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Skins tagged with: holidays

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Have a Happy Christmas! (feminine)
By: traceinpink 10.3 years ago

840 downloads • 5.00 stars

I find it really cute.. girly =) credits to the http://brushes.500ml.com brushes :) i'll be making another skin which is more neutral ;) watch out for it.

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Have a Happy Holiday (neutral)
By: traceinpink 10.3 years ago

779 downloads • 4.80 stars

black, white and gray. a duller version :) hahahha :) it would work best if you just download it and place it in your blogger coz i dont think it works with blogskins. ;) i guarantee you, it really works with blogger =)

thanks http://brushes.500ml.com!

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006- Holiday to the Beach. ♥ Xyl0ph0ne&!
By: ♥ Xyl0ph0ne&! 9.8 years ago

3,833 downloads • 4.96 stars

Yay! It's Holiday! Summer is around the corner too! :D
Im going to submit this skin to a contest held by ColourFOOL.
Click here for more info.

Sixth Skin
This is how i get the inspiration from making this skin.
First the inspiration is from a forum post. Manikka suggested Slippers. Look Here!
So i thought this is interesting... I began to...

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loli♥[8] the holiadys are here!
By: {lolilovee/:D} 9.8 years ago

501 downloads • 4.96 stars

hey, holidays are here! :D

join here

1 fave = 1 vote ? (:

main colours: black, yellow, blue.


NOTE! !...

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03#urbanfootprints♥_the holiday freedom
By: urbanfootprints♥ 9.8 years ago

528 downloads • 5.00 stars

td,p,body{color: #666666;font:8pt georgia;}
a{color:#FF9900;font:8pt georgia;text-decoration:none;cursor:crosshair;}
a:hover{color:#FFFFFF;background:#000000;cursor: help;}...

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Rockin' holidays at the BEACH♥
By: {!FRYpans 9.8 years ago

874 downloads • 5.00 stars

another skin. its collage-y. :DDD
didn't really turn out the way that i wanted but i still like the final results.
enjoy! fave it if you like it :D

&&please give me CONSTRUCTIVE comments and state a reason if you rate me 4.5 stars and below so i can improve. thankyou ^^

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small holidays =) {Blogger beta ^^}
By: t3kila 9.7 years ago

960 downloads • 0.00 stars

Before holidays...
For blogger beta.

DesigNed bY: t3kila.

Thanks fOr alL the CommentS ;)

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#11 [jwenz] holidays are wonderful!!
By: Jiawen-4ever 9.7 years ago

752 downloads • 4.80 stars

submission for holidays competition!! im a bit late i think. because quite busy of school hw and stuffs..

this is considered quite simple compared to my last skin flower sensation. because there're people who said that i brush-spammed and like.. squized alot of pics in a blogskin. so hope u guys will like this!

i've added textures on the pics, so it is NOT the quality...

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2/ holidays
By: arrhythmia-ed} 9.4 years ago

667 downloads • 4.75 stars

renee here.
this skin is called holidays. (oh gosh i'm too lazy to type anything.)
plain and simple skin, something like icons or whatever
had this inspiration cos the holidays are coming.
so enjoy your holidays!
codes are from hilary, detonatedlove.

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Wave!%Goodbye- ; My Christmas Is a Coming
By: Wave!%Goodbye- 8.3 years ago

389 downloads • 4.75 stars

a:link,a:visited,a:active{color:black;font:8pt arial;font-weight:bold;} a:hover{color:#000; text-decoration:none;font:8pt arial;font-weight:bold;} blockquote{color:#000;font:8pt arial;border:1px solid #eee;padding:10px;}

Submitted for:

Anws, it's my first skin.


Do give constructive comments.

Basecodes: Shufen & Nurrul....

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#11 Weird princess
By: rachieyst 7.3 years ago

863 downloads • 4.71 stars

sorry about the bad quality...
other than that pls do
preview, comment n FAVE! yeah!

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