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Kygnus's pretty face

Kygnus said:

(7.6 years ago)

This skin is great! :D

xiinyii_lurf hiim*'s pretty face

xiinyii_lurf hiim* said:

(10.4 years ago)

black n whiite! rawkz on!

hecate_sedai's pretty face

hecate_sedai said:

(10.6 years ago)

i think the layout's got attitude... =)

sshhh_'s pretty face

sshhh_ said:

(11.2 years ago)

hey just wanna say thanks to you cause i FINALLY know how to upload images to my server :P. i like your layout, by the way.

untitled ;'s pretty face

untitled ; said:

(11.4 years ago)

WOW. ♥ ! [:

drogue-designs's pretty face

drogue-designs said:

(11.5 years ago)

1000 over downloads for this skin huh? I can see why... but the font is too light... Nothing i can't change anyway.

laddaye's pretty face

laddaye said:

(11.6 years ago)

one of e few black layouts that i'd like. it's kind of messy though. you should have left e titles at e sidebar in words. (:

whirlpoolriding's pretty face

whirlpoolriding said:

(11.6 years ago)

cool style.

elainejeremiah's pretty face

elainejeremiah said:

(11.7 years ago)

Nice.. It has a lot of features though and it makes the skin look a lil messy.

Silent_scream's pretty face

Silent_scream said:

(12.0 years ago)

Like this skin. It's really.....dark. Currently using ur other skin (music is my painkiller). Keep it up

elementz7890's pretty face

elementz7890 said:

(12.0 years ago)

I think its cool! Y dun u guys try to make a skin and then other people edit ur skin and take credit. how would u feel?

Mystic_Saiyan's pretty face

Mystic_Saiyan said:

(12.0 years ago)

i personally don't like it. i can't tell what the fuck the pic is supposed to be, and etc etc.

roseswindingaroundme's pretty face

roseswindingaroundme said:

(12.0 years ago)

will you people just SHUT UP?! jesus, and you're all complaining about war in iraq when you yourselves are arguing here!

just follow the godamn rules, ok? sheesh. the maker has every right to put up his/her own rules. period.

on the other hand, the maker shouldn't have over-explained. try to make the rules simpler and shorter, ok? because when it's long, you'd sound really stern.

... sorry for intruding...

peace out, y'all. make love not war. :)

xLVAngelx's pretty face

xLVAngelx said:

(12.0 years ago)

What's wrong with these people? There is nothing wrong implementing rules on her layouts dude(s). And bear in mind, although Blogskins' layouts are free for all to use, no one is to allowed to edit anything without the designer's permission. That is stealing. She's only telling them to upload their own images and don't touch the credits, what's wrong with it? You guys need to get a life and read properly. Go and visit other design sites and they all have the same rule! So what's all these rude comments about? Why not you guys design a layout and I will steal it and remove your credit. How would you feel? Wait till that happens to you and take back all of your fucking comments.

greenie_horn's pretty face

greenie_horn said:

(12.0 years ago)

could hardly see a thing. if u wanna put rules, you just landed at the wrong spot dude! go find somewhere else that people will abide to your rules! when u put it here, it means for the public and the public have rights to do what they like! no reason to abide faithfully to your rules! dang!

geminial_amiable's pretty face

geminial_amiable said:

(12.0 years ago)

this is not bad. though i cant see ANY words. hahaha. and i dun think any1 will stick to the rules why dun u chill and remove it, the-one-who-only-wants-credit!

cutebeybhie's pretty face

cutebeybhie said:

(12.0 years ago)

This is really nice. But I think you can remove all the rules...

aeronautisis's pretty face

aeronautisis said:

(12.0 years ago)

nice but i think you can remove all the rules. as this is a public web. so the downloaders have the right to do wadever they want. good try actually.

Darts's pretty face

Darts said:

(12.0 years ago)

if u post in blogskin and the downloading is free, obviously people will discriminate ur skins. Obviously if u tink ur skin is that "good" , than i have nothing to say.

qamuri's pretty face

qamuri said:

(12.0 years ago)

very nice. :)

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