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Skins tagged with: flowers

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Do you belive in magic
By: tuskudrusla 12.6 years ago

1,164 downloads • 4.55 stars

Simple, anime, black and pretty...For girls. I

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Pieces of Nature
By: hayden_clone 12.6 years ago

1,156 downloads • 4.88 stars

Another skin.. and yeah, looks like my Room For Squares one, with the boxes. Well, they're supposed to change colours but it doesn't work on preview. I was too lazy to make a new layout, so I just changed a little bit of this and that. The picture, well, I photoshopped it myself AND took the pictures my self. Thanks to my dad for letting me use the camera, and comments... if you can. Another...

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By: tuskudrusla 12.6 years ago

1,986 downloads • 4.47 stars

This one is very simple, pink, white, orange and pretty. Got a picture of a pink tree and a orange cat standing in front of it. Just see for yourself and please rate this blogskin (",)
It?s only 3 picture and then there is a pagedivider. Here you go: Picture , pagedivider and little rabbit . Just remember to upload the pictures.

1) Keep a visible link to my blogger.
2) Do not...

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Sweet summer { tuskudrusla }
By: tuskudrusla 12.6 years ago

1,167 downloads • 4.11 stars

A very bright blogskin with lots of colors. Summerlooking and fun. I just used some old pictures that I found at my photobucket. One is of a buttercup flowers and the other one is of a cubcakes. So that is a very sweet and summerlooking blogskin. A bit different from those that I have made. Just wanted to try something else. Here are the pictures: Flowers , yummy cubcakes and Line...

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Pieces of Nature ::Version Green::
By: hayden_clone 12.6 years ago

691 downloads • 4.71 stars

Same concept but with a diff picture and diff colours. Made on request. Get the image here:

Happy downloading, comment and rate, if you can.

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Bleeding Heart Black Rose
By: ofademonnmyview 12.6 years ago

859 downloads • 2.83 stars

It has a lot of references to AFI. The song playing should be Silver and Cold, at the very bottom Miseria Cantare lyrics are scrolling, and at the top, Bleed Black lyrics are scrolling. The names of most of the things on the tool bar are from AFI songs. This is my first skin and I designed the picture (ALL of it) and wrote the poem inside. Please include my blog url to give me credit for the...

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Beautiful World
By: hayden_clone 12.6 years ago

878 downloads • 4.50 stars

A pic of a flower, credit goes to me, coz the flower is from my lawn. The first kind of skin from me like this, coz it has a scrollable table... bla bla bla.... Host the picture yourself... get it HERE ... I need feedback, so, comments and rate please....

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By: hayden_clone 12.6 years ago

1,058 downloads • 4.39 stars

OK, OK, it's not all pink coz there's a bit of plum in there, but who cares right? What about it... well, it's shocking pink with black... I know the combo sounds hhhaaarrriiibbleeee (quote from Thom Filicia) but i think it looks ok. Host the small pic yourself... its a weeny picture... host it yourself please... Get it here>> CLICK ... that's all..

Oh yeah, while I still have a chance to...

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moment of peace * girl*making
By: girl*making 12.6 years ago

497 downloads • 5.00 stars

just a moment of peace

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The Great Dissapointment - Chrysanthemums (Edited)
By: ofademonnmyview 12.6 years ago

604 downloads • 2.17 stars

This skin is based mostly on the song The Great Dissapointment by AFI. There is a pic of chrysanthemums that has some of the song lyrics in it. It also features working music and a clock. It's my 3rd skin, please keep the Designed by section in the blog. Thanks.

*The picture for some reason, doesn't always show up. If you go to www.ofademoninmyview.blogspot.com, my poetry blog, different...

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Fluorescence(Ad-Free) v1.5b - F_ggie (V nice~!~!
By: F_ggie 12.6 years ago

1,241 downloads • 4.67 stars

Edit of my pervious work. Totally new work. Background changed. Hope u like it. Find out more at http://f_ggie.blogspot.com/

Please Rate if u like it=) Don't jus download. If u love it, Share it=)

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Madonna-Like a virgin {tuskudrusla}
By: tuskudrusla 12.6 years ago

1,031 downloads • 4.45 stars

Black and white blogskin with a sketch of Madonna. Very simple and pure. Just wanted to use one of her songtitles because she

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Ballerina { tuskudrusla }
By: tuskudrusla 12.6 years ago

1,727 downloads • 4.32 stars

A beautifull blogskin. Very light and feminine. Got a background - picture of a light pink flowers. There is a ballerina at the top of the archives holding in two birds. And there is a flower-page divider. I am very happy about this one but it may be a bit light so for those that can't see the letters. You can just change the color of the fonts. But here are the pictures: Background picture ,...

