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Skins tagged with: forever

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ANNABEL{ even if it means forever
By: bellster_01 10.2 years ago

645 downloads • 5.00 stars

i'm working on simple skins now.
i'm beginning to love simplicity XDD

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1. ♥ forever friends
By: Seafolly 10.1 years ago

1,717 downloads • 4.19 stars

My very first skin, :D!
about friends luhh, duh!
Image made by me, using paint and dafont.
Please comment and RATE, thanks!

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Forever Constructing
By: Lubsil 10.1 years ago

574 downloads • 4.93 stars

It's forever under construction!
Come in various color combination, for this version it is in brown. I have drawn this lices hope you guys like it! Visit www.liceball.com to see more of my works^^. If you guys like it, you can request a different color tone from me and I will help you make it! ^^

*note: picture might take awhile to load

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Forever Constructing (Pink)
By: Lubsil 10.1 years ago

412 downloads • 4.86 stars

Pink version for angelsimple:D
I have drawn this lices hope you guys like it!I'm the one with the purple flower btw^^ Visit www.liceball.com to see more of my works^^

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Forever Constructing (Black)
By: Lubsil 10.1 years ago

579 downloads • 5.00 stars

Forever constructing in black version, this is the original version for the banner I have drawn :D

Visit www.charmlings.blogspot.com for cute charms!

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19 my valentine
By: solitude91 10.1 years ago

911 downloads • 4.75 stars

after abt 1 and a half months,i'm back!

bad news
my photoshop trial ended
i did not improve in terms of blogskinning
school's real tough this yr!

gd news
after some long time my com auto-block me from accessing deviantart,i gain access to it just ytd!!

ok i'm crapping.

anyways,here's a blogskin to those lovers and those waiting to be...

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#1 JIPJIP.forever friends.
By: jipjip 10.1 years ago

724 downloads • 4.81 stars

This layout was inspired by my best friend. Her and I are like practically sisters/twins! :D We do absolutely everything together. School, Shops and Checking out hot guys! LOL (: The 'connected' part was from a song from Aquamarine-Sara Paxton-Connected .
I only spent an hour on this one and it was made to be simple and plain.
I have no idea where I found...

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#1 JIPJIP.forever friends. (RESUBMITTED)
By: jipjip 10.1 years ago

902 downloads • 4.77 stars

This is a resubmission of my skin from yesterday. Many said the alignment was too far on the left, so i editted the picture and aligned it in the centre.
Hope you all enjoy this skin, more than the first one (:
As usual, please upload the picture yourselves.

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FRIENDS//friends forever* eliina-
By: groovychick14 10.1 years ago

1,428 downloads • 4.38 stars

Just A Simple Template AGAIN
Well, I Guess I Got To Improve Again
Comments Please (:

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By: truelifefake 10.0 years ago

619 downloads • 4.25 stars


1. Do give constructive comments so I can improve to submit better skins next time. (:

2. Justify why you give that number of stars, so at least I know my strengths/weaknesses.

3. Credits of inspiration to make blogskin goes to my dear friend, GWEND! (:

4. Enjoy the skin! (:...

Skin thumbnail

By: truelifefake 10.0 years ago

673 downloads • 4.71 stars

This is my 5th skin submission! :D

Rather simple ,
Picture taken from DevianTART by liquidkid1.

Rate and give me constructive comments(:

- TLF(160307#5) :D

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Forever Charmed
By: penguined 10.0 years ago

509 downloads • 4.50 stars

For all Charmed fans. Charmed forever =)

PS: I'll still experiencing the preview error but as usual the layout and codes will work fine :)

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Friends Forever // Memories Together
By: Raynian 10.0 years ago

1,751 downloads • 5.00 stars

This skin is for friends and all!!!! LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!! YOu all must cherish your own friend worx!!!! You know?? Friends are worth more tehn anything... Mine is not the best.... This is my 1st skin!!! RATE ME RATE ME PLEASE!!!

Skin thumbnail

Forever Sunshine
By: Lubsil 9.9 years ago

695 downloads • 4.92 stars

:D cheerful skins for cheerful peoples :D

Visit www.charmlings.blogspot.com for cute charms!

