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Skins tagged with: abstract

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Personal Colors
By: ebedgert 14.2 years ago

3,890 downloads • 3.68 stars

A simple blog. The following graphic is required: personalbanner.jpg . (You must download this to your own server, as it will not be at the above address forever. Make sure to change the URL in the table to reflect the location of your graphic. Thanks.) Updated to correct alignment problem.

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Circle Gets the Square
By: ebedgert 14.2 years ago

4,403 downloads • 4.36 stars

I'm tired of boxy blogs, aren't you? This skin probably isn't for everyone (techies and cyberpunks need not apply), and if you want to tweak fonts and link colors, you'll need to know your way around CSS a bit. This one seems to work in IE and Netscape on both Windows and Mac. It's designed for 1024x768 and up, but "works" in 800x600 too. Required graphic: circle.jpg . Please download to...

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cherry pin up girl dots
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

3,394 downloads • 4.13 stars

NEW!!!! picture fixed!

UPDATE!!::bottom table fixed!!
sizing problem fixed!!!
links fixed also...

just look at it. too hard to describe.
now has an archive template too!
[[get archive index template here!]]

you need to upload the image

And just a reminder: If you don't like the font size, change it. If you don't like...

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candy swirl
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

3,369 downloads • 3.71 stars

one image needed, on your own server...(sorry free blogspot users!!! i made some other image-less skins for you guys....) [[Get Image Here]]

And just a reminder: If you don't like the font size, change it. If you don't like the colors, change them. This template is fully customizable so if you don't like it the way it is it CAN be changed! You can even use another image in the...

Skin thumbnail

rainbow BRIGHT!
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

2,981 downloads • 3.32 stars

a rainbow skin. if you DON'T like rainbows. don't look at it! run away...fast!!
this one is much much more colorful than that UN-colorful bubbles one!! ha ha!
see it used by someone that modified the colors a little:
[[random blogskins user]] (i think i like hers better than the way i made it!!)

needs one image:

[[IT's FIXED!! get image here!!]]
make sure to...

Skin thumbnail

By: maystar 14.1 years ago

2,817 downloads • 4.35 stars

Preview it with images: real preview click here!!
the images are NOT shown in the BLOGSKINS preview. If you would like the images to show up on YOUR blog, you must upload them to your own server! Sound too complicated? Well it shouldn't!! it's what you are SUPPOSED to do anyway! (aka NOT steal bandwidth!)
a wonder woman template.
a cluttered newspaper or comic book is...

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eyes V.2.0
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

2,512 downloads • 4.45 stars

verion 2 of beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

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a sweet little punker boy
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

3,251 downloads • 3.38 stars

inspired by a tan, cute little punker boy wearing grey dickies and a light yellow shirt with a white long sleeved shirt underneath.

IMAGE-LESS!! YAY! made for all of you that don't have a way to store images, or just don't want images!

AND AGAIN: don't complain about how you don't like the name, or the colors or font, or size, etc...BECAUSE unless you are a complete idiot,...

Skin thumbnail

b o l d a nd b r i g ht
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

3,558 downloads • 3.49 stars

a bold, bright and fun imade-LESS design.

a great skin for people who can't host images, also for people with no links, and for people with little html knowledge.
BUT there are spots to add links and info, and you can even add your own images.

oh come on guys!! don't be mean about the colors! i'd like to see YOU spend 8-30 hours designing a template!! After that, you just...

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soft blue bubbles
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

12,662 downloads • 4.19 stars

UPDATE!!!!! bordercolor fixed for use with Mozilla and Netscape browsers!!
looks good with or WITHOUT the images: your choice.

a softer, less "bold" look

two images, on your OWN server!


UPDATE!!...the black dots have been removed from the backgroung image....yay! thanks to Jing! I tried to take them off myself before i submitted...

Skin thumbnail

Black ink, optional stars
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

12,948 downloads • 4.20 stars

made for use by BOYS and also GIRLS. (it's just one of the few i have that i think a boy might actually like!!) looks like CSS, but it's not!

black with white, grey and a hint of blue. what more could you want? = )

you don't even NEED the image, it looks good with or with out it! If you do want to use the...

Skin thumbnail

imageless stripes!
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

4,696 downloads • 3.64 stars

needs no images to upload, yet is still fun and interesting!!

stripes at the top: greys and whites and blacks.

done in pure html! when you open up the template, don't be overwhelmed!! most of the code makes up the stripes!! look at for a sec. and you'll figure it out!

change the colors/fonts if you hate these!
you can always email me for help!!!

Skin thumbnail

k i t t e n c o l o r e d !
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

3,202 downloads • 3.91 stars

like "imageless stripes!" only simpler link tables....i don't know which version looks better....

stripes at the top purely in html
black, gret, white

feel free to change the fonts/colors or EMAIL me for help!


Skin thumbnail

dark side of the moon- pink floyd
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

3,506 downloads • 3.44 stars

pink floyd (the band) used colors like this a couple times...

FINE! go ahead and rate me down because you don't like the colors, or for some other stupid reason, after i worked on this for 8 hours straight!!!
In other words, YES, it is a rainbow skin. But this time it's imageless!!! all html! this rainbow is made from code...weird huh?...the cool thing is that it is actually...

Skin thumbnail

a * starry * day
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

8,659 downloads • 3.76 stars

looks like a kinda girly skin, BUT you BOYS can change the colors and put up your own background image or color and tah-duh! it's a boy skin now!

another miricle: STILL no css!!
this skin took over 20 hours to make! eeeek!! someone had me make a custom skin for them, and after i was done with it, i messed with the html and made this one! (they look completely differnt too! LOL)...

