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Name: Ransom Letter
User ID: 416310
Member Since: 9.5 years ago
Last Visited: 4.9 years ago
Age: 27

Location: Singapore

About Me:

Here is how i rate..
4 STARS-Pretty Good but nd more effort
5 STARS-WOW veri good or WOW for the # skin it is pretty good.JIAYOU!

Il rate u 1 STAR if its relli bad or i dun even rate at all..

I think that evryone can make beautiful blogskin if they hv the time and make an effort..

And no i dun think u shld RIP other ppl skin even if u r not good.
They make ppl not wanting to make skin and post it in blogskins.com..

Well if im relli free like in hols or if i hv the time, il do REQUESTED skin..coz im relli bored at home n doing skin without any motive kinda suck..ha ha ha..

SO if u hv any information..ANYTHING..just ask me..OR TAG ME IF U READ TIZ..ha ha ha..

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My Skins

#1{I Can Change My Life}
#2{Memories Of Nobody}
#3「L change the WorLd」Death Note
#4{Light Up The Sky}

Skins From My Friends

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Party in the Garden.
Dead Rose and Teal.
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L-O-V-E's like.
Artificial Growth / Choco
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Light TechnoPop.
Give me some SPACE.
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Mark those words.

My Favorites

No skins yet!

My Comments


{RansomLetter} said:

(6.5 years ago)

Hi! I'm a secret fan of you. May I have your autograph? Haha. Seriously. I would like your autograph if I could. Everytime I log in, your latest and previous skins are SOTDs! How you do it? Maybe you should write a book. :) (P.S. I'll buy, I swear.) Anyway, congratulation! for this skin and all the other skins previously. You deserve it & keep them coming! All the best! :DDDDD


{RansomLetter} said:

(6.5 years ago)

Wow! I really think you are very talented in blogskinning. It's like every skin is SOTD material. Congratulation! Keep the hard work and keep the blogskins coming! 5 Stars! :D


{RansomLetter} said:

(6.6 years ago)

Nice! I love the plain wooden background you got there. And the navigation are really creative. 5 stars! :D


{RansomLetter} said:

(7.1 years ago)

Wow! It's just posted today? hahaha. You must be blogskinning addicted! XP I like this one too. It is really kawaii! :D Keep this up and you will make more beautiful skins in the future! :D

Nicole - 01

{RansomLetter} said:

(7.1 years ago)

Hey, I was actually WOW-ing when I saw this skin. For a first timer creating a blog skin, It is really really good! You really like rainbows huh? hahaha! Keep it up! :D

You broke my heart | Tears

{RansomLetter} said:

(8.2 years ago)

Hello! Thanks for rating my "L" skin and adding me as a friend. :)
Here to return you a favour. I like the fact that the cBox actually moves while you scroll.
A very good idea! But the layout of the design needs to be more than just plain black and texts.
I think you have a potential to do more. So I hope to see more skins from you! :)

Time Heals All Wound / bitterly♥ {1}

{RansomLetter} said:

(8.4 years ago)

Hello! Thanks for rating my "Bleach" skin.
This one is for you. Navigation buttons are really nice and
you made an effort to match it with attractive colours.
I would say that for your first skin, managing to do navigation skin is really awesome.
Try adding pictures for your second skin onwards, it will make the skin stand out! :)

Pinkyy EmO GaL~ (:

{RansomLetter} said:

(8.5 years ago)

Hmm.. Wow!
Are you on a skin rampage? ha ha ha.
2 to 3 skins a day. Anw nice image nad emo background.
Keep it up! and improve more! :)

punk rock princess

{RansomLetter} said:

(8.5 years ago)

Hey! Here to rate. :)
Well i really like the background. Somewhat like avril lavigne.
Its good that you credited the person you took the codes from.
Love the images and how the colours matches.
But the image can be bigger to make it stand out more.

w o r t h. i t [C-Lilie]

{RansomLetter} said:

(8.5 years ago)

Oh. Its the latest one!!!!
Freaking awesome lar!
Love how you blend the colours and images together.
SEXY! :)


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