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Light My Fire >>>
By: Elsight_ 13.6 years ago

1,952 downloads • 4.08 stars

Another imageless skin from me. It's simple and very neat. I used sunset colours for the gradients.. I think.. and I really dunno what to say right now... tired and going to sleep... zzzzz...

*blink blink*
o yeah, don't forget to comment..

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thats her ; upside-down
By: topsy-turvy 11.9 years ago

73,293 downloads • 4.59 stars

This skin was done around 2 years ago, so I apologise for any out-dated things. But I've tried my best to make it more up to date. And, I admit my skills were and still are amateurish.

This skin is very "you get what you see". It's simply about "Love At First Sight". Simple as it is, it is not meant to have other hidden meanings. But if you see it differently, then good for you....

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watching over you (anime) [jas]
By: jasskip 11.8 years ago

37,542 downloads • 4.69 stars

This is quite a pinky skin, featuring a sweet anime angel.. cute and pretty.. best viewed in 1024x768. =)

Only one picture to host. Please host it yourselves k. =)

Pink angel pic

Hope you guys like it! And don't delete the credits k.. Thanks so much. =)

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#03 Rumours fishpear
By: fishpear 11.8 years ago

1,881 downloads • 4.58 stars

one of my first-est celebrity layout, there's room for improvement!((:
Haha. i;m simple minded so I didn't have the disabled right click thing and erm I dodn't know how to do the ad-free thingy so I had to make the pic big to cover up the bar cos it's kinda screwed when part of it are seen. Hoho.
Upload the images yourself. Thee are 2 for this case, 1 is for the pic obviously and 2nd for the...

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Cinderella-May i have dis dance..?
By: dark_magician_girl 11.8 years ago

1,875 downloads • 4.32 stars

well.i juz love cinderella..so listen to the music *so this is love*well..juz check it out..and leave some comments...

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Energy by Evonhurt
By: Evonhurt 11.8 years ago

2,093 downloads • 2.80 stars

No special juz a simple skins..
E pic is Taiwan Idol Energy..
Energy Rawkx..

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incinerated- ___COW(skinONE).
By: incinerated- 11.8 years ago

1,519 downloads • 4.53 stars

alrighty, first skin, be nice or i'll send bone-crushing pillows after you.

features a cow drawn by me.
and it was made using Adobe Photoshop CS.

and CREDIT .
but it's okay if you don't.
know why?

oh and if you don't comment I WILL KICK YOU AND THE CHAIR YOU'RE SITTING ON.

to rachel_yws: well i'm...

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falling for youu__`iCy+
By: `icy- 11.8 years ago

6,786 downloads • 4.63 stars

ran out of ideas and came across this picture and decided to make a template out of it. well.. its not really those kind which features a boy and girl or somthing.. this is more of a cartoon.. enjoy.

about the skin:
- black.
- has a pic of the cartoon falling
- to me... its cute. =]

- deviantART;jeff thomas [he drew this]

thnx for all ure comments

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#1 take my hand - cl*ra
By: cl*ra 11.8 years ago

86,569 downloads • 4.64 stars

#1 t a k e. m y. h a n d.

used .div layers
font .verdana
colours .black/grey/hotpink/pink/white
image .drawn by me - stick figures (:
resolution .best in 1024 x 768

please host the pictures by yourself
as my bandwidth has exceeded
5 pictures here:

;please leave my link
;and thanks for your comments (:

;view my...

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Habbo-hotel>>Hang out and have fun![[H.E.Y]]
By: Haru_etowaru 11.7 years ago

2,601 downloads • 3.78 stars

This is created by the request of my younger sis....I tried to make the buttons of the console by navigations but I'm too slack to do so..:P...ok,to any1 who loves habbo...pictures are courtesy of habbohotel...
P.S:Same colour scheme as "SMILY"..
Pls Host the image ...Pls Dun steal or remove my credits..

Skin thumbnail

By: creativity 11.6 years ago

1,473 downloads • 4.29 stars

if u luv it, u'll luv it!

Skin thumbnail

God's Princess
By: loveheals 11.6 years ago

1,197 downloads • 4.17 stars

this is really my first skin. really very inexperience in this area, but it would be good if you reading this would comment on it.

inside in actually my picture, but you could host your own pictures in it.


it is very helpful.

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Forget Love! I'd Rather Fall In Chocolate!
By: grace_teoh 11.5 years ago

1,770 downloads • 4.04 stars

Contribution #5 :

A delicious picture of two strawberries dipped in chocolate (work of Colin Cooke ). Black background and this time, letters are the navigations. One of my best works to date.

Please be kind to me and not fire at me if you see some things that are off. I know there are many skins such as this out there but this skin was created purely out of inspiration. And please...

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reflections [version2-pink]; -orangebluepinkdesign
By: id0liz3r- 11.5 years ago

5,858 downloads • 4.65 stars

due to the request of a pink skin on my previous skin entitled "reflections" :D presto, nah. this is for those who requested. luvya!!

visit my blog here.

upload the image from here.

