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Skins tagged with: digital

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b o l d a nd b r i g ht
By: may*star 14.0 years ago

3,541 downloads • 3.49 stars

a bold, bright and fun imade-LESS design.

a great skin for people who can't host images, also for people with no links, and for people with little html knowledge.
BUT there are spots to add links and info, and you can even add your own images.

oh come on guys!! don't be mean about the colors! i'd like to see YOU spend 8-30 hours designing a template!! After that, you just...

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soft blue bubbles
By: may*star 14.0 years ago

12,657 downloads • 4.19 stars

UPDATE!!!!! bordercolor fixed for use with Mozilla and Netscape browsers!!
looks good with or WITHOUT the images: your choice.

a softer, less "bold" look

two images, on your OWN server!


UPDATE!!...the black dots have been removed from the backgroung image....yay! thanks to Jing! I tried to take them off myself before i submitted...

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Black ink, optional stars
By: may*star 14.0 years ago

12,944 downloads • 4.20 stars

made for use by BOYS and also GIRLS. (it's just one of the few i have that i think a boy might actually like!!) looks like CSS, but it's not!

black with white, grey and a hint of blue. what more could you want? = )

you don't even NEED the image, it looks good with or with out it! If you do want to use the...

Skin thumbnail

a * starry * day
By: may*star 14.0 years ago

8,640 downloads • 3.76 stars

looks like a kinda girly skin, BUT you BOYS can change the colors and put up your own background image or color and tah-duh! it's a boy skin now!

another miricle: STILL no css!!
this skin took over 20 hours to make! eeeek!! someone had me make a custom skin for them, and after i was done with it, i messed with the html and made this one! (they look completely differnt too! LOL)...

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a story of a dot
By: may*star 14.0 years ago

4,445 downloads • 4.08 stars

perfect for your blogSPOT, why? it's a dot! or a spot....whatever you want to call it.
this stupid thing was so hard to make!
it's the first round webpage thing i've ever seen in my life that does NOT require any images to be uploaded! yay! i had to figure out how to do it by myself...it was a lot harder than * star flower *! it's not css, but it acts like it...errr
i tried my...

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a * r e t r o * g i r l
By: may*star 14.0 years ago

9,207 downloads • 3.97 stars

a fun skin that has free image-less graphics....
a very girly skin, with pink, white ,and greyish-black, but NOT too much pink, it's mainly white, with a touch of pink for fun.
If you like'd * star flower * and you like pink, you like this one!
if you don't like the colors/fonts change em!

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beauty is in the EYE of the beholder
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

3,483 downloads • 4.36 stars

(i still hate tag boards...haha)
named after a twilight zone episode...(but has NOTHING to do with the twilightzone)...i was going to submit this one along time ago, but i forgot all about it......(that's what those disabled "EYES" things are when you look at my skins list...haha)

VERSION 2, which is also old, but never realesed either, can be found...

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h y d r o g e n
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,929 downloads • 4.08 stars

i made this instead of studying for my physics test---i think i failed----
any way this is not the EXACT spectrum of hydrogen---but close---it's made hydrogen mixed with mercery or so....

lalala...the "graphic" is embedded in the htnl---not a background or pix---so there is nothing to upload! yay!

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ETCH-A-SKETCH blog -classic
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,404 downloads • 4.35 stars

WOW. this is a LOT of code!
anyway the idea is that it supposed to be the colors of an etch-a-sketch, AND GUESS WHAT?! you can WRITE on it and then ERASE it and write again!!!
you write on the top part, and use the clear/refresh button to clear it so you can play with your blog etch-a-sketch again!
TRUST me, the etch-a-sketch PARt can't get anybetter...i was trying to make the lines...

Skin thumbnail

By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,595 downloads • 4.37 stars

like the etch-a-sketch blog, but not....
you can change the color of the boxex/draw and then refresh, but the boxes are way bigger with an outline and the template is smaller/different.

this one is fun too!
PREVIEW the refresh/clear button here:

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#1 almost PERFECT skin! Ad-free!
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

14,569 downloads • 2.67 stars

Why is this the perfect skin?

1) colors good for both sexes.
2) made from css which looks right in the newest versions of IE, Netscape and Mozilla. (HEY YOU! you netscape user! get the 7.0 version of Netscape! CLICK HERE! NOW!! lol)
3) Has an non-image image for both boys and girls
(this means you get an image, but do NOT need to upload it anywhere! (or delete the images! or...

Skin thumbnail

#1 Perfect skin AD-free! VERSION 2.0
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

7,563 downloads • 4.06 stars

like the other one, but with black instead of white body, white borders, different font, etc...

THE MAIN DIFFERENCE is the side tables. they are all one table in this version.

Skin thumbnail

a girl's * life (pink starflowers)
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

7,702 downloads • 3.84 stars

1) yes the tables are supposed to overlap a bit, that's why the text scrolls.
2)you can delte that table if it isn'e "normal" enough for you.
3) someone make me do my homework and get off the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this skin is pink with CSS imageless images, "starflowers", etc...........nothing to upload.

to put a top on your blog, add this to...

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barcode : bought and sold out in the USA
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,842 downloads • 4.36 stars

the meaning of this skin is...
i'm not really sure. just some random idea that jumped into my head.

works in ALL resolutions / browsers
aligned on the right, easy to change!
has my new favorite links table (again...)
no images need to be uploaded! it's built into the html....
....yeah, i'm a bit addicted to figuring out neat things to do with PURE code...lol

hope you...

