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Name: Moved to (one)teaspoon
User ID: 416572
Member Since: 9.5 years ago
Last Visited: 9.4 years ago

Location: Ahem , In another account!

About Me:

This account has been a short-lived, CHEENA one, so sorry,but,

I'VE MOVED to (one)teaspoon

SHITTZZZXXXX, This is soo short-lived ):

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My Comments

#24_☠|The way I am -~MadGal

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

Whoa, hey, great improvement! But the image is sort of cut off at the bottom left, overall, five stars for your effort!

My life, my way [NEIVIV]

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

Hmmm, well, I'm not sure if this is your first skin, it's not right? Anyway, since you already used brushes, why not add a little more to the image(s)? And you should blend more. You can improve on the font used for the image(s) cos' it looks rather non-suitable. Overall, it's still rather OKAY. Ah, sorry I really have no words to describe it. Well, keep up the good work:D

#1 SKULLS sweetest.love

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

The codes are covering way too much of the image. And your CSS can still be improved. But good try for your first skin & keep up the good work! :D

Vintage {PLASTICbottle}

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

Hmmmmmm, hot link the basecodes? I agree with H.voice that the background stands out more than the image. & The brushwork at the top left kinds of spoils the first icon, other then that, the whole skin looks really good:D

It's a painless vacation{H.voice

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

It would look much more better if you remove the gross images as they say. I'm rather fine with them, but intrigue.d does have a point. I'm using IE & according to the preview, the background surrounding the image is totally white, but according to the screenshot there is the pattern, so i'm not going to rate you down for that, it might be preview error. Keep up the good work though! :D

o1. Icons

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

This is a good start, what you can do is add brushes to the icons since you have photoshop:D & Please credit the image source, keep up the good work!

1 pink sakura[[angelx-heart]]

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

Hello this is a really nice image :D This is not bad for a first, but you should change the font colour to black cos' the image, as the background, kind of makes it difficult to read, & you should credit the image source too:D
Other then that, keep up the good work!

Thanks for rating & commenting on my skin bythway:D

#o1. easy to laugh; hard to cry  {MAOHIYO-x}

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

Your alignment between the codes & the image is off. I'm glad that you've credited everything(if i'm not wrong):D Anyway, the CSS can be improved, like maybe you can use black & white for the whole colour theme cos' the red looks weird. Overall, this is a good start, keep up the good work!

P/S; Will not rate cos' i don't wish to pull down your ratings should you get a five


RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

The image is repeated which isn't so nice. The font used for the image can be improved, the colours used do not appeal & much more can be done. Overall, the effort is there, good luck for the rest of your skins! :D

3.6.0 I'm the gang of.{h.voice

RADIOonyourheels said:

(9.4 years ago)

You shouldn't be disappointed by her/his ratings, do you think this skin is worth a five? If it is, that's enough, besides three over five isn't a fail yet. But she should state some sort of reason.

Anyway, for this skin, well, yeah it's more on the male side, but hey, this is not bad for your third skin, keep up the good work!


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