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Skins tagged with: flowers

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A Simple Cinderella
By: marshmellowz` 12.3 years ago

893 downloads • 4.19 stars

Adapted from 'A cinderella Story' starring the teen queen Hilary Duff and the swoon-worthy Chad Micheal Murray.

Anyways,this is a skin I made on request of someone who talked to me on MSN.

It's really really simple and plain,and it's very light.The color co-ordination's alittle off as always,so,go ahead and edit it.

*says in a mock motherly voice*remember children.ALWAYS leave my...

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butterfly and poppys
By: ana0608 12.3 years ago

456 downloads • 3.00 stars

well,this is my second skin.i put white font because you will change it anyway!
There is a tiny error in the right corner,but donĀ“t worry,it will dissapear when you download the skin.Comments,PLEASE!

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Woods~ *Caline
By: Caline 12.3 years ago

612 downloads • 4.39 stars

hmm... its been quite long since i've made my last skin. Was kinda worried abt my sch results. hehe... now, everything is over and I'm SO FREE~!!! hahaha...

Yeah, i couldn't decide which i like more so i made 2 versions of this. One with the heart thing on top, the other without. I found it kinda out of point, since the theme is plant, haha, but i liked it. So... i'll leave it to you pple to...

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Woods Version 2~ *Caline
By: Caline 12.3 years ago

552 downloads • 4.14 stars

Yupz.... version 2 is up~ hahaha... its just for those who prefer plain skins.

I kinda like it too~ u can change the image of the plant to your picture. so that it'll look more personalized~ haha

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Petal Life
By: carinau 12.3 years ago

564 downloads • 4.86 stars

Always the Flower Girl.. aww, cute babieee <3 with flowers in black/sepia tone but i added pink hues. comments welcome!

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Cherish { Soft Purple
By: cherish- 12.3 years ago

1,318 downloads • 4.69 stars

A purplish, flower layout here. Simple n plain.

+ upload, UploaD, Yes UPLOAD! If u dont know how, plz ask!


+ Do not remove the Credits.

Comment plz. 10x. =)

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Happy House! *gabby_
By: gabbyella 12.3 years ago

1,181 downloads • 3.83 stars

this my first skin eh so pls giv me some constructive comments/critisicism. ((:
images frm happy house.
advise u to save them to ur own host in case they gets deleted off.
not really a typical oh-so-sweet skin, but i wuld say its an oh-so-cute one. ahah
-black bg
-space for tagbrd
-no typical boxes

hope y'all like it! ((:
one love!...

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[[9aLr0x1t]]- Bloomed in the Darkness____&&
By: 9aLr0x1t 12.3 years ago

967 downloads • 4.29 stars

ok. dis the onli skin im totally satisfied with. ^^ all dark n kinda gothic. the swirly thingy on the top left hand corner is made from brushes downloaded from Forbidden-Fire Brushes . enjoy!! =B

PLEASE host the image urself!!!!!!!!!
[[ image ]]

comments AND rating r welcomed =))

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To be colourless in a colourful world [`Shar-On`]
By: love_hina 12.3 years ago

1,124 downloads • 4.50 stars

Bonjour, mon amie. Haha. I did another skin, as you can see. Picture from Devientart. Host it yourself please.
Black background, grey font and some other colors. Light yellow neon light text. It's a pleasure if you would show your support. Au revoir and enjoy. ^^

Skin thumbnail

PRom Pwincess
By: strawberry_cheesecake86 12.3 years ago

558 downloads • 4.33 stars

This iS a pRom TEmplAte..
End oF tHE year cuMin..
This mEans That pRom is NEariNg!!!!!

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hippsterr* ___ loving you* always
By: --dreammx 12.3 years ago

1,609 downloads • 4.43 stars

did this in a rush. it's 11.55pm now. gawd. i'm having this major headache.
it's pink.
comments please.
midi is a cantonese song by sammi cheng.
hui lai wo shen bian.
once featured in my left eye sees ghosts.

