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Skins tagged with: adfree

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wake me up inside..
By: kembotxgurl 13.9 years ago

3,791 downloads • 4.20 stars

my first skin. be gentle. this one's not that impressive or anything. one background picture that covers up the blog ad, everything pretty much CSS.
download the background here.
and to mix it up a little, here's another version of the background here, too. but you'd have to make your own color changes, since i'm too lazy to do another one right now.
i tried to make it so it'd look...

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#1 almost PERFECT skin! Ad-free!
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

14,578 downloads • 2.67 stars

Why is this the perfect skin?

1) colors good for both sexes.
2) made from css which looks right in the newest versions of IE, Netscape and Mozilla. (HEY YOU! you netscape user! get the 7.0 version of Netscape! CLICK HERE! NOW!! lol)
3) Has an non-image image for both boys and girls
(this means you get an image, but do NOT need to upload it anywhere! (or delete the images! or...

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#1 Perfect skin AD-free! VERSION 2.0
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

7,570 downloads • 4.06 stars

like the other one, but with black instead of white body, white borders, different font, etc...

THE MAIN DIFFERENCE is the side tables. they are all one table in this version.

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a girl's * life (pink starflowers)
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

7,713 downloads • 3.84 stars

1) yes the tables are supposed to overlap a bit, that's why the text scrolls.
2)you can delte that table if it isn'e "normal" enough for you.
3) someone make me do my homework and get off the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this skin is pink with CSS imageless images, "starflowers", etc...........nothing to upload.

to put a top on your blog, add this to...

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dots - retro blog (for BOYS and GIRLS)
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

2,846 downloads • 3.70 stars

sick of squares? don't want to deal with uploading images?
then this might be the skin you!
dots for your blog-SPOT.
[end cheesey advertising voice.]
useless my magic images...circles this time
uses CSS
covers the ad completely
change the colors. i picked these with my eyes SHUT.......
works in 3+ major browsers
works in both resolutions
room for links, and a small...

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retro blog fixed
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

2,744 downloads • 4.38 stars

i fixed this so that it works a little better in netscape......grrr! I HATE NETCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes things don't work in netscape for NO REASON! why???? like you can do the exact same thing in netscape twice, and one time it will work, and the next time it won't! i just don't understand!?!

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flowers * everywhere
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,695 downloads • 3.96 stars

works in all major browsers, both resolutions...uses css
but no images to upload.
for the people who like black, purple, lilac, and lavender---------OR CHANGE the colors yourself!

Skin thumbnail

4 boys & girls:: m o r e - s u g a r !
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,627 downloads • 3.47 stars

needs ONE image. PLEASE upload it to your own server!
get image HERE!!
looks good in all major Browsers and Resolutions!!!
for Boys and Girls
change the colors/fonts if you don't like them.
uses bright primary colors for a comic book/1950's advertising look...............
just go look at it.....

Skin thumbnail

By: spottedlife 13.9 years ago

1,601 downloads • 4.20 stars

One of my very first skins. Bright coloured with 2 pictures of chocolates. One of them a litte stretched though. ample space for links and stuff. Neat and organized.

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vas amo :|: T.G.I.F.
By: VasAmo 13.8 years ago

2,380 downloads • 3.83 stars

Thank God It's Friday!

Its pink and black. I found the image on veer... (stole it reallly but who wants to be THAT technical?)

Everything should be changable...

And please host the image on your own server thank you.


When you put this on blogger you might have to change the layer4's 'top' to 260... and left to 520... For it to look...

Skin thumbnail

american martini
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

5,896 downloads • 4.42 stars

AD-FREE! (or delete the things that say "no ad" , etc, to show your ad) uses CSS

HOPEFULLY, girls AND BOYS can use this. if i was a boy, i would use this, but maybe real boys wouldn't...i'm not a boy, so i don't really know... haha
kind of a 1950's newspaper feeling....
room for unlimited links, and a tagboard.
change the fonts and colors if you want (obviously)

Skin thumbnail

By: may*star 13.8 years ago

4,951 downloads • 3.85 stars

as of now, i'm having a bad day. so you don't get a description.

hot pink, black, white, AD FREE, upload the image to your own server.........

Skin thumbnail

vas amo :|: while you loved me...
By: VasAmo 13.8 years ago

2,750 downloads • 4.35 stars

Grey, black, white. One image. Ad-free.

Get the image and please put in on your own server.

The words at the top DON"T overlap now. Wahoo! I fixed it!

All words are from "While You Loved Me" by Rascal Flatts.


Skin thumbnail

tropical widescreen
By: kembotxgurl 13.8 years ago

2,076 downloads • 4.32 stars

my second skin =)

this time i was goin for a widescreen movie look going. it gets rid of the blog ad, and the picture was taken by my dad in the philippines, and was manipulated by me with photoshop. i use angelfire to upload pictures, so i don't think it would matter if you save the picture yourself or just leave it as it is.

hopefully it works on most resolutions. i use 600 x 800,...