Skin thumbnail

Reflected Destiny
By: kirihara 12.6 years ago

663 downloads • 4.57 stars

An anime layout using X by Clamp .
I made this one smaller so it can be used in both 800x600 and 1024x768.
Tested on Opera7.5, Firefox 0.91, and Internet Explorer 6.
I will host the images but it is NOT my fault if we exceed my bandwidth and your images doesn't load. So I suggest that you download the images and upload them to your own directory.

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Baby angel
By: tuskudrusla 12.6 years ago

1,917 downloads • 4.44 stars

A very nice and simple blogskin. A picture of a baby angel. The colors are: white, pink, blue and yellow. Two pictures to download: Baby Angel & Pagedivider . Just remember to upload the picture.

And there is also a cursor from soup-fairie. You can take it away if you like to. This is how the cursor looks like: .

1) Keep a visible link to my blogger.
2) Do not copy my...

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By: monkkss 12.6 years ago

642 downloads • 2.25 stars

my skin is pinkish cos pink look very nice...want my skin to be simple and sweet, and tat will be very nice...

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summer girl (edited)
By: foreverfrenx 12.6 years ago

492 downloads • 4.10 stars

this an edited copy of the summergirl

Skin thumbnail

By: isabelalencar 12.6 years ago

335 downloads • 5.00 stars

Esse blog

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jy`______missing you*
By: a_b_c_d_e_f4 12.6 years ago

1,203 downloads • 4.94 stars

a pic of a girl holding a flower. with words having missing you and do you still remember me? hope you guys will like it.
just gotta upload the pic to your own server. kayy? :) lol. thats about it. check out my other layouts too. hoep you will like them too. tata-

Skin thumbnail

sweetie pie [`bx]
By: nuttygal 12.6 years ago

957 downloads • 4.82 stars

first time submitting a layout, yar..so urhm..hope that all of you will lyke post comments about it on how to improve on this layout.. if somehow u all can't view the layout properly, u could try goin to my blog and see it..it is currently my blog layout.. i've changed my blog layout. so dun bother goin to see it anyway. buti guess all of you shld be able to view it properly here though. =))...

Skin thumbnail

A Cinderella Story { tuskudrusla }
By: tuskudrusla 12.6 years ago

3,026 downloads • 4.76 stars

timmothy_x3 asked me to make a Cinderella blogskin from the movie with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael.
I used some pictures from warnerbros.com so those that are gonna use this skin MUST keep a direct picture-link to their website! Simply because of the credits & stuff you know. Here you go :)....:


Remember to upload the pictures on...

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Tranquility [E]v0n[E]
By: Ev0nE 12.6 years ago

1,961 downloads • 4.82 stars

Hello pple.. another skin done by me.. haha.. inspirated by the beautiful pictures of my skin.. i couldn't think of any title for this, so i just copied the title [Tranquility] of the Top 15 rated skins.. haha.. This is my first time making a skin using somthing based on nature.. so.. hope you guy like this... thank...

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By: macadamianut 12.6 years ago

724 downloads • 5.00 stars

Ok, this here doesn't look too nice i should think. but my friend asked me to do one for her with that pic, so i had no choice. anywayz, i'll just put it up here since she's now using another one now. and for the pic, u can get it here:
and plz DO NOT use the link directly from the one i gave u, the image that is hosted by 50megs, becos sometime later on you might find...

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Black Roses
By: Khatijah 12.6 years ago

1,051 downloads • 2.38 stars

This skin shows the simplicity of black and white. The beauty of simplicity itself. 'Tis based on my favourite flower and the colour I wear the most.

"A flower's only as good as its pettals."

There are 3 images used in this. I suggest you save them to your own computer then upload them to your own server!

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The Wind Blows....
By: verysti 12.6 years ago

470 downloads • 5.00 stars

dadadadaadaaaaaaa ..arrgghh

Skin thumbnail

#4 xiaoyu283: Praying Angel
By: xiaoyu283 12.6 years ago

2,402 downloads • 4.47 stars

I saw the image of the angel praying and i immediately fell in love with it...because it is so difficult to find a graphical angel that looks sweet. I'm happy to have found this picture and i made it into a simple blogskin. If you like simplicity, this is for you =) I welcome all comments so do give me your honest comments and ratings alright? Thanks!
Do have a look at some of my other...

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