Skin thumbnail

boys night out *
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

8,219 downloads • 4.21 stars

a skin made in "boy" colors. (AKA a-sexual)girls can use it too!!!
get image here!

Skin thumbnail

drugged / t r i p p p p p e d . o u t
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

2,629 downloads • 3.70 stars

wow. this took FOREVER to figure out to do!
if for some reason (like me stealing bandwidth from angelfire! LOL) the background image does not appear, this skin will SUCK. so if you cannot see the backgound image please look here:
see a preview
a very Pyscadelic skin. (don't mind me, i can't spell right now, i've been on the internet, making skins for 12 hours straight, not counting...

Skin thumbnail

a * star * flower
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

12,191 downloads • 3.99 stars

feel free to change the colors and the font!
a fun, yet simple blogskin for those who cannot upload their own images, but still want an image!
you'll like this skin if you are sick of tables and squares and rectangles and squares, and squares, and....you get the point...!
just look at it!
and STILL no CSS! yay!

Today in school i was thinking: "when i get home i'm not...

Skin thumbnail

a story of a dot
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

4,459 downloads • 4.08 stars

perfect for your blogSPOT, why? it's a dot! or a spot....whatever you want to call it.
this stupid thing was so hard to make!
it's the first round webpage thing i've ever seen in my life that does NOT require any images to be uploaded! yay! i had to figure out how to do it by myself...it was a lot harder than * star flower *! it's not css, but it acts like it...errr
i tried my...

Skin thumbnail

a * r e t r o * g i r l
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

9,222 downloads • 3.97 stars

a fun skin that has free image-less graphics....
a very girly skin, with pink, white ,and greyish-black, but NOT too much pink, it's mainly white, with a touch of pink for fun.
If you like'd * star flower * and you like pink, you like this one!
if you don't like the colors/fonts change em!

Skin thumbnail

b a r b i e
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

4,469 downloads • 4.18 stars

this skin definately requires the ability to upload your own images!
there are 7 images that are LINKS...i tried to name them things that everyone can/does/or has to have:
home, pictures, contact, archives, guestbook, blogger, and maystar designs....
if don't have pictures, simple delete/don't use the picture image, and so on.
you can get a guestbook at signmyguestbook.com and if...

Skin thumbnail

tHe TWiLigHt zoNE by MAYSTAR
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

2,759 downloads • 4.31 stars

go look at it!

Needs TWO images: background image

twilight zone logo

this blog can easily be made bigger, you can take the blue glow off the font and so on. pretty easy to edit.....

Skin thumbnail

beauty is in the EYE of the beholder
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,486 downloads • 4.36 stars

(i still hate tag boards...haha)
named after a twilight zone episode...(but has NOTHING to do with the twilightzone)...i was going to submit this one along time ago, but i forgot all about it......(that's what those disabled "EYES" things are when you look at my skins list...haha)

VERSION 2, which is also old, but never realesed either, can be found...

Skin thumbnail

eerie moon
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

2,369 downloads • 3.91 stars

another old one that i never submitted...
another magic blog with an image, but imageless. aka nothing to upload!

Skin thumbnail

boots.....these boots
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,453 downloads • 4.19 stars

this is what i did instead of my 10 page argument-research paper topic, question, and research! weeee!
if you don't like pink...RUN! ...far far away! lol
i also have another version in browns, if you want...
As with ANY picture on the entire web, please upload the picture to your own server. : )
oh also, this picture MIGHT be rated pg-13 ....but then again, if you're ok with...

Skin thumbnail

Daydreams in December
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

4,929 downloads • 4.31 stars

UPDATE: border fixed to look good in netscape!!


a lot of grays and white...i took hours picking out the fonts---i'm so stupid---i'm STILL not happy with the fonts--they looked better smaller (and different!) oh well...anyway, needs ONE images on your own server.

get image here
Darlings, you don't have to use the picture!!!! upload your own if you want! take a...

Skin thumbnail

h y d r o g e n
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,935 downloads • 4.08 stars

i made this instead of studying for my physics test---i think i failed----
any way this is not the EXACT spectrum of hydrogen---but close---it's made hydrogen mixed with mercery or so....

lalala...the "graphic" is embedded in the htnl---not a background or pix---so there is nothing to upload! yay!

Skin thumbnail

By: may*star 13.9 years ago

2,543 downloads • 4.15 stars

i deleted this skin....but decided to put it back up...i'm sorry if you think it sucks, it will be out of your sight soon enough...

about 30 people download it before i delted it...it can't be that bad can it????

who knows, if you really hate it, i might deltete it again permanently...and it will go away and cry....lol

MAGIC imageless with an image

Skin thumbnail

cherry * snow
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,356 downloads • 4.31 stars

i've been working on this one for awhile now. it's sorta like a combination of starry day and hibiscus kiss.
only with links at the bottom (likes frames, but with NO frames! yay!)

red and white.

one image to your own server.
hope you like it.
now on to fail a midterm....

Skin thumbnail

ETCH-A-SKETCH blog -classic
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,414 downloads • 4.35 stars

WOW. this is a LOT of code!
anyway the idea is that it supposed to be the colors of an etch-a-sketch, AND GUESS WHAT?! you can WRITE on it and then ERASE it and write again!!!
you write on the top part, and use the clear/refresh button to clear it so you can play with your blog etch-a-sketch again!
TRUST me, the etch-a-sketch PARt can't get anybetter...i was trying to make the lines...

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