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Skins tagged with: alone

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she walked `} SADISTIC-
By: SADISTIC- 9.7 years ago

536 downloads • 4.63 stars

My first skin.
Not so nice.
Not so plain.

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Simpl3^* ``02 Alone
By: simpl3dream 9.7 years ago

544 downloads • 5.00 stars

Ok.. not really my second skin cux i deleted my second skin.. but whatever... comments pls

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03.} Alone } %PURPUR.black-
By: %PURPUR.black- 9.7 years ago

4,509 downloads • 4.59 stars

hello! (:
feel like submitting a skin. hehe!
i kind of like the image though ^^
wanted to use it.
but , i just change my blogskin like few days ago. so yeah (: hahah.
Main Colours : Pink ; White.

please rate it properly.
don't rate a 'nice' with a 4.5star.
please give constructive comments.
also, don't rate it low...

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Simpl3^* ``04 alone II
By: simpl3dream 9.7 years ago

510 downloads • 4.63 stars

another emo skin

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You're Not Alone/RISQUE
By: Risque 9.7 years ago

610 downloads • 4.96 stars

You're Not Alone by Saosin.

Don't like?
Don't fucking rate.
Don't be like that fucktard which gave me 0.5 for "some skin he loved". Fucking hypocrite.

Don't piss me off by rating me fucking low, I'll make sure you get what you deserve.
Be nice, I spent alot quite alot of time on this.
Today's the last day of the goddamned holidays, and I'm...

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Simpl3^* ``05 Bloodshed
By: simpl3dream 9.7 years ago

465 downloads • 5.00 stars

Eh.. I did this when i was quite stressed up

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Left Ashore; }NANA❤.painful-secrets
By: ❤NANA.painful-secrets 9.7 years ago

607 downloads • 4.94 stars

My 4th Layout(:
comment and rate.

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party all alone [ jQaiis]
By: ' jasminn 9.7 years ago

949 downloads • 4.90 stars

a very simple skin.
i noe this type of skin is all over the blogskins.com
but i just wanna try it . ^^
main color is still gray, white and black ..
hope you guys lyk it !!

preview, rate, comment , fave and download it !!!

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i am alone
By: syannaz 9.7 years ago

484 downloads • 4.71 stars

i accidentaly delete it.. so im sendin it agan

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my way of relaxing
By: syannaz 9.7 years ago

575 downloads • 4.88 stars

very, very plain and simple white skin with a bit of black and purple / pink..

oh well, jus take a look.....

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crazychilli-x \\ o3. leave me alone.
By: crazychilli-x 9.7 years ago

577 downloads • 4.95 stars

a:link{color:#333333; font-family:tahoma; font-size:7pt; text-transform: none; text-decoration: none; font-weight: normal} a:visited{color:#333333; font-family: tahoma; font-size:7pt; text-transform: none; text-decoration: none; font-weight: normal} a:hover{cursor:move;color: white; font-family: tahoma; font-weight:normal; font-size:7pt; background-color: black; text-transform: uppercase;}...

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breathe~ how could you leave me
By: swiitiicecream 9.6 years ago

539 downloads • 4.75 stars

my first skin. its quite plain.. newbiie here.. but please rate!! there seem to be some problem here but blogger works out fine.

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#02-Leave me alone
By: Poisonkisser 9.6 years ago

898 downloads • 5.00 stars

Dark... an atmosphere of depression .

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sleepy} 15. alone together(:
By: alwayzSLEEPY(: 9.6 years ago

1,433 downloads • 4.75 stars

was attacted to this very pic when browsing through deviantart so i decided to make it into a skin ;D hope you guys like it

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myclichelove♥ ; firstwalkalone/
By: myclichelove♥ 9.6 years ago

414 downloads • 4.80 stars

Hello guys!
My 11th skin, ahaha.
I did this skin in about 20mins,
So yah, the results won't be good.
LOLLLLLL, oh yea.
For this skin, don't tell me like, you should blend more pics, etc.
Cos this is a "alone" skin, LOL, uh-huh.
Please rate, comment, fav, I'll appreciate it~
Please credit if you take any part of this skin, yeap!

