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Skins tagged with: beauty

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Beauty and the Beast
By: jeeohdee 12.2 years ago

1,439 downloads • 3.50 stars

the usual two column layout. space might be a tad small for tagboard, feel free to change the column width under .navigation in the cdd heading.


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rapemyskin: be my escape - relient k
By: rapemyskin 11.3 years ago

6,435 downloads • 4.77 stars

featuring "BE MY ESCAPE - RELIENT K".
one of my favourite song & favourite skin.
credit me please.
thank you very much.
much love, ele. <3

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provocative} beauty& beast #3
By: provocative} 11.0 years ago

1,813 downloads • 4.97 stars

yay. previous sotd boost me to submit this.
its quite classic compared to others.

{please rate accordingly ;
and give helpful comments instead of a just nice etc.
thanks and enjoy! (:

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the line of beauty // absolutcherry*
By: absolutcherry 10.8 years ago

1,249 downloads • 4.81 stars

first skin i made so far =D
dark yet glamorous,
2 pictures of girls nicely blended into the background.
hope you guys like it!
comment and rate yea?

p.s leave my credits alone!

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Beauty is..?? //Puppet2409//
By: puppet2409 10.7 years ago

2,394 downloads • 5.00 stars

Got inspired by Dove. It's a simple one and hope u like it. Comments are appreciated. :D

http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i115/puppet2409/beautyis/backgroundtop.png <-- a new one

I personally don't like very small fonts. But...

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slaf; {Flawed Beauty}
By: slaf; 10.7 years ago

1,413 downloads • 4.81 stars

2nd layout for tonight. =P Hahaha. This one didn't take too much time. I was just itching to make a simple layout. So...
host 1 2
& visit me/tag if you want to. =)
comments, ratings & downloads are much appreciated.
no ripping or removing of credits.
I'm still feeeeling HIIIIGH ! Lalalalalala~

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Beauty like you've never seen}\. xD
By: alyssa11 10.7 years ago

933 downloads • 4.25 stars

my eighth skin! ^^
pls rate and comment thanks!

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Venice Beauty}/. Princes-S
By: alyssa11 10.7 years ago

966 downloads • 4.94 stars

my ninth skin! ver 2 of venice beauty cuz wanted diff layout for it. more variety for you all to choose ma! comment thank you ^^

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Naziz: Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love
By: naziz 10.7 years ago

2,047 downloads • 4.92 stars

As y'all may recognize, the phrase comes from Moulin Rouge. However (and to despair of a few), the skin is not based on the movie.

I created the skin at the request of my cousin. She wanted something elegant, and also wanted to include a certain quote which she now tags on everything. Since I didn't want to include the quote as it's personal to her, I changed it to "Truth. Beauty. Freedom....

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the beauty of innocence
By: roxysiti 10.7 years ago

879 downloads • 2.89 stars

my first skin.

scroll down for your cbox and links




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express your soul
By: freakin_viet 10.6 years ago

629 downloads • 5.00 stars


I got the inspiration from a t-shirt i saw. The rest was my idea.

program: photoshop 7

directions:copy this part and add it into custom html header

dont forget to change YOURUSERNAME to your xanga sn and also hide the xanga search bar.

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Beauty Is A Drug - *
By: Ilusio 10.6 years ago

947 downloads • 4.80 stars

This one is improved - i hope.
Third skin - resubmitted!

just simple, i love the pic...

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Hancur «13» Atreyu
By: Hancur 10.6 years ago

1,218 downloads • 4.60 stars

A skin of Atreyu.
another skin of a metalcore band.

dark skin as usual.
colors:black, white, beige.

please tell me if there are problems with the codes. thanks.

as requested.

the words in the image is "Just Wither Away, Real Beauty Is Forever"

Skin thumbnail

By: ice-angel 10.6 years ago

169,308 downloads • 4.72 stars


this skin is made with NO base images, done entirely by brushes, thus completely
my work.


designed by: ice angel.

thanks for the comments and downloads!~
i'll be happier if you FAVE it! =)


Skin thumbnail

By: Elly1345 10.6 years ago

1,656 downloads • 4.86 stars

Thought I'd share my love of sunsets and hope that some of you feel the same way and wanted a light but basic colour scheme on your blog.

Skin thumbnail

024. L O V E
By: xiicedtea 10.6 years ago

1,222 downloads • 4.91 stars

L O V E &hearts;
Same rules as the others. ;]

Skin thumbnail

BEAUTY 29 { lime`GREEN
By: lime`GREEN 10.5 years ago

1,048 downloads • 5.00 stars

yehs. finally manage to do this
few days ago was SO BUSY with my projects
so, here (;
my 29th


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this is.. my life [`cyn]
By: `cyn 10.5 years ago

1,750 downloads • 4.76 stars

yea.. made this skin for my blog,, but since some one requested for this code to be put up here, i'll do it for u. (:
took a while to do it.
remember not to remove credits ok?
view thecryingmoon.blogspot.com [my blog] for a more realistic preview.

