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Skins tagged with: girls

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PINK~ l sixTEEN-
By: sixTEEN- 8.2 years ago

317 downloads • 5.00 stars


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PINK~ {navi vers.} l sixTEEN-
By: sixTEEN- 8.2 years ago

277 downloads • 5.00 stars

click here to view the other version of PINK~. (:

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Wonder Girls - sooo Kawaii ^^
By: unlovedgurltan 8.2 years ago

1,179 downloads • 5.00 stars

I love Wonder Girls~! that's why I'm inspired to make this blog skin for them ^^

I first thought to apply this as my personal use but then I decided to share it to all of you. Hope you like it guys... jia you~!

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#2 Relink skin } AMYRAHsupervamp!♥
By: AMYRAH supervampire! :D 8.2 years ago

293 downloads • 4.83 stars

Very plain again.
Second relink skin again .
Mostly for guys , or girls with a rock edge :D

Sigh , why do i keep doing relink skins.

Ignore tht.

Comment , rate , fav.

Thanks :D
} AMYRAHsupervamp!♥

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Yinggx-♥ //- Cute things all around you
By: Yinggx-♥ 8.2 years ago

367 downloads • 5.00 stars

3rd skin , background is a image my cousin's tution teacher gave me and her , so i dont know who to credit . if its urs tell me (: .
something wrong with preview error i guess.
i'll try to fix it , in the mean time , life preview at www. truckloads-ofwishes.blogspot.com
download comment fav ! enjoy (:

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Danci'n Chic
By: archyC 8.2 years ago

415 downloads • 5.00 stars

This is my first skin for blogspot.com
I hope you like it!

The girl on the pic is absolutly hot

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YT-x } Im with you .
By: yourstruly-x 8.2 years ago

407 downloads • 4.88 stars

01st skin ive done . :D

You may change the icon if you want .

People , look here !
Ive already credited the icons so stop asking me to credit !

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Girls Talk People :D
By: Claustrophobicroom 8.1 years ago

501 downloads • 4.90 stars

45th Skin (:

Do Your Usual Drills Peeps :D

Enjoy ♥

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beauty; plain
By: thenam 8.1 years ago

304 downloads • 5.00 stars

plain but exiotic.
beauty, feel the blue is you!
pls rate and commmennnt

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I Wan You
By: xiuhui ;D 8.1 years ago

290 downloads • 4.00 stars

for girls
Second skin
commentss please
idk how to choose dp
so i just choose

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Browneyed girls 2009
By: cleverbear2 8.1 years ago

386 downloads • 0.00 stars

Browneyed Girls sing great :)

Skin thumbnail

My Lovelyszx . ; SixTEEN-.
By: sixTEEN- 8.1 years ago

348 downloads • 0.00 stars

It's been a long time since I last uploaded a skin.
Back with a new one so
E N J O Y ! [:

Skin thumbnail

blue sea girls
By: limjas92 8.0 years ago

452 downloads • 3.61 stars

Edited before
No more animate background
wish u all like it!

Skin thumbnail

Hwajae//graphics&webdesign::SNSD/Girl's Generation
By: utopian 8.0 years ago

1,058 downloads • 5.00 stars

Featuring SNSD (:

GRAHHH i don'te get why there's always preview error in blogskins... :/

anw, here's the live blogger preview...

Skin thumbnail

So Cloudy!
By: blossomceci 8.0 years ago

644 downloads • 4.63 stars

This skin is just purely made out of interest. Credits are all credited. Do not remove the credits, thanks.

a, a.man, a:link, a:visited{color:666666; font-size:8pt; font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none; font-style:normal} a:active, a:hover{color:000000; font-size:8pt; font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none; font-style:normal;}img{border:0px;}td, table, tr, span, li, p, div, textarea,...

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Three | PinkFury
By: LARZ227 8.0 years ago

444 downloads • 4.88 stars

Created for my sister.
But HELL, can't i upload here and let guyz use this skin?
[Still Experimenting with Photoshop]
P.S. It's for girls!

Skin thumbnail

Flower Bunnies
By: uNconcious 8.0 years ago

490 downloads • 0.00 stars

Swirly patterns of flowers in girlish colours, with two small little cute bunnies below.

*RATE and COMMENT please! *

Skin thumbnail

kawaii love
By: togetherx3 8.0 years ago

488 downloads • 4.75 stars

This is the first skin I have make.It is cute and beautiful

Skin thumbnail

Anime Girl
By: anime_lover123 8.0 years ago

332 downloads • 4.25 stars

Hiya, my first skin for this account. I got another account... But anyways, its about an anime girl...

Skin thumbnail

Sakura(サクラ)&Tayuya(タユヤ),BFF forever!!
By: Lovee_Chocolate_Bibi 7.9 years ago

252 downloads • 0.00 stars

A blogskin for my best friend and my blog.

Skin thumbnail

It's the Wonder Girls
By: iyuhsnehc 7.9 years ago

769 downloads • 5.00 stars

My 3rd skin, 1st Wonder Girls skin. Hope all WG fans like it :)


Best viewed in IE. If you're using MFF (I'm not sure about other browsers), you wouldn't not be able to see the transparency of the white background. Sorry about that.

Skin thumbnail

Simple layout
By: H A N I Z 7.9 years ago

398 downloads • 0.00 stars

HAHA this layout is quite simple haha hope u'll like it...
its ain't that messy... do comment and rate ^^

Skin thumbnail

05. / ma-c
By: materialisti-c 7.9 years ago

14,149 downloads • 4.91 stars

tumblr • twitter • facebook
Hello! This is a very random skin with randomised icons that just popped up in my mind. Darn, there's preview error. D:
I really hate these preview errors. Anyway, enjoy! :)

Skin thumbnail

Eight | Squishy Pink House
By: LARZ227 7.9 years ago

296 downloads • 4.50 stars

Follow according to the format;
eg Name, DOB etc. DONT ADD ANY

Skin thumbnail

Hei Se Hui Mei Mei
By: smellmyfart123456 7.9 years ago

111 downloads • 4.50 stars

background: http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u310/ayumi_shiro/Hei%20Se%20Hui%20Mei%20Mei/1609588082.jpg background-repeat:repeat;
background-position:bottom right;
color: black;
cursor: crosshair;

Skin thumbnail

Ten | Contemporary //
By: LARZ227 7.9 years ago

380 downloads • 5.00 stars

My current skin, with a different color pallette.

very, very simple.
this could be my last pictureless skin.


need some feedbacks too, ty.

Skin thumbnail

Twelve | Love.
By: LARZ227 7.9 years ago

464 downloads • 4.50 stars

Just randommm.
A very, very, totally simple skin.
For.. boys and girls i guess.

And pleasssseeee,
Don't Jump Into Conclusions That I Have One.
Cause I Don't.

So, Do Your Usual Drills!
Feedbacks please? TYVM.

Dont edit or rip my skin!!

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