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Forever Friends
By: nazhath_faheema 11.9 years ago

7,880 downloads • 4.74 stars

A cute starry, cloudy, sunny forever friends skin for all forever friends fans :)

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l0stgirl [o3] * je t'aime.
By: l0st 11.9 years ago

4,821 downloads • 4.48 stars

hey! a rather lovey layout i used fer my blog. mainly pink , black and grey . kinda simple. =))

btw, je t'aime is i love you in french, and ich liebe dich is german. (:

please upload tha images t yer own server. thanks.

enjoy! :DD

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#1`[New!!!] FoReVeR FrIenDz~ BeaR BlOg *
By: silv3ricez 11.7 years ago

1,293 downloads • 2.70 stars

ForEvEr FriEnDz BloG~

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SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW {10} - helpwhatiswrong
By: helpwhatiswrong 11.4 years ago

90,922 downloads • 4.74 stars

somewhere over the rainbow.
its a nice song to play on piano, it is.

this is pretty..colorful.
but not all the colors of the rainbow.
blue yellow lime.

it looks really ugly to me now so im getting rid of it. haha. so..comment and upload. thankss

i know its ugly.


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#07 `MF- Frenz Forever v1 *anime*
By: mizz-freaq 11.3 years ago

1,803 downloads • 4.59 stars

My 7th skin... Main colour blue and white.

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Forever Friends (Resubmitted)
By: xxbettinaxx 11.2 years ago

3,324 downloads • 4.94 stars

Heyaa. This is another friendship skin. Light blue. White.

Host the image yourself, to prevent unfortunate incidents.

Don't remove the credits!!



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The Words That Will Judge You
By: JESUSisLORD 10.7 years ago

1,244 downloads • 4.80 stars

dedicated to all who didn't know they will be judged by
JESUS' Words...

with the prayer that you will be ready on that day.

GOD Bless you ...

Ok, the preview isn't working right here...but it is on blogger check it out here
promise to (try) get it fixed here.
any one who can help with the codes...that would be very lovely and appreciated....

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Hancur «13» Atreyu
By: Hancur 10.6 years ago

1,223 downloads • 4.60 stars

A skin of Atreyu.
another skin of a metalcore band.

dark skin as usual.
colors:black, white, beige.

please tell me if there are problems with the codes. thanks.

as requested.

the words in the image is "Just Wither Away, Real Beauty Is Forever"

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Tatty Teddy Best Friends Forever ~+~ Heavenly-Secr
By: Heavenly-secrets 10.6 years ago

1,432 downloads • 4.93 stars

I think this layout is cute and sweet...Well, I spend less than 1 hour doing this blog skin...But I really love it...=) Please rate and leave a comment...Thanks! =)

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By: desiredreams 10.5 years ago

1,114 downloads • 4.10 stars

S.H.E blogskin

consists of black and white as primary colours

for FOREVER album and all S.H.E fans out there.

i love S.H.E especially HEBE:D

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#01...we are friends forever (card captor sakura)
By: min1993 10.5 years ago

1,063 downloads • 4.17 stars

this is my first blogskin!
pic: card captor sakura

hope that you will like my first blogskin!

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Truth`about` forever {miiss.u}
By: miiss_understood 10.5 years ago

1,216 downloads • 4.71 stars

.girl skin


n yeah, HAVE A NICE DAY!!! hope u have a good weekend!

thnx. :)

<3 nida


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LURIDSLICK |18| Dance Forever
By: LuridSlick 10.5 years ago

2,372 downloads • 4.93 stars

Whoot! Another skin! Yay!
”Broken Hearts and Torn Up Letters,
Girl You Just Can’t Dance Forever.”
That was by Lostprophets. They so rule!  Anyone else love ‘em?
Okay, so here's the stuff I don't wanna say, but I have to say:
1.) UPLOAD YOURSELF. Or Milly the Uploading Monster will eat ya!...

Skin thumbnail

By: lifesuxklikeshit 10.5 years ago

1,498 downloads • 4.61 stars

here. just watched a show where there's two gals kissing and poop. here it is. i spend quite some time doing this. so pls pls pls gimme some feedback and i hope you will like it! COMMENT PLS!