<3 joanna.

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#36[j0lx.]; myshit.
By: j0lx.iinc- 11.5 years ago

3,992 downloads • 4.65 stars

man im bored.
wastng my time here agn
this shit.
i love grn, and i cant deny it.
best fitting: 1024 x 728

you can host the pictures by;
signing up an acc at.

here you go.

if you hate the MESSINESS, THE GREENESS, or ME.
lmao- (:

Skin thumbnail

the princess says.
By: feddyda 11.5 years ago

6,123 downloads • 4.29 stars

very pink.
yeahh. princess stuff.

Skin thumbnail

untitled *pink ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 11.4 years ago

3,706 downloads • 4.20 stars

untitled version 2..
this is for those who wanted a pink one..
hope you like it.. thanks.. ^_^

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# 14 // `` Keep an eye on YOU **angel_of_memory**
By: angel_of_memory 11.4 years ago

2,358 downloads • 4.39 stars

dis skin is kinda simple too...
take a look at da skin...^^
remember 2 drop ur comments..... rate it^^

Skin thumbnail

2`` tears of my soul
By: irisming 11.4 years ago

1,009 downloads • 4.00 stars

My second skin... do comment ^^

A simple black and white layout with a picture that shows an eye shedding tears.

Works best in IE and Opera. Works in Firefox too, but not too nice the colour of the scrollbar remains default. I dont know how to fix that.

Aside that, i guessed everything's okay. cheers!

Skin thumbnail

#02 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire peachmirag
By: peachmirage 11.4 years ago

2,198 downloads • 4.89 stars

The world premiere is today in London! Live telecast on net is at 1am over here in Singapore though, don't know if I can stay up that late =)

Anyway, I've made a Harry Potter layout since Goblet of Fire is coming out. I'm a huge fan of both the books and movies.

I'm currently using this layout for my blog. It's grey! Anyway, hope you like it. The picture takes a while to upload. Please be...

Skin thumbnail

there you'll be
By: doughnut_180 11.4 years ago

1,528 downloads • 4.33 stars

black background
lime green and yellow boxes
yellow bumble bee ! (:

Skin thumbnail

femmedevoir>classic beauty
By: femmedevoir 11.2 years ago

3,231 downloads • 4.84 stars

CLASSIC BEAUTY!!!!hopes u like it.
rather classicyy!!!

please please please rate???!!!


Skin thumbnail

charmmy kitty.. ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 11.2 years ago

4,301 downloads • 4.65 stars

another simple hello kitty skin.. hope you like it.. ^_-

Skin thumbnail

By: nurulchronicles 11.1 years ago

993 downloads • 4.43 stars

I used it for my blog but since im using a new one now, i thought maybe i could share it with you guys, those who are into R/HR shippers.

Skin thumbnail

click 5 {huda
By: nurulchronicles 10.8 years ago

1,045 downloads • 4.81 stars

i did it ages ago and now since i have free time, i shall just submit it here.not one of my best skins though.

pls do keep credit and if u like it, stop doing what u are doing and download. =)


Skin thumbnail

lurrrrrrrve is in the air...~* love love love *~..
By: nitestarz 10.8 years ago

4,224 downloads • 4.90 stars

lurrrrrrve is in the air...
same concept like the 1st one, just thought i'll do another one!

orangey-pinkish-bluey kinda hue.
lovey dovey kinda design basically. haha...

yep you can customize it any way you like, just hafta leave the credits there okays? thanks...

made with brushes from:
doobie's brushes
flordelys's brushes

download the stuff here...

Skin thumbnail

[li0nheart #12] Beautiful Disaster V2
By: li0nheart 10.8 years ago

40,407 downloads • 4.81 stars

[UPDATED ON 05.05.07]
If you want to use this skin, you got to revert your blogger layout to CLASS TEMPLATE first, if not the codes will not work. :)

Halo! =D

Yay I'm submitting on a Friday again!

Okay this one took me about 1 hour to complete.

Theme: Abstract art.

As you can see, the image is vectored and everything is in...

Skin thumbnail

E*/ 21 Midnight Silhouette
By: Ebullient* 10.7 years ago

5,489 downloads • 4.96 stars

My birthday yesterday was a really enjoyable one.
I'd like to thank everyone in blogskins who wished me :).
I appreciate friends like you real loads,
like my own true blogskins family.
ILY <3

Anyway, before I go off for SINGAPORE IDOL tonight,
I thought I might just submit this skin :D. People have been
asking me to submit this since I ain't using it anymore.

Skin thumbnail

The rain is in love ../akiyu/
By: akiyu 10.6 years ago

1,133 downloads • 4.88 stars

Another piece for today.

Main color: black, pink and blue.

Quite simple. Not much brushes.

Comments are always appreciated!! :D
Let me know if there's any problem with this skin.
Meanwhile feel free to browse my other skins.

Thanks (:

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