Skin thumbnail

a horror movie
By: deceit 13.8 years ago

4,592 downloads • 4.43 stars

another black and grey one.
simple design.
includes a cute picture of chickens.
pls upload it onto your own server.
sorry if it suck.
am just starting out =)
yups. thats abt it.

OH pls host the image urself.

Skin thumbnail

Ayumi (orange)
By: emptyd12eamz 13.7 years ago

2,510 downloads • 4.60 stars

This template is slightly similar to my Gwen Stefani : Running one. Enjoy!

Skin thumbnail

By: spottedlife 13.7 years ago

1,617 downloads • 4.10 stars

blue, imageless, ad-less

Skin thumbnail

vas amo :|: They Can't Break Me
By: VasAmo 13.7 years ago

2,507 downloads • 4.53 stars

This is black and white and pink. Ad-free. There is room for links and extras but it could and probably will run into the pic so be aware of that. Two images to put on your OWN SERVER. You can get the images here and here . The words are for "I'm Still Here" by Johnny Rzeznik.

Skin thumbnail

Simple & Clean (green)
By: emptyd12eamz 13.7 years ago

5,946 downloads • 4.51 stars

Themed after Utada Hikaru's (Jpop music artist) song Simple and Clean . Enjoy!

Edited: added Utada's song Hikari

I've made two other layout almost exactly like this one, except in pink and blue .

Skin thumbnail

Orange Hurt My Eyes
By: Elsight_ 13.7 years ago

1,882 downloads • 4.20 stars

Bright orange colors with black background..

Other versions of this skin:
Green Hurt My Eyes
Pink Hurt My eyes

Skin thumbnail

Purple Palm
By: emptyd12eamz 13.7 years ago

5,360 downloads • 4.49 stars

The summer/palm trees theme has probably been outdone by now. But I thought this was nice. Enjoy.

Skin thumbnail

Green hurt my eyes
By: Elsight_ 13.7 years ago

1,825 downloads • 4.26 stars

The colors are too bright! *WARNING* don't open it if you don't like bright colours... ^^; Cuz I know some people hate bright colors.. But I made this for my sister who kept shouting on my ear if I didn't made a green one.. Anyway, this is just a green version of Blacky Orange . Don't bother complaining about the colors too bright.. cuz I don't really like it either... again.. The color is...

Skin thumbnail

It's grey
By: Elsight_ 13.7 years ago

1,863 downloads • 4.00 stars

Just like what I said here...

Skin thumbnail

Love me till Sunrise [Ad.Free - Kirina]
By: Kirina 13.7 years ago

2,641 downloads • 4.75 stars

This is a black & white template. The picture suggets love and sensuality

You can find the img here: Eros and Psique.

Hope you enjoy

[This is my first template to Blogskins]

I have totally redone this skin. The code is much better now.

I changed the picture, the archives and other things. And now it's Ad free!
The old pic
The new pic
Upload to your...

Skin thumbnail

tom welling
By: kembotxgurl 13.7 years ago

2,396 downloads • 4.75 stars

my third skin.
originally made for my little sister who's obsessed with tom welling.
i figured there must be a lot of tom welling fans who might like a skin that looks a little something like this. i used photoshop 7.0, uses a table and a lot of css as well.
only one picture. click here to save it yourself on your own server. i use angelfire, so i don't think it'll do me any harm if...

Skin thumbnail

d a n c e w i t h m e .
By: deceit 13.7 years ago

2,408 downloads • 3.60 stars

features a pretty ballerina from gettyimages.
as usual, pls host the image yourself :)

i've been trying to put the links onto the bottom of the table for the longest time.
but it doesn't seem to work in blogskins.com
the links keep appearing at the bottom of all the entries when uploaded here.
help anyone?

Skin thumbnail

alone i break.
By: deceit 13.6 years ago

1,917 downloads • 3.38 stars

pic from gettyimages again.
nothing much, not really a fan of purple but.
oh wells, just to match the image i guess.

Skin thumbnail

orlando bloom
By: kembotxgurl 13.6 years ago

3,188 downloads • 4.78 stars

another celebrity skin. since some of you guys liked the tom welling skin, and because so many of you had requested an orlando bloom one, i made one !
one picture, here .
hope you ladies enjoy it, i think it's a pretty damn sexy picture. although i'm not a huge fan of him myself, he's still damn attractive. lol.
again, the picture was totally manipulated by me using photoshop 7.0 ( i...

Skin thumbnail

friday night blues
By: wench 13.6 years ago

1,981 downloads • 4.38 stars

black on different shades of blue, no images, room for links and a tagboard/whatever; a fairly unspectacular look but it actually took quite a bit of tweaking (and i've stayed up till 5am to finish it)... too sleepy to think of anything else to say about it.

[ update : this skin was a bit messed up in blogger, it clashed with the ads - this has now been fixed, the template should cover the...

Skin thumbnail

welcome to my world
By: kembotxgurl 13.6 years ago

2,434 downloads • 4.17 stars

this is more like an experiment of mine with brushes on photoshop 7.0.
one image, here .
and i covered up the blog ad, too.
click here to my blog to see how it looks in action.
hope u like it. it's meant to be a little crazy and kooky.

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