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Skins tagged with: fairy

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look up [*nattypaz*]
By: nattypaz 11.0 years ago

1,440 downloads • 4.60 stars

mi primera skin con la imagen de una pequeña hada del bosque entre flores, todo en colores verde y cafe-rojizo // my 1st skin based in the pic of a little woods'fae, everything in green, brown & red...

Porfavor, hospeden la imagen por su cuenta...se los agradecere!!! // please, host the image yourself, i'll apreciate that!!!!

*look up*

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i'm a scary fae [*nattypaz*]
By: nattypaz 11.0 years ago

1,654 downloads • 3.60 stars

colours : brown & a bit of color with some pruple-red color
image : a scary and lonely little fae sitting on a wall...
it has : transparent box, words to navigate, pretty small space and small fonts...
Well, this time the skin results to be very simple...i was thinking about myself and then, this appears!!!
anyway, please stay voting and adding comments, i'm very glad of u...hehe..^^...

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0+ Secret Wish // dancingupastorm
By: dancingupastorm 10.9 years ago

3,460 downloads • 4.79 stars

Picture of a fairy with flowers, butterflies and vines. Image is from Anna Sui perfume - Secret Wish! White background and teal entry box!

It's been EONS since i last contributed a skin!!! Pre-university life is taking a toll!

anyway, hope you guys enjoy this one!!

PS: do try and host the image yourself yes! thanks!

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follow me {*nattypaz*}
By: nattypaz 10.9 years ago

1,682 downloads • 3.83 stars

After a few bussy days, here's a new design...i hope u like it and comments will be very welcomed!!!!

colours: black, grey and pink
image: fairys and tales characters following them..in B&W

well, that's all....remember:
follow me
follow me back

bye ~ bye!!!..be happy and kisses to u...

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My Cute Fairy
By: vina_sectiana 10.9 years ago

2,050 downloads • 3.77 stars

Its nice n simple I think.. I draw it in the paper n scan it.. What do you think?

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The Two of Us
By: Tarragon 10.5 years ago

1,616 downloads • 4.67 stars

A fairy themed skin for friends or siblings who want to blog together or about each other.

Pick up the image URL at
and upload to your own server. Edit the image URL under the body tag.

PLEASE NOTE: The fake posts here dont work with this skin but it works fine on a liv blog and you can see it at...

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Weaving My Web
By: Tarragon 10.5 years ago

1,293 downloads • 4.71 stars

A fairy spider theme with artwork by Anna Ignatiev.

Pick up the background image at
and upload to your own server. Edit the image URL under the body tag.

Because the fake posts dont like this skin you can see this skin running on a live blog server. Please visit http://tarratest2.blogspot.com/

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water fairy ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 10.5 years ago

2,900 downloads • 4.93 stars

hi there...
feel free to comment and preview this skin i designed..
hope ya like it.. thanks.. god bless! ^_-

**got the image from http://magnetica.ru/...

Skin thumbnail

The Unseen World ** | islenska`*
By: islenska 10.2 years ago

1,254 downloads • 4.55 stars

-background image rehosted, due to some errors.

the unseen world - fairies

have you seen a fairy before?

a magical theme based on fairies. childhood wonders. hope you'll like this one ;)
*fairy pictures from google.

lastly thanks for downloading. all comments are welcome =)

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Spring Fairy
By: gimickero 10.2 years ago

957 downloads • 4.17 stars

this features a fairy in flight in a very inviting forest. this is due to the spring season. though not in my country. hehe! next one would be a summer LO... thanks! enjoy!

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[11] Rose Fairy; twix0rz
By: twix0rz 10.0 years ago

980 downloads • 4.82 stars

Rose fairy. Credits in skin, leave them alone. Thought the image was pretty cool. :D BEST VIEWED at 1024x768 resolution. Big blog.

Skin thumbnail

shadowfae ; Aqueous
By: shadowfae 10.0 years ago

728 downloads • 5.00 stars

Note that the graphic covers the whole page from top to bottom in Blogger

Comments welcome - please rate the skin.

Completed as of 15. 04. 06

I really loved the main graphic in this one.I touched up with some brushing and clone-stamping in Photoshop and I was quite pleased by the result.

Please leave the credits intact

Please host your own image


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005. Believe
By: pudtz 10.0 years ago

1,259 downloads • 4.50 stars

I saw the image and I had to make something out of it. The girls are cute, they seem very happy. Somehow it ended up blue. I don't know, but check it out...

BlogMetaData code is for Blogger (blogspot) compatibility. If you're not using Blogger then just erase the tag. It's right at the beginning, so you can't miss it.
If there are any funny characters that appear, fret...

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Sagittarius Fairy by SpankyJewels
By: spankyjewels 9.9 years ago

1,044 downloads • 4.42 stars

Hello everyone! It's me again! I had this image of a Sagittarius Fairy lying around from a search I did for my astrological sign. I decided that I didn't just want to do just one of these signs. I wanted everyone to be able to have one of these. This is just the first one. This one is best viewed with an 800x600 screen resolution.