Skin thumbnail

The farm life.
By: marshmellowz` 12.3 years ago

537 downloads • 4.13 stars

Right.Another new skin after a long break.
This one features farm animals and plants.In case you haven't noticed,I'm an animal lover.So there.And if I see you abusing and animal...WOE BEGONE and GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

Anyways,it's really simple and you can edit the html if you want,but please LEAVE MY CREDITS!!And your comments...

If you want custom made skins,email me:...

Skin thumbnail

By: silentdestiny 12.3 years ago

918 downloads • 3.29 stars

forbidde love-themed layout

with forbidden love as track

and sweet and feminine...


Skin thumbnail

*raindrops25 // Never Leave Me
By: raindrops25 12.3 years ago

7,849 downloads • 4.64 stars

da de dum..
another christian layout featuring the verse Psalm 23:4.
upload the pic to your own server, or else no one else can see the pics, eh?
&, don't remove my link!
leave comments so i can improve, k?
enjoy the skin!
and, God bless!

check out my blog @: http://cool.as/raindrops

p.s. there is just SUCH a lack of christian layouts! *sigh.*
to missy_jannah :
i'd hate to...

Skin thumbnail

Springtime sleepyheads with Pooh [`Shar-0n`]
By: love_hina 12.3 years ago

1,198 downloads • 4.20 stars

I suddenly like making plain but kinda cute blogskins. ^^ Picture of pooh soft toy with flowers. Very springtime-ish. Haha. White background and pink fonts. Hope y'all like it. Found the pic on deviantart by the way. Lotsa pics dere dat r pretty cute and cool. Enjoy and tata. ^^
P.S. There's this barcode I placed somewhere. Dun like it u can remove it, so dun complain bout it sticking out...

Skin thumbnail

By: pinkopiggy 12.3 years ago

524 downloads • 2.75 stars

a simple template

Skin thumbnail

dragonfae ++ wildflowers [in blue]
By: dragonfae 12.3 years ago

947 downloads • 4.00 stars

Skin #13! Shades of blue. Features "Peek-a-Boo" comments, that can be shown and hidden. Thanks to Lenn Ravengliace , who pointed me in the direction of this sweet little code.

Please host the image on your own server . Thanks.
* flora_base_blue.gif

++ Best viewed 1024x768 resolution

Skin thumbnail

romantic sunset;the long Adieux*______`
By: monsterie 12.3 years ago

612 downloads • 3.20 stars

i don't know if you all understand the template;
but i do.. :)



Skin thumbnail

my confessions_____________________`* jane ppt
By: monsterie 12.3 years ago

653 downloads • 4.67 stars

host it
thats my only requirement.

Skin thumbnail

x Rose Petals x
By: lovelyangelz 12.3 years ago

833 downloads • 3.40 stars

ermx... my first design...? i was bored and so ta-daaaaaaaa... please dun remove my link... thankew very muchhhhhh... adjust the pixels if theres a problem... feel freeeeeee to ask me anything if the problem cant be solved at yvonnefriendlygal@hotmail.com
and pleaseeeeeeee host your own picssssss... =)
lalala. im doing this for fun laughter peace and joy... hahahhaz... i know its rather...

Skin thumbnail

[[9aLr0x1t]] - ~~___Water Lily____~~
By: 9aLr0x1t 12.3 years ago

559 downloads • 4.60 stars

ok. a blue layout. mi fave colour =DD pic of water lily taken for gettyimages.com. finally usin pixel stretch im mi layout x)) best viewed 1024 x 768. well, enjoy! comments n ratings welcomed.

pity mi n host da image urself!!!
[[a href="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v346/9aLr0x1t/waterlily.jpg">image ]]

Skin thumbnail

# 1 simple but co0L dolphin kinda skin
By: gilaguy 12.3 years ago

2,113 downloads • 1.91 stars

its simple with two dolphins swimming...this will be the first skin i submited ...its blue and its kinda co0L...if u like it download it!!

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