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#8: By the Riverside
By: loveunleash 8.3 years ago

546 downloads • 5.00 stars

8th skin! Basecodes from lil.queens . Please rate and comment! I took quite a long time to make this skin. Thank you in advance for any positive comments! Oh yeah, about the song choice, I just like that song. But you can change it accordingly. :)

EDIT: Hmm... preview error? It works fine for me. I'm using Firefox. If you're using IE, then I'm afraid you won't be able to see this skin. I...

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05. / nicole
By: creambunny 8.3 years ago

27,899 downloads • 4.68 stars


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Thinking of You [3]
By: Teclu 8.1 years ago

592 downloads • 4.92 stars

10th. :)

Thinking of you by Katy Perry. Enjoy!

Hope you have a nice Chinese New Year too. :D


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Love Letters
By: blossomceci 8.0 years ago

928 downloads • 5.00 stars

This skin actually took me 6 hours. Brushes were found in websites, as creditted in the skin. First time using brushes to make a skin. Its really a great start for me. Do your usual drills yeah, and visit my blog : www.ice--candy.blogspot.com . Give constructive comments. Do not remove the credits, thanks.

a, a.man, a:link, a:visited{font-family:arial, times new roman;color:ff7171;...

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Relink skin . // -Re!ncarnate
By: -Re!ncarnate 7.9 years ago

338 downloads • 5.00 stars

Relink skin ,
First relink skin .
Coded by myself ,
having previous blogskins as references.
First skin that is coded by myself.

Comment please.

People who hate me can leave .

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&40; ♥'Stand By me / boys before flower
By: %LittleMissxinER& 7.9 years ago

586 downloads • 4.50 stars

body, a:hover{cursor: url(http://www.boomspeed.com/dorischu/cursor/0041.ani);}

Please Rate and Fav and Comment

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By Your Side by KraUjaGysLea
By: KraUjaGyslea 7.9 years ago

605 downloads • 5.00 stars

Hey guys!

This is my first skin so don't be rude and leave comments ^^

You can use it, but don't forget RULES:

-Do not use my hotlinks
-Do not claim as your own
-Do not modify
-Comment and enjoy

I called it "By your side" and words are from song "By Your Side" by Tokio Hotel. I like those guys. In pic - Bill Kaulitz, singer of Tokio Hotel.


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Blooming Red ; littleless-Pikky *resubmitted*
By: littleless-Pikky 7.8 years ago

284 downloads • 4.60 stars

hello..my first skin ...and its basecoded by steph

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Twilight Fantasy ; littleless-Pikky
By: littleless-Pikky 7.8 years ago

376 downloads • 5.00 stars

for all twilight loversss ......P/S looks better viewed in FF
main colours are white and black ^^

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Beautifull as a flower ; littleless-pikky *resubmi
By: littleless-Pikky 7.8 years ago

510 downloads • 4.93 stars

First non navigation skin

Skin thumbnail

Cinnamon Roll ; Littleless-Pikky
By: littleless-Pikky 7.8 years ago

306 downloads • 4.50 stars

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Big Bang is LOVE// {빅뱅}
By: Candygram Inc. 7.8 years ago

1,793 downloads • 4.92 stars


- Mainly based on the Korean band Big Bang (again...)!
- Images are from Cyworld && basecodes are from Tashiie.
- Best viewed using Internet Explorer, it's owhkay on Mozilla Firefox.
Do rate && comment :]...

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Vintage Love♥ ; littleless-Pikky
By: littleless-Pikky 7.8 years ago

635 downloads • 5.00 stars

VIntage love ......love VINTAGE!!!!!!!

Skin thumbnail

By: nuhaaksa 7.8 years ago

306 downloads • 5.00 stars


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Just For The Record
By: -NE0N- 7.8 years ago

162 downloads • 0.00 stars

just for the record, the weather today is slightly sarcastic;;
second blog layout.
i like it better than the first.
again panic! at the disco;
i made the little cloudy thing and the background, too.

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Simple; pink and white
By: ` # ♥. JANE (: 7.8 years ago

340 downloads • 4.50 stars

skin request by fwen =)

comments pls~

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By: &purplewires- 7.8 years ago

285 downloads • 4.92 stars

Hello. First skin.
Basecodes from %delusion-n♥
Best viewed in Mozilla.
Based on lyrics of 88 by LM.C

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Checkered yellow
By: VESTINE 7.7 years ago

690 downloads • 5.00 stars

This is a blogskin that I created for my school assignment. But I thought i share it with you all.

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x_ / shake it
By: x_empty 7.7 years ago

1,030 downloads • 4.95 stars

the 10th - hour


Hey guys! I'm back with another skin (:
I'm trying to be unique. :)
So yeah, lyrics from Shake It by Metro Station♥
Thanks for rating! :D
Yeah, it's...

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By: susan-luv 7.7 years ago

275 downloads • 0.00 stars

black for background
with preorders and instock that is able to click,data,information and tagboard

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x_ / i'm in love again
By: x_empty 7.7 years ago

1,112 downloads • 5.00 stars

the 10th - hour

best viewed in MFF :)
best viewed in MFF :)

lyrics from maria mena's 'i'm in love again'.

*edit: thanks stairwaymannequin for uh yeah that *suggestion* wtf so i edited the links :o

Skin thumbnail

amor // cosmology
By: cosmology 7.7 years ago

1,416 downloads • 4.63 stars

::-moz-selection {color: #006666; background-color: #000} ::selection {color: #006666; background-color: #000;} body, p{background: #fff; font-family: Arial; font-weight: none; font-size: 7px; color: #444;} a {color: #333; font-size: 7pt; text-transform: lowercase} a:hover {color: #006666;} .logo, .navsearch, .footernav, .footernavright, #user_profile_ad,#my_comments, #my_favorites {display:...

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x_ / sugar
By: x_empty 7.6 years ago

1,195 downloads • 4.88 stars

the 10th - hour

lyrics from sugar by florida ft. wynter.
best viewed in mozilla firefox. :)
please switch to mozilla firefox people!

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stand by me
By: jessiecabenedict 7.6 years ago

434 downloads • 5.00 stars

first lame blogskin :)

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Naruto Characters by holy-shagua.bs.com
By: shichuanhua 7.5 years ago

596 downloads • 5.00 stars

Naruto character skin edit from http://blogskins.com/info/168374
you guys can compare....c which is better then use..//

I don't put credit
Coz i noe u guys will delete it anyway / change the skin to YOUR skin
If you are integrity enough just put my blog address in any where holy-shagua.blogspot.com

and upload pics to ur hostler
if you think those underline / bold / etc not nice just...

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Love letter
By: witheringflowers. 7.4 years ago

458 downloads • 4.69 stars

Did this skin when I was surfing around blogskins. I have to say it's the BEST skin i've ever made so far. So it'll be best if you like it too.

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Brand New Eyes Paramore
By: vicky 3197 7.4 years ago

337 downloads • 5.00 stars

This is very similar to the previos one i made, but i perfectionate the colours and it's just better :D

sorry my english i very bad when i write xD

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