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Kiss Me - vina sectiana
By: vina_sectiana 11.7 years ago

1,654 downloads • 4.43 stars

I draw it n scan it.. N i love dis cuz it's so cute n girly.. so pink! Gimme your comment pls =)

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SHE>)] ~ By Aki ~
By: aki_heartfelt 11.7 years ago

1,391 downloads • 4.50 stars

Skin #3. a feminine skin. white background. added new little icons which i discovered recently ;)

And the colour of the 'links' looks kinda screwed here. should be ok when you upload it yourself. =S I appreciate all comments!

Upload you own images! =D

heart icon
star icon

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conn*e | 'cos of you
By: conn*e 11.3 years ago

1,877 downloads • 4.90 stars

once again, another cute pic tt i just had to use!

mainly white bg except for blog area which has a interesting gradient of pink. not forgetting the fantastic pic on top! =)

* note: as i didn't create the image myself, i didn't put tt trademark logo of mine.

pls use your own image host:


[the really kawaii image! =)]

also, if you liked...

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It Started With a Kiss 恶作剧之吻 __candiiGURL__
By: __candiigurl__ 11.3 years ago

2,182 downloads • 4.59 stars

HAHA.. i'm stuck to > featurin this show by GTV.. hai.. rmb to watch k??

haha... ahh.. screams... anyone got seed.. blardy hell... singapore is takin such a long time..

anyway... hmm.. this blogskin the layout is the long long kind... like the endless flow.. chop plus gurantee... won't overflow... able to contain more then 150 paragraphs.. ok.. it's the kind i use for my past...

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Say U love me 恶作剧之吻 __candiiGURL__
By: __candiigurl__ 11.3 years ago

2,080 downloads • 4.80 stars

HAHA.. i'm stuck to > featurin this show by GTV.. hai.. rmb to watch k??

haha... ahh.. screams... anyone got seed.. blardy hell... singapore is takin such a long time..

anyway... hmm.. this blogskin the layout is the long long kind... like the endless flow.. chop plus gurantee... won't overflow... able to contain more then 150 paragraphs.. ok.. it's the kind i use for my past...

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#13 `MF- Kiss Me. Resubmitted. *anime*
By: mizz-freaq 11.2 years ago

1,857 downloads • 4.13 stars

I edited the previous one cuz its realli lame. I hope dis is better... Its a pic of a grrl and a guy kissin. Main colour sorta blue and light purple.

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By: fighterica 11.2 years ago

1,144 downloads • 4.25 stars

this is my frist skin... so dont be mean....

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06# it feels like KISSing the MOON
By: fighterica 11.1 years ago

977 downloads • 4.50 stars

picture is hosted

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My heart still bleeds. IKILLEDTHECATH_
By: ikilledthecath_ 10.8 years ago

1,224 downloads • 4.85 stars

Title of the picture is :
My heart still bleeds for you,
So i make my wrist bleed too.
Rather melancholic, but its suitable for those who feel forlorn (like me)

No fanciful javascripts, this skin is reasonably simple.
Click on the (x) to navigate.
Hope you'd like this one.
Constructive comments or not are welcome,
though i only reply to nice ones.

I'd love to credit...

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My Lil' Angel
By: maryoto 10.7 years ago

935 downloads • 4.75 stars

My First Blogger Skin, not bad but not yet perfect.

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Little Green Man ● Drink Kiss
By: mdrocks990 10.7 years ago

2,037 downloads • 4.78 stars

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3. ___u r the one ___
By: hioky 10.6 years ago

1,067 downloads • 4.50 stars

third skin.... pls giv some or uf comments! this is more for girls... making one for boys soon. =D

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Smoochie smoochie~~ --- akiyu
By: akiyu 10.6 years ago

910 downloads • 4.86 stars

I think the pic's cute :DDD Image from Threadless.
But I think the outcome is okay only. T.T

Open to constructive comments and criticisms!
Still exploring different styles. :)
Check out my other skins also k :)

Skin thumbnail

By: delaila 10.6 years ago

830 downloads • 4.67 stars

kimberly of pussycat dolls.it is quite plain coz its my ferst.and.i need to get used to.

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why don't you kiss her_]] #shawn
By: BLUEboy`shawn_ 10.6 years ago

1,215 downloads • 4.86 stars

The first blogskin to submit to blogskins.com.
Well practically ; this skin is inspired from jesse mccartney's "why don't you kiss her".

