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By: jeeohdee 11.6 years ago

788 downloads • 5.00 stars

Seems like such a long time since i've released a new skin.

last one before september ends!

This is a sort of a 'pre-release' cos i haven't added this to my site yet. just thought maybe i'd put it up here and garner some comments, make some improvements and relaunch it. lol. really running out of ideas on how to arrange the text.

pls host your own images thanks! i host mine on...

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conn*e | el gato
By: conn*e 10.5 years ago

1,203 downloads • 4.50 stars

was just surfing around the internet for pics when i saw this and just had to make a layout!

mainly white bg with a chic pic on the top with an interesting blog area, it's a click-to-nav but it's not confined to an area!

pls use your own image host: cat

www.swarovski.com [for the pic you see on top]
magicbox.ti-fi.com [for the brushes used]
dafont.com [fontdinerdotcom...

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Skater Girl / Secretlysadistic
By: secretlysadistic 9.5 years ago

606 downloads • 4.92 stars

Another simple skin!
Again; it's boxed.
I <3 the picture.
I think it's pretty cool.
I got it from Deviant Art.

The theme is rather more to skater-related.
Thank You For Enjoying This Skin. :]

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#000 - Love Is Forever v1;;
By: Joyeo 9.4 years ago

963 downloads • 5.00 stars

Simple images created using photoshop!


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# 04. Crown Lover
By: hersheyslovers 9.1 years ago

1,220 downloads • 5.00 stars

for crown lovers,though dis type of skin is very common,do comment on it.mainly black.
its simple,and i need comments to improve on it..ty^^

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Sweet Princess Version 0.1 [desdes]
By: Destiny07 9.0 years ago

942 downloads • 4.86 stars

Suitable for firefox only but you can try it on IE. This is only version 0.1(first), there will be more skins similar to this one coming up!

Its main colour, pink with dark sparkling background. Though simple, I feel that its unique too(colours combination a little weird:).

Rate + Comment, Thanks.

P/S I think there's something wrong when previewing the skin,...

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Sweet Princess Version 0.2 [desdes]
By: Destiny07 9.0 years ago

1,590 downloads • 4.81 stars

Similar to Version 0.1 expect that its a little dull. Used dark sparkling background(same as 0.1), main colour still pink but more of black in this version.

Do comment, please! (I need it desperately for improvements)

You can also view this skin via here .

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untitled; { Hilary! o:
By: { Hilary! 0: 9.0 years ago

975 downloads • 4.81 stars

My virgin 100% coded skin! :D

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R*yae #06 Lock me tight
By: R*yae 8.8 years ago

72,512 downloads • 4.64 stars

Image is done by me ;
Dont really like it thou =/
i find a lil too messy -

Not sure about the colour combo x.x
Overall i just find it weird no matter what x.x""

Alrights ,
Just Rate
&give constructive comments okaes ?

Thank you :D

Brush Found&credited .

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minimalism; { Hilary! o:
By: { Hilary! 0: 8.7 years ago

663 downloads • 4.50 stars


Skin thumbnail

By: SimplicityHer 8.6 years ago

738 downloads • 3.75 stars

Meant for spongebob lovers.

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I Love Kawaiiness }%BLUE.pink-
By: %BLUE.pink- 8.6 years ago

2,556 downloads • 4.77 stars

Images from LoveCandied.com.
Really Cute.
Suitable for PINK lovers too.
body{scrollbar-face-color:white;scrollbar-shadow-color:FFCCCC;scrollbar-highlight-color:FFCCCC;scrollbar-3dlight-color:FFCCCC;scrollbar-darkshadow-color:FFCCCC;scrollbar-track-color:white;scrollbar-arrow-color: silver} td,p,body{color: black;font:10pt tahoma;cursor:...