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o3 Walk Away♥ sugared.love
By: sugared.love 9.6 years ago

4,380 downloads • 4.91 stars

3rd skin :D
Inspired by the song, Walk Away by Paula DeAnda.
Simple one but I added an image in it.
I had been making pinky skins this few days.
Shall change to perhaps grey/black skins soon :D


Skin thumbnail

Forgotten Love
By: cowebs 9.6 years ago

465 downloads • 5.00 stars

forgotten love
SS Preview.

Skin thumbnail

1)a new world______#;
By: Judee doodle doo 9.6 years ago

799 downloads • 4.80 stars

hello everyone((:
this is my first skin..
Thanks for the comments!
Well, i edited it. so, if you are going to download,
please note.....

thanks! :DD

Skin thumbnail

1 .\} alone
By: .\} SHERMAiNE 9.6 years ago

452 downloads • 4.93 stars

re-submitted skin.
im all alone from rin;
im rin; but i deleted the account.
i duno why.. XD
and im here to re-submit my skin again (:
download, fave, comment
thanks (:

Skin thumbnail

o6. Left Alone // lazeee D:
By: lazeebean- 9.5 years ago

1,122 downloads • 4.82 stars

body { background-color:#ffffff;

a:link{color:#000000; font-family:tahoma; font-size:9px; text-decoration: none; font-weight: none}a:visited{color:#000000; font-family:tahoma; font-size:9px; text-decoration: none; font-weight: none} a:hover{color:#000000;cursor: ne-resize; border-bottom: 2px solid black; border-top:1px dashed grey; background-color:none;...

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Will you ever notice me?
By: coldwindz 9.5 years ago

53,349 downloads • 4.90 stars

Inspiration for this skin came from the song Notice Me by Zetta Bytes. I heard this song when I was watching disney channel. It is a really nice song which I can relate to; and this skin is supposed to reflect the sadness and loneliness of the lyrics. Sometimes, you will feel ignored and somehow you just don't fit in. That is feeling this skin is supposed to convey....

Skin thumbnail

the feeling of being alone ...]& number.two
By: quriousity 9.5 years ago

577 downloads • 5.00 stars

BLOGSKIN number.two.

Quite a simple blogskin, please comment and rate it. I do prefer to receive constructive critisism instead of "YOU SUCK", "IT STINKS" etc. Thanks.

Of course, please upload these two files onto your own server. :D


Skin thumbnail

Dont Leave Me Alone
By: 97823248 9.5 years ago

539 downloads • 4.61 stars

....... made the picture...... base code by %25PURPLE.illusions-

Skin thumbnail

thegreencup.llove [Alone]
By: thegreencup.llove 9.5 years ago

568 downloads • 5.00 stars

Let me get this straight.

01. If you are going to use this skin, no matter what leave the picture credits intact, I gave ALEX DENOMAY my word that the credits would be there. :D

02. I accept all ratings except 0.5 stars. :D Thanks.

Submission for !SCOMPETITION:]

One of my all time favourite songs. :D
CLOSER by...

Skin thumbnail

Alone || Karen(:
By: Karen(: 9.5 years ago

936 downloads • 4.89 stars

Hello! (:

Yes another skin. :D I felt like creating an emo skin, which is something I have not done in ages since I am NOT emo, haha ;) So yes, here pops out this emo skin, which I think is pretty good myself but I have racked my brains on how to blend the image and the textbox together, on the advice of my classmates. Suggestions, people? :D

Best viewed on IE,...

Skin thumbnail

alone [ %sream-&shout } ahhnat
By: %scream-&andshout 9.5 years ago

724 downloads • 5.00 stars

Deleted my 3rd skin.
Was a plain skin, and the basecode come from myself :D
do rate me ;D
don't rate me down just because the colours' too dull or sth :D

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