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Name: Tyw,♥
User ID: 422535
Member Since: 9.4 years ago
Last Visited: 7.7 years ago

About Me:

7 February, 16.
Dancer & Pianist, and currently learning from cousin, Flute.
Taking O's this year.
So, don't expect too much.

♥: Dance, Piano, Qad, Cliques, and part of it Blogskinning.

Will be back after O's

Disclaimer ♥

Common Case: Blogskins had been ripped by RIPPERS :D

You rip, & I'll kick. LOL. Whatever. Fellow Rippers in the blogger world, feel ashame if you rip. Your little effortless GAIN or whatever you call it, it's do damn blardy rude to us, the Blogskinners. We put in 1o1% to our designs. We, blogskinners are having a supressing 'good time' doing the blogskins all day long. But you all these incorrigible, rebellious, repulsive, despicable CREATURES wondering around this cyber world, made our job more tough and with tears flowing down our cheeks(not so dramatic arh.)cos' you all are mesmerised by the fantabulous blogskins we've made. Rippers, shouldn't you all feel remourseful? Making a skin ain't difficult,why not make one for yourself and bask in glory for all the credits?! It'll not be rip unless it's inmitable. [which will not be]. Uhhuh. Blogskinners (like me) can help you. If you cant (mentally retardeds),you gonna get one from us, but keep your itchy hands away from the credits! I'll rebuke if I know what happened which is just ohsoeasy to. You know what '5 stars' treatment I'll give if you are surly despite the fact that you ripped. Dun let me catch you ripping my blogskins[duncha try] or my friend's, or I'll mince you flesh into the sugacane machine! *roars.*

Another Disclaimer:
My pictures from the blogskins are all hosted in my photobucket account. It MAY get overloaded anytime okay, I DONT' know. So, to be safe, please host the images to your own server(photobucket,imageshack etc.) to prevent the image from dissapearing in a result to your blogskin to be in total mess. Pleeeeze understand yeah, thanks.

ain't nobody's 5-stars shooting machine
oh,hey im no 5 stars machine. I give 5 stars based on what they did and my own views. If I am not convince, I'll either give you a 3 or a 3.5. I wont rate you down till you commit sucide just like Adeline Ng Ai Choo. I'll gve you a 'high 5' if I can see th effort you've put in. I treat people fairly cos' I am not bias to anyone. I don't judge a book by its cover.

shout for help
Hey. Do drop me a mail via blogskins.com if you have questions to ask or need help. I'll be glad to help you. Simply click the letter icon near my name(above,as you can see) to send me a mail.

Thanks for reading! (if you really did.)

.08/}The Feeling Of Kawaiiness (Resubmitted) - November 28, 2oo7

Profile codes courtesy of eclair-x
Icons on this page are from Toyplanet

wth. the player's code cant be read by blogskins.com. argh.

I can't get over Rihanna's Disturbia.
I'm mesmerised by the way Rihanna goes: "Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum~!"

So tempting awww. 8D

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My Skins

.01/}Hearts Of Love.♥
.02/}Stripes Are Loved!
.03/}The Colour Of Nature.♥
.04/}I Fell In Love With Pink
.05/}Vintage Love
.06/}Vintage Love v2
.07/}The Feeling Of Kawaiiness
.08/}The Feeling Of Kawaiiness (Resubmitted)
.09/}Let's go girly & kawaii!
.10/}Simple Is Best!
.11/}Oh,♥ the PINK-ness!
.12/}Polka Dots; Simplicity
.13/}Hottie P!nk! ;Simple & Sweet
.14/} Untitled#oo1 - Purplelicious
.15/} Untitled#oo2 - pink

Skins From My Friends

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So Close, So Far
I ♥ Pocky Sticks | sweetsugar
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Our memories

My Favorites

# 19 Pretty Pink Button says I'VE MOVED!
# 19...
blend-ed.notes♥ Searching for Perfection #9
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{dlh;RS01:} somewhere only we know
17.} Colourful }%PURPUR.black-
%PURPLE.candy- } 26 I love pooh&friends
Yinny/ 32. RAINBOW CHARM! :D
18.} Icons ♥ } %PURPUR.black-
Childhood; Kawaii } ♥ x-taintedlove
&6 Some memories are not meant to be keep ~ %MOOOx
12.} Bang - } %PURPUR.black-
04.} You Used To Be The Reason } %PURPUR.black-
16.} Colour my life } %PURPUR.black-
Magical S.M.I.L.E. | (c) Fish_fries
#06 ♥ undefined.love } Vintage
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%PURPLE.candy- } 25 i love crownie(:
#07 ♥ undefined.love } Vintage {black}
#07 ♥...
14.} We'll Shine Together } %PURPUR.black-
Let there be love
bf3/ Wish under the beautys' tree
03.} Alone } %PURPUR.black-
#04 ♥ undefined.love } Hello Kitty (:
#04 ♥...

My Comments


*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.4 years ago)

The blockquote doesnt suit though.
Try making the word 'TRUE LOVE' squeezed together in a page, it'll look nicer that way.
Lighter colours will be more attractive for this blogskin.

Great job.


*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.4 years ago)

Erm, Hello?
It's very obvious that it's my basecode from my blogskin, .03/}The Colour Of Nature.♥.
Please do kindly credit me as the basecodes asap.
As I've said, once you've taken my basecodes from my blogskin, you should credit.
& I can see that you downloaded my codes and edited it to make it yours. (The opening of the page.)
How smart.

#06 - enakei navi's skin

*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.4 years ago)

great work. (:


*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.4 years ago)

Hey. Nice blogskin you've got here. But I think it'll look nicer if the colour of the bar could be other colours like pink. (:

Not bad uhh.

inevitable love♥   // elmolove-x

*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.4 years ago)

This is not bad, but I think It would benicer if the shade of pink would be lighter.
Cos' I think lighter colours goes well with dark backgrounds.

Anyway, it's good effort here. [:

# 19 Pretty Pink Button says I'VE MOVED!

*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.4 years ago)

Generation changes and Im looking forward to this kind of stuff! (:

liftyournam-e - simple

*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.4 years ago)

This is nice.
Maybe you should make it in to a two columned skin.

One for the post etc.
& the other one for the tagboard!

5 stars for you!

.01/}Hearts Of Love.♥

*Yenwei.♥ said:

(8.7 years ago)

To all:
Thanks alot for commenting.
I've edited this blogskin as you all requested.

If you like this better,re-downlod the blogskin.

Thanks for supporting! :D

&17; ♥ Pink Girl

*Yenwei.♥ said:

(9.1 years ago)

Little too plain.Maybe edit the picture,like some words?

.13/}Hottie P!nk! ;Simple & Sweet

*Yenwei.♥ said:

(9.1 years ago)

Eggiines:Yeah.I know,it's not really needed.But it's to let the user choose whether to have the words one or the image one.Anyway,thanks for your comment.I'll work harder.

&LittleMissxinEr&:Rated,& thanks for your comment! :]


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