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11; Unseen Love - SWEETESTDRUG
By: the-sweetestDRUG 8.5 years ago

426 downloads • 5.00 stars

Lyrics from Music Box by Thrice. Okay, I admit the picture looks rather weird, but I think it looks cool. Hahaha. Navigational skin TESTED IN IE ONLY! Constructive comments please. If you don't like the alignment, you can change it. Codes from lynda12798 Those needed to be creditted are already creditted. So do...

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03 Dance to the rhythm, [resubmit] } Crackwhackk-
By: crackwhackk- 8.5 years ago

717 downloads • 4.94 stars

This is my third and a half skin. :/

I submit this one that is like the previous one because the previous one did not get such a good response. I just changed the background. Thanks for the contructive comments! It was really appreciated!

Now for this. This skin is so much plain-er than the previous one. The images are still pixellated. But ratings and constructive...

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o4; rawr, im a juicebox! version1{:  ♥fwb
By: ♥fwbness;; 8.5 years ago

575 downloads • 4.86 stars


perfectly fine in blogger ;
live preview here :)

works in IE 1024x768 reso,
also in FF & Opera. :D cheers!

Skin thumbnail

o4.5; rawr, im a juicebox! version2{:  ♥fwb
By: ♥fwbness;; 8.5 years ago

572 downloads • 5.00 stars

rawr part 2. haha.

perfectly fine in blogger ;
live preview here

works in IE 1024x768 reso,
and also in FF & Opera. :)

cooli-o ♥ ♥

Skin thumbnail

o9#baby tigger&pooh !
By: bratitude 8.4 years ago

582 downloads • 5.00 stars


Skin thumbnail

4. sugar bunnies
By: raine69 8.4 years ago

10,982 downloads • 4.84 stars

i've always thought the sugarbunnies are cute!
comment, rate, fav, download & use! :D
edit : modified a little & joined a competition.

Skin thumbnail

SMILE :) | sweetsugar
By: sweetsugar 8.4 years ago

143,959 downloads • 4.59 stars

i am just so happy today ha ha ha :)

How to download the skin:

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LL-That Island
By: LoveLollipop 8.4 years ago

460 downloads • 4.86 stars

my brother wanted a new blogskin so i did this for him. and now he decided that he dosent want it anymore. so sickening. so im submitting it. i hope you like it. in this blogskins you cant click on anything, other then the links, so no one can copy anything.^^

if you want to where i get this or that, go to the credits.

the space on top is for the nav bar....

Skin thumbnail

By: walkingdoll 8.4 years ago

67,068 downloads • 4.79 stars

This is my second skin that I have submitted here. :D

Skin thumbnail

Piinkish V2 ; Kawaii}%BLUE.pink-
By: %BLUE.pink- 8.3 years ago

27,871 downloads • 4.64 stars

This is the 2nd Version of one of my skins ; Piinkish.
I think this is better cuz I added in more cute animations from LoveCandied.com
This skin is actually my previous blogskin.
Many ppl came to my blog and asked me to submit this skin, so here it is :D
Hope you'all like this.
Do Rate/Fave/Download!!

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#1 ) Friends forever (precious moments , maplestor
By: RubyPrincess 8.1 years ago

562 downloads • 4.83 stars

Plain..and white.

Skin thumbnail

lil' blue box
By: radioactivecookie 8.1 years ago

487 downloads • 4.75 stars

First skin
Please comment!

Skin thumbnail

# 6 } I've moved ! - Relink! ~
By: -Yuuko% 8.1 years ago

3,042 downloads • 4.97 stars

heh.. a relink skin ..

*UPDATE :I've removed the bar at the bottom so its not so ...

And I've darkened some of the text.
so its much clearer (:


though it's a pity......
no sotd ):

Skin thumbnail

By: ziai 8.0 years ago

7,255 downloads • 4.94 stars

Now now we’ve all played with the big red button before haven’t we? I edited that “game” for a blogskin!

Since all the people who blog-surf are bored people... Here is a MOVED blogskin to keep them entertained :D

Your friends should be auto-redirected to your new blog roughly after they finish clicking, but you can still change the number of seconds the page redirects in...

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