Skin thumbnail

flowers * everywhere
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,687 downloads • 3.96 stars

works in all major browsers, both resolutions...uses css
but no images to upload.
for the people who like black, purple, lilac, and lavender---------OR CHANGE the colors yourself!

Skin thumbnail

4 boys & girls:: m o r e - s u g a r !
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,620 downloads • 3.47 stars

needs ONE image. PLEASE upload it to your own server!
get image HERE!!
looks good in all major Browsers and Resolutions!!!
for Boys and Girls
change the colors/fonts if you don't like them.
uses bright primary colors for a comic book/1950's advertising look...............
just go look at it.....

Skin thumbnail

angel chicKs ---------------
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,966 downloads • 4.02 stars

kinda that's PRETTY 60's/70's look (yeah, not the ugly one...hahaha)...loosely based on this: (http://www.barbie.com/mysterysquad/)
and kinda on
charlies angels,
this image was made 100% by ME! pixel by pixel, it took about 3 hours to make just the image!!!!!!
comes in a varity of colors---just upload a different background image and change your font color.

Skin thumbnail

soft blue bubbles ARCHIVE
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

1,625 downloads • 3.38 stars

oops....i just found this in "incomplete" status on one of my old profiles (maystar2) ...i'm not sure why it never got submitted....eeeeeek....sorry! don't hate me! lol

get the soft blue bubbles template here

Skin thumbnail

angel chicks ARCHIVE
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

930 downloads • 4.50 stars

the archive index page for this skin
comes in more than 8 colors.....
all you need to edit is the links, the archive part is automatic...

Skin thumbnail

mystery mod girls
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,266 downloads • 4.25 stars

room for tons of links, TAGBOARD, info, etc. uses the may html/css mixture. adapted from my 'life in a box' skin. took 6+ additonal hours to make. looks 100%+ great in IE. works ok in netscape. ok, ok, so i used another version of my same picture. so what?! if you spent 3+ hours making a stupid 'computered' picture, you would want to use it more than once too! so there! if you...

Skin thumbnail

blue and yellow stars
By: may*star 13.7 years ago

3,963 downloads • 4.28 stars

yellow and light blue with stars and stuff. lots of room for links and a tagboard. upload images to your OWN website/server....works in all browsers, images by me. etc.............

Skin thumbnail

Pink Goddess
By: Sodarnsweet5463 13.7 years ago

2,460 downloads • 4.17 stars

Okay, clearing things up here. Now I'm making my own blogs but I ONLY submitted Lissy's designed blogs cuz they weren't for blogger and I wanted all the blogger users to be able to use them 2 because they were really cute. Also, I did not make the girl but I DID put everything else on so if you see the girl on another web page then it's prob normal but if u see the girl w/ everything else...

Skin thumbnail

blog. write. type. (maystar)
By: may*star 13.7 years ago

4,871 downloads • 4.13 stars

this skin can be used by BOYS!!! yay! and Girls too.
possibly a little more 'sophisticated'
has neat top button links, which are fully customizable, and not hard to deal with at all! just make sure you have the class="top" in all the buttons.
OR, erase the buttons, or just some of the buttons...change the colors, change the fonts, etc.

room for unlimited links, information,...

Skin thumbnail

a horror movie
By: deceit 13.7 years ago

4,581 downloads • 4.43 stars

another black and grey one.
simple design.
includes a cute picture of chickens.
pls upload it onto your own server.
sorry if it suck.
am just starting out =)
yups. thats abt it.

OH pls host the image urself.

Skin thumbnail

Love. V2
By: spottedlife 13.7 years ago

1,527 downloads • 4.50 stars

I do hope it's better than the first one.

Skin thumbnail

Orange Hurt My Eyes
By: Elsight_ 13.6 years ago

1,873 downloads • 4.20 stars

Bright orange colors with black background..

Other versions of this skin:
Green Hurt My Eyes
Pink Hurt My eyes

Skin thumbnail

archive for waterfairy * pink/white
By: may*star 13.6 years ago

2,187 downloads • 3.60 stars

the archive index for
this template

Skin thumbnail

Green hurt my eyes
By: Elsight_ 13.6 years ago

1,818 downloads • 4.26 stars

The colors are too bright! *WARNING* don't open it if you don't like bright colours... ^^; Cuz I know some people hate bright colors.. But I made this for my sister who kept shouting on my ear if I didn't made a green one.. Anyway, this is just a green version of Blacky Orange . Don't bother complaining about the colors too bright.. cuz I don't really like it either... again.. The color is...

Skin thumbnail

blue & white; optional star V2.0
By: may*star 13.6 years ago

3,672 downloads • 4.69 stars

....normally i could just edit this template (instead of re-submitting it), but something about the fake tagboard that i put into the last version of this template makes it uneditable in blogskins...

Anyway, this version has better links, and a sizing problem was fixed...[[the height was set to 95% or 100% instead of 500.]]

hope nobody yells at me for submitting that 'same' template...

Skin thumbnail

By: garnetcrow 13.6 years ago

1,907 downloads • 4.75 stars

A metallic lump of a blog. If anyone wants a version without the wire in the bottom left, please mail me . Or if you have any other suggestions for the buttons... The response might be a bit delayed, though...

There are many pictures, download them here . Zip file, 30kb.

Note: I learnt how to do the wire and background from this big green book I browsed on Photoshop (forgot the title,...

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