Skin thumbnail

By: lifesuxklikeshit 10.5 years ago

1,303 downloads • 4.95 stars

well. i made a lesbian skin. now this one is straight. haha. think its kinda sweet and feminine. simple layout and yea. kinda have the same style as the previous one. so yea enjoy :D

Skin thumbnail

x foreverBYyourSIDE -- sushimuncher*
By: sushimuncher 10.5 years ago

1,191 downloads • 4.13 stars

simple layout.
consists of an anime COUPLE leaning on each other
in black and white or grey..blahblah
done this ages ago but cbf to post it up and now i can lol and if you cant see the image in preview, then see the screenshot and please upload the image yourselves =]
background img: http://www.geocities.com/sweetaznpwincess/fbysbg2.png

Skin thumbnail

Best Friends Forever- Cuttlefish
By: cuttlefish 10.4 years ago

1,128 downloads • 4.75 stars

I was talking to my friend and realised that although I have said many times that I love her, I didn't show it. So this is proof!

It is a really simple skin but I just love the picture SOOOOO much.

Skin thumbnail

5. let me hold u...
By: hioky 10.4 years ago

1,073 downloads • 4.50 stars

made this skin for fun. hope u like it and pls comment =)

Skin thumbnail

forever friends bear
By: layiti 10.4 years ago

1,233 downloads • 4.17 stars

quite plain, lol.. cuz is quite a long time i do a skin.. hope u guyz can giv mi comment on how 2 improve it... PS: pls preview it instead of looking at the screen shot

Skin thumbnail

By: bellster_01 10.4 years ago

998 downloads • 4.88 stars

THRID SKIN ! (: # image fromDEVIANTART ! # BLACK background ! # NO navigations ! & LEAVE THE CREDITS ALONE PLEASE ! THANKKIEWS (: RATE & DOWNLOAD this please ? x: love , ANNABEL

Skin thumbnail

By: bellster_01 10.4 years ago

972 downloads • 5.00 stars


# black background
# no navigations
# image from deviantART

care to rate , download , or perhaps fav it ?

love ,

Skin thumbnail

By: bellster_01 10.4 years ago

1,247 downloads • 5.00 stars


# no navigations
# black background
# image from deviantART

care to download , rate or maybe ... perhaps , fav it ?

love ,

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myLASTskin*`ANIMATED FFbears. sweet. (:
By: wwanyunn 10.4 years ago

1,492 downloads • 4.81 stars

i had not been creating skins ever since the last skin i created. nearly 1 year i think. -.- this is a sweet skin. animated forever friends bear. cherish your friends. (:
anyway, this is my LAST skin in blogskin.com. (: not going to design any skin ler. gotta concentrate on studies. =/ anyway, if u have any questions, if u want/need anything, email me at...

Skin thumbnail

#88 love could be forever ACCUSATIONIST*
By: accusationist* 10.4 years ago

1,068 downloads • 5.00 stars

Hah, its so early in the morning. Did the images yesterday and decided to submit it today. I think I creditted all the brushes, if I didn't, please tell me ok? Thanks!

Colours: black, brown, beige, yellow

No "nice (4 stars)" or "i love this (4.5 stars)" or anything like that! CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS PLEASE! (:

&/ tested in {17" screen} ; {IE} ; {Blogger}
&/ no ripping of...

Skin thumbnail

D.N. Angel Forever - ``Fringle_
By: Fringle_ 10.3 years ago

814 downloads • 4.58 stars

Based on the anime D.N. Angel.Includes the theme song as well.Picture only features Dark however.The preview is VERY SCREWED so to see what you're actually getting,visit http://dnangelblogskin.blogspot.com. That is my preview blog.

Skin thumbnail

x FOREVER-US* --sushimuncher*
By: sushimuncher 10.3 years ago

1,093 downloads • 5.00 stars

long time no blogskin-ning (:
heh..well this blogskin, i made quite a few months ago..
Note: The kc&ks was for me and my bf
I found these pics on the web recently and forgot where i found them. The guy is a famous person so dont worry (: .If anyone knows, please let me know!
well lets see.. the layout is mainly grey, white and black. quite...

Skin thumbnail

Lee Hom, Forever Love
By: mayping 10.3 years ago

940 downloads • 4.93 stars

One of my favourite skins.
With a colour combination of soothing blue and green, I find this skin really pleasant to the eyes. I like the blending too.

Why am I praising my own work.

Skin thumbnail

08 i'll be here for you
By: solitude91 10.3 years ago

891 downloads • 4.80 stars

saw this sweet pic.my first skin using ps.but,is my fren's ps.ty zhiyi.
er a pretty simple skin again....maybe it's a bit plain,especially on the right.and i accidentally made the 2 columns too small in width.now it looks squeezy.
will resubmit soon i guess.
meanwhile do rate and comment.not expecting much though.
click here should there be a preview error.

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