The artwork I used for this skin came from Jessica...

Skin thumbnail

breath of eternity\hecate~sedai
By: hecate_sedai 9.9 years ago

1,220 downloads • 4.86 stars

A skin in shades of brown. =) Picture of a fairy sitting. The picture's from deviantart. =)

Skin thumbnail

Faeries {power of thoughts}
By: goddezz 9.8 years ago

658 downloads • 4.79 stars

here's a new skin. the main design is about a fairy. you'll understand it when you see it. i have to thank glen for the color mix it looks great =)

Skin thumbnail

Beloved+- ::Welcome to the Night::
By: darkening_dawn 9.8 years ago

850 downloads • 4.92 stars

Yo wassup to everybody out there. I FINALLY managed to get my very 1st skin right. So here it is! ^^ It's a) black, white and grey, on the theme of b) the Night, Dreams and Anything-Else-You-Want-It-To-Be and c) a little bit small for a... 1028 by 768 screen, because I estimated the size of the picture. Yeah. Sorry. And thanks for looking, if you do. And try not to kope the picture yeah, I drew...

Skin thumbnail

By: crazyb34ut1ful 9.8 years ago

825 downloads • 4.79 stars

Pink Rose Fairy / Is this Old Rose?
thin tables
big picture
kinda cute. :PP.
Never Remove Credits.

Skin thumbnail

By: Stavanger 9.8 years ago

852 downloads • 4.50 stars

A template I created with an enhanced photo of the Bavarian Castle Neuschwanstein. For more information goto http://swancastle.blogspot.com/

I have updated the code. For a header that doesn't say my name please visit Blogcrowds and leave your email & your title. You can ignore the post restrictions etc.


Skin thumbnail

Moonlit Fairy
By: through-my-eyes 9.6 years ago

1,042 downloads • 4.40 stars

This is just a simple, dark layout with a fairy and a ANIMATED waterfall...please rate!!

Skin thumbnail

Lil' Faerie LOve
By: obvious.oblivion 9.6 years ago

596 downloads • 5.00 stars

A white-background skin which features a cute girl dressed as a faerie. Pink accents and brushes.

Skin thumbnail

u.fae ♥ Star Signs :: Aries ::
By: 9.6 years ago

208 downloads • 5.00 stars

Okay, I am resubmitting this one...it is a design I made not to long ago, I tweaked it a bit, added some extras & all that. I am really proud of it & it took me quite a while to make, so I hope you all enjoy.

NAME: Aries
SERIES: Star Signs
TYPE: tables
COLORS: burgandy, browns, peaches
RESOLUTION: 1280x1024
EXTRAS: "your pic here" spot, customizable mood icon, astrology...

Skin thumbnail

blurrz; dream within
By: miss.blurrz 9.5 years ago

3,112 downloads • 4.82 stars

Hope you will like this skin as much as I did :) If you are using this skin, please leave your link at the tagboard so that i can visit your blog and see how it works ^_^

* Don't forget to drop a comment or rate my skin! ^_^

Skin thumbnail

Blissful Release.
By: cynsin 9.5 years ago

986 downloads • 4.94 stars

very simple skin, love the pic. was taken from deviantart... there's nothing much to say actually. just remember to keep the credits and hope you'll enjoy the skin (:

Skin thumbnail

#20 the FAIRY of christmas;
By: meltedchocolatepigs- 9.5 years ago

956 downloads • 5.00 stars

this is a chrismassyyyy skin.
i thought the picture was damn sweet so i made a skin out of it.
oh yup i changed the colour and all using photoshop so it's pretty different from the original.:D

thanks and enjoy!
rate fairly!
there is a preview error so preview it LIVE here!:D
hope u like it!


Skin thumbnail

A Fairys Diary
By: babybluepoet22 9.4 years ago

679 downloads • 4.00 stars

I was board

Skin thumbnail

By: Mayuraz 9.3 years ago

545 downloads • 4.50 stars

Totally YELLOW =X Onli For Puffs
Anything COmments Pls :)

Skin thumbnail

the colourful fairyland [k]
By: kawaiichan 9.3 years ago

1,693 downloads • 4.73 stars


Skin thumbnail

Autumn love*
By: kynzgerl 9.3 years ago

1,745 downloads • 4.88 stars

This is my 34th skin in this a/c.
credit burshes
love yah.
thank you.

Wait till the picture upload.
comment and rate my skin okey....

Skin thumbnail

Labyrinthine; Pan's Labyrinth, ft. the FAUN.
By: -paradoxical, 9.2 years ago

538 downloads • 4.89 stars

A simple skin, featuring the faun from Pan's Labyrinth. Best viewed in Internet Explorer.


Note: It'd be greatly appreciated if you'd upload the pictures onto your own server, thanks.

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