to follow mymostloved like a bunch lemmings? Get a life, then maybe you'll have something better to do than cause Internet drama.

Always Smile

Micho said:

(6.4 years ago)

Looks really bad, I'm also forced to post this comment. :]


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