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Cute Couples!
By: everygirlrox 9.2 years ago

1,610 downloads • 4.86 stars

This is my 1st skin so it may not be good. But mainly it is a couple with a white background. Pls tell me if u got feedback. Thanx!

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A Valentine's Day Edition Skin ♥
By: Unfading-Memories 9.1 years ago

500 downloads • 4.25 stars

Second skin for the day .
Another Valentine's Day themed skin .
Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day in advance [:

& ps , the image is drawn by me , so it isnt very pretty .

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} 11. Hold My Hand & Never Let Go
By: xiiaodidi } 9.1 years ago

944 downloads • 4.60 stars

This skin was plan to do next week.
But, my photoshop CS3 trial is gonna end soon.
So, I complete it by today.

This skin is quite suitable for Valentine's day.
In fact I did it for Valentine's day.
I hope this skin, you guys will love it.
Comment, Rate & Download : D

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H{O}: Unlady-Like
By: HEARTS{out} 9.1 years ago

609 downloads • 5.00 stars

I toyed around with this animation software,
and produced this.
it's really simple,
probably the most simple one i've made.
done in paint.

of the speech bubbles.
so pls, try to refrain from saying that my images are pixellated.
cause i really did try.
and sorry about the moving background.
part of it moved away during the animation.

so yea....

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Beloved Memories/-inkayye
By: inkayye 9.1 years ago

947 downloads • 4.93 stars

my favourite skin!

i love the images i used.

anyway, please comment/rate/fave!

basically a couple standing on a beach with a sand heart drawn behind them.




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Happy Couple
By: marielski 9.1 years ago

3,354 downloads • 4.82 stars

4th skin... pink and black..

Skin thumbnail

maplelove couple 3-tanjuejun
By: tanjuejun 9.0 years ago

454 downloads • 4.50 stars

neww... maplelove couple..3

Skin thumbnail

maplelove couple 2-tanjuejun
By: tanjuejun 9.0 years ago

728 downloads • 4.67 stars

maple love couple

Skin thumbnail

I will hold your hand forever
By: nicolhs 9.0 years ago

463 downloads • 4.83 stars

Another new skin!
This time i uses different shades of green...
A bit plain though..

Anyway please give your ratings and comments! Thankssss ^^

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SFB, ♥ Dancing Silhouettes.
By: shakefizzboom 9.0 years ago

639 downloads • 5.00 stars

Heyho. Decided to do a silhouette design.
Okay, basically shows a couple dancing :).
It's pretty simple but it took me 3 hours. Because I did it straight from scratch.
Ahaha okay maybe I take my own sweet time to do things but, oh well.
Change anything you like BUT the credits please!
Ratings and favourites would be nice :)


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The Perfect Cute Couples }%BLUE.pink-
By: %BLUE.pink- 9.0 years ago

36,904 downloads • 4.71 stars

Not much to say.
Seen a lot of simple skins lately.
So decided to create one myself.
Inspirations from one of !downth.love♥ 's skin.
(i credited the skin for inspirations :)
Some codes from %PURPUR.black- .
(dun worry, I also credited her)
Most importantly, basecodes from lovelies- .
Pls rate properly.
Dont rate down becos you dun like this type of skin or whatsoever.

Skin thumbnail

s♥-dd remember the experiences
By: sweetlove-dd 9.0 years ago

1,335 downloads • 5.00 stars

my 15th skin (:
this is for the polariod competition.
i know i have no chance of winning,
but it's the experience that counts, right ? ;D

this shows a flashback of an old couple's sweet memories ;D

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%18. ron ng & tavia yeung ♥ {jam&butterco./}
By: jan_saycheez 9.0 years ago

1,195 downloads • 5.00 stars

another blogskin I used to use. featuring Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung. [one of my favourite couples! :D]

please note that this skin is tested in Mozilla only . I think the scrollbar should look fine though. but do tell me if it's otherwise. (:

do edit the profile&tagboard&links- they're there to give you a rough idea of how it'd look with all the information filled in.

thanks in advance...

Skin thumbnail

# 26 // `` Pinkie couple_ GIF ** angel_of_memory
By: angel_of_memory 8.9 years ago

2,049 downloads • 4.43 stars

* It's a GIF background .

* suitable for wide screen monitor as well.

* with navigations

* Do enjoy blogging!