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the best
By: khai_lover 9.9 years ago

2,332 downloads • 4.63 stars

for students and class blogs...dedicated to my class...1aspiration =]

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U.SA.HA.HA...the cute one
By: yam_su_xian 9.8 years ago

608 downloads • 5.00 stars

U.SA.HA.HA... the cute one... quite plain...>.<
but give good comment pls!!! XD

Skin thumbnail

Illusionated- #o1 Let This Be Forever
By: illusionated- 9.8 years ago

459 downloads • 4.94 stars

a:hover{color:black; text-tranform:uppercase; border:1px dashed black;} b, strong {color: #000000;font-size: 9pt;font-family:9pt century gothic; text-spacing:1px;} u, i{color: #000000;font-size: 9pt;font-family:9pt century gothic; text-spacing:1px;} a{color:#000000; font:7pt century gothic; text-transform: uppercase; text-spacing:1px; border:1px solid black;} td, p, body{color:#000000;...

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Music is my love ♥
By: HOHOHO ♥ 9.8 years ago

649 downloads • 4.82 stars

New Skin (:
comment & dld (:
hohos , MUSIC :D

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love u forever
By: siew gek 9.8 years ago

435 downloads • 2.50 stars

it a about love ! like
i love u .. i miss u .. i hope u will together with me .. hope that u are happy .. hope u will be hAPPY every day

Skin thumbnail

24. {can you heal my ♥ ..?}
By: {/imGAYE ;D 9.8 years ago

1,005 downloads • 4.83 stars

its been 10 days since i submitted a skin .___.
when i first saw this pic on deviantart.com ,
i knew this had to be made & be shown to the world. :D
okay , so i credited everything inside.
picture & fonts.
the codes are done by me, hope its not too simple .__.
btw this is tested in internet explorer only ,
hope it works on...

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11%-nicks//{teenage style/cute edition}dragging on
By: junwei_low 9.8 years ago

738 downloads • 4.83 stars

a white skin with a cute picture. quite simple but nice.

Skin thumbnail

#3. let's get lost together [wadsoever-]
By: wadsoever- 9.7 years ago

731 downloads • 4.56 stars

let's get lost together!
pic: a heart.
grey background.
plz comment.
tell me how to improve.
btw. some idiot girl pulled my ratings down for no obvious reason. =.= GAHHS.

Skin thumbnail

rOck dIs wOrlD 4EvEr :]]]
By: fzunky 9.7 years ago

740 downloads • 4.83 stars

dis skin is my very 1st skin ever created... so, i dun really noe whether i did a gd job out of it or not...
heheheheheheheh. but dis skin really suits my style la... and its specially made for all da punk rockers out there:)

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#06 Eternity {*Skybabie*}
By: skybabie 9.7 years ago

654 downloads • 5.00 stars

Green as theme
navigational style
not tested in mozilla fox
works fine in IE
wish u all like it!


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#8friendsareforever; TETSU69
By: tetsu69 9.7 years ago

480 downloads • 5.00 stars

yay for friendship!
and mostly green
yes .. i find green a cool colour =]
made up of photos of my friends ;
anna & dea

please comment and rate
some constructive comments would be nice
enjoy =]

and yes i love all my friends very muchly =]

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By: tingke 9.7 years ago

604 downloads • 4.67 stars

Photos of Ella put together. Navigations frm the S.H.E MSN icons. Black background. Yellow box.
S.H.E Together Forever
Design by me. Thx to Ai ying for the code!!

Skin thumbnail

#08 ` Pink Love Forever x33
By: Relinquishedd<3 9.7 years ago

377 downloads • 5.00 stars

This is PINK (:
I'm trying to be happy . Haha .

Skin thumbnail

Its time to let go my Friend ```ForeverNevermore``
By: ForeverNevermore 9.7 years ago

486 downloads • 5.00 stars

You Live and Learn..
You Die and forget..
Don't let death take over you
To my friend.
Who lost someone special to her.
Its time to Let go.
This is my 3rd skin.

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