`cyn (:

Skin thumbnail

Beauty CONFESSIONS 43 } lime`GREEN
By: lime`GREEN 10.5 years ago

962 downloads • 4.70 stars

td,p,body{font size:10px;color:#FF1493;} a:link{ text-decoration: none; color: #000000;font:9.5px tahoma} a:visited { text-decoration: none; color:#FF1493;font:9.5px tahoma} a:active { text-decoration: none; color:#696969;font:9.5px tahoma} a:hover {text-decoration: none;color: #FFA500;px tahoma; p.solid {border-style: solid}} h3 { font-size: 13px;color:...

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#39 Feel Me||circleofillusions
By: namelessfreak 10.5 years ago

835 downloads • 5.00 stars

hey i love you people!! so here is another layout! nicenice? i knowla i make what??! haha well anyways as usual, spare 1 min of your time uploading the pics yourself1 (:


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#09. Beauty; hilmari
By: delvar 10.5 years ago

953 downloads • 4.92 stars

So if you're a guy, this is not your cup of tea (:
Best viewed in Internet Explorer.
Works in Mozilla Firefox too.
This shall be my last skin until after EOYs :D

Please rate & comment!

The blockquote might not be able to work here, but it works fine on blogger, trust me.

Skin thumbnail

fallin` sheerelegance.
By: falliNapaRT*- 10.4 years ago

1,121 downloads • 5.00 stars

a picture showing a very elegant lady. (:


Skin thumbnail

beauty lies within // :)!BRENDA
By: :)!BRENDA 10.4 years ago

883 downloads • 5.00 stars

i havent been submitting skins for a very long time.
this might be the last skin :DD
this isnt one of my favourites :/
hahah, okay. this beauty queen marries someone 'handsome'
she feels that she's an ugly person, hence, she feels so very LUCKY to maaaarry him (:

okay, byebye.


Skin thumbnail

Masquerade- Behind your mask
By: passion_nectarines 10.4 years ago

1,540 downloads • 4.56 stars

This is my fourth skin.
It is black and brown with shiny glittery burshes.
A cool and unique theme MASQUERADE.

This skin is special as it has a moving headlines, just like an advertisent, which you can post your lines.

I'll be happy if you fave it cause i have put it much effort in it. =)

Love me. Link me at http://www.passion-nectarines.blospot.com

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leaving beauty behind}/. Princes-S
By: alyssa11 10.4 years ago

906 downloads • 4.78 stars

long time since i contributed!
but i HAVE been making skins...
for my blog and for other people.

this skin's purple, and ...well, you can see the rest for yourself =D rate and comment, thanks!

(p.s check out my blog and comment on the skin too~)

Skin thumbnail

Vanity Perfection / Secretlysadistic
By: secretlysadistic 10.4 years ago

1,038 downloads • 5.00 stars

Back with another skin.
Got the base codes from Ambivalente;;
I was bored.
The picture is from Deviant Art.
I think it's really cool.
It's inspired by Pretty Girl by Sugarcult.
It's simple.
I'm always doing simple skins.

This is for the perception of beauty by VANITY.
Sadly, it's quite common.
I just hope you all LOVE it. <3
Thanks! (:

Skin thumbnail

By: Dineyger 10.4 years ago

828 downloads • 4.97 stars

It's not a goong account anymore, since I can't create another account for non-goong skins xD
so, I decided to continue here.

Might be submitting old skins I've made as well.

Production of DINEy


The real image

Skin thumbnail

[your.juliet] #o5 Beauty & Time
By: your.juliet 10.4 years ago

1,050 downloads • 4.41 stars

#b-navbar { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none }

a:link {
color: #1d1912; text-decoration: none; cursor: crosshair; style: overline; font-weight:bold; text-transform:capitalize;
a:visited {
color: #1d1912 ; text-decoration: none; cursor: crosshair; font-weight:bold; text-transform:capitalize;
lbu }
a:active {
color: #1d1912 ;...

Skin thumbnail

By: greenery- 10.3 years ago

809 downloads • 4.25 stars

i thought it would be nice to have a really simple skin that looked classy at the same time.

it only has one picture. leaves are something we see all the time and something we take for granted.

just trying to bring out the beauty of leaves.

please comment! your precious advice gives me encouragement to continue!

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