* my 25th layout :

# 25 // `` Cool neko in black ** angel_of_memory *

Skin thumbnail

couple love
By: undefinte-x 8.9 years ago

1,656 downloads • 4.77 stars

a couple in auditionsea. for audition lovers
hope u like it ((:
rate it pls?

Skin thumbnail

+02 Con-tagious- Sweet couple
By: con-tagious 8.9 years ago

536 downloads • 4.92 stars

This is my second blogskin for this account and this is the first time i'm doing something for couples.

Rate it fair and square please :D


CLick HERE for live preview

Skin thumbnail

th-perfect cute couple [edited]
By: swiitprincess 8.9 years ago

434 downloads • 0.00 stars

basically, is copied from %BLUE.pink-

Skin thumbnail

The Sweet COuple By: BabyPoohAreLOVED
By: BabyPoohAreLOVED 8.8 years ago

437 downloads • 4.50 stars

The Picture Is Abit BLur ~
Do Comment , Rate , Download And Favedd Thanks
anyway that a error
Click Here For Live Preview

Skin thumbnail

#4, Love :}
By: Aiyin 8.8 years ago

469 downloads • 5.00 stars

Another skin ;D
I made it out of boredom.
I know it's a bit plain, but i like it that way :D

View, Rate, Download, Fav it. ;D

Skin thumbnail

By: animal-freak188 8.8 years ago

1,211 downloads • 4.90 stars

Er. Something i made up in ma free time. Check it out.

Skin thumbnail

Sweet & Simple ; x-taintedlove (:
By: x-taintedlove 8.8 years ago

1,025 downloads • 4.95 stars

a{color:#888888; font:7pt small fonts; text-decoration:none; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight: none;} a:link{color:#888888; font:7pt small fonts; text-decoration:none; text-transform:uppercase; background:;} a:visited{color:#888888; font:7pt small fonts; text-decoration:none; text-transform:uppercase; font weight: none; background: ;} a:hover{text-decoration: none; color:#FF0066;...

Skin thumbnail

Once a loving couple
By: *--sexY doG--* 8.8 years ago

889 downloads • 4.79 stars

This is my first skin. Hope you all comment and rate it. Thanks. :)

Skin thumbnail

Boi and gal >> tatisme ♥
By: tatisme 8.8 years ago

500 downloads • 4.90 stars

My 5th..
VERY simple..
although i am not a big fan of orange,

but couldn't tink of something..
so its orange..
trying to make navigation skin..

a little screen shot problem..
pls comment..

if theres anything i should change, tell me..
SUGGESTIONS & COMMENTS greatly welcomed..

live preview: http://boi-n-gal.blogspot.com/

tatisme.. ♥

Skin thumbnail

Gothic love >> tatisme ♥
By: tatisme 8.8 years ago

656 downloads • 4.89 stars

My latest skin..
pls rate & comment..
theres pics, 1 on each side..

so, pls scroll all the way
---> RIGHT
LEFT <---

suggestions welcomed..
live preview: http://x--gothic-life.blogspot.com/

comment pls.. [:

tatisme ♥

Skin thumbnail

Together {mo0nlitex.
By: moonlitex 8.8 years ago

755 downloads • 5.00 stars

Describe about the love btw couples. Please Judge and rate fairly. And since you're here and loggedon, you might as well give it a rate! ;D Something happy to keep the person going. [:

Extremely Special Credits to lil.queens for the picture and the deviantart artist. I'm sorry about this.

Skin thumbnail

hand over the lollipop ; and no one gets hurt !
By: queenfyora687 8.8 years ago

677 downloads • 4.86 stars

two f the pictures taken from candidd- . edited the basic headers . red with a combination of black . for gothic people ._. lols :D

Skin thumbnail

i love you ; ♥
By: queenfyora687 8.8 years ago

545 downloads • 0.00 stars

i don't really like this skin myself X:
so if you're don't like , then nvm -.-
cause i'm just a beginner ;
heheh ! X:
and do rate , comment , and favourite !
& i will give you a big thanks ! :D
mainly violet and black .

Skin thumbnail

#3 Anime Couple;ily
By: yumiko_x3 8.8 years ago

426 downloads • 4.67 stars

this is my third skin
if u like it,pls comment&rate

live preview: http://try-out-blog-three.blogspot.com/
pls see live preview as preview gt prob.


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