It's very obvious its for the guys.
so girls.

this blogskin can also previewed at my blogskin-making blog at blueboyy-blogskins.blogspot-blah IT'S NOT PREVIEWED ANYMORE.

Oh yeah. If you embedded the song ; why don't you kiss her.

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kiss me ;
By: aicilef- 10.5 years ago

865 downloads • 4.90 stars

haha. once again, nothing much.
just bored!
enjoy though :D

Skin thumbnail

Upon a WaVe
By: babybluepoet22 10.5 years ago

1,026 downloads • 4.86 stars

This is a beautiful Dolphin Skin.. Black and Blue..

Skin thumbnail

Feeling your lips.
By: duntellwen 10.5 years ago

859 downloads • 4.38 stars

I miss my darrr...

Well, back to the main topic.. =) Well, I got tis picture from my classmate. WOnder how she got it. But it's really very nice. So i made a skin outta it. Muhaha..

Credits to:
Darr - my inspirational source
Sonjia, providing me wif picture..

Rate it pls.. Rude comments will be IGNORED.. =)


Skin thumbnail

By: lifesuxklikeshit 10.5 years ago

1,492 downloads • 4.61 stars

here. just watched a show where there's two gals kissing and poop. here it is. i spend quite some time doing this. so pls pls pls gimme some feedback and i hope you will like it! COMMENT PLS!

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So Fatally Yours {juicy**chick}
By: juicy**chick 10.4 years ago

967 downloads • 4.90 stars

i like this one
hope you do too
its mainly white and black and yellowish orange
comment and rate

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#21 kiss of Love; deadlywhispers
By: deadlywhispers 10.4 years ago

1,102 downloads • 4.75 stars

N's are finally over.
I can submit skins as & when I like!
Pink, Black & White. :)
Hope y'all like it.
This is more of lovey-dovey sort luh.


Skin thumbnail

#3 - HUIXIU} Smile Pasta.
By: tempting.pieces.of.glass 10.4 years ago

1,141 downloads • 4.25 stars

After long long break, yea. i'm back with skins.
Recently watched "wei xiao pasta" on youtube.
Woahs. really nice.
Went mad over it and hence the skin.
Its for fun only.
Asses back off.
Made the song bar thingy myself.
Really love the show though.
Made this skin COPYRIGHTED.

if you're interested in the...

Skin thumbnail

019. KISS {{GOONG}}
By: Dineyger 10.4 years ago

949 downloads • 5.00 stars

Previous skin
| 020. LOVE {{GOONG}} >>>>>>

Similar skin

Production of DINEy

Skin thumbnail

#1 _weilinn. concoction of a date.
By: _weilinn 10.4 years ago

772 downloads • 4.70 stars

this is my first skin!
hope you all will like it!

this skin is mostly for girls. (:

its pink with text & borders of grey.
the background is pink too. (:

the picture focuses on the a date.
concoction of a date simply means the items that come togther to make a perfect date.
a pink rose, chocolates, a simple poem, a kiss & the word love is all included.
its pink & pretty....

Skin thumbnail

#8 - HUIXIU} that last kiss.
By: tempting.pieces.of.glass 10.3 years ago

919 downloads • 4.50 stars

yada yada.
nothing but an old skin.
very sian now.
rate n comment.

Skin thumbnail

WALKwithME#03 [glann92]
By: glann92 10.3 years ago

952 downloads • 4.55 stars

this is just a simple skin.
this is the first time i am doing skin on real people.
so plz give me comments and ratings.
dont not remove the credits.

Mind to rate other skins?
skins final fantasy
skins goong

Skin thumbnail

StayWithMe - alonelykid #04 [glann92]RESUBMITTED
By: glann92 10.3 years ago

929 downloads • 5.00 stars

sorry for resubmmiting.the skin
as ytd my skin didnt appear on the 10 most recent
so SORRY ya!

this is my fourth skin
It is plain and simple

Hope You all Like it
Thank You

Do not remove the credits
MOre Ratings and comments
Greenie for me
Go and see my other skins if you dont mind :)

if i am not...

Skin thumbnail

By: mongmong 10.3 years ago

915 downloads • 5.00 stars

Dont remove my credits.. remember i'm using paint not photoshop.. dun compare me to themm.. hahaha. take my skins seriouslyy.. if u are kind enough.. green me will ya? rate on mine other skins too... THERE ARE PREVIEW ERROR NOW... to see the preview.. it works on blogger.. so its fine to download.. click here pls rate mine skin high high.

Skin thumbnail

fallin` kissofdeath.
By: falliNapaRT*- 10.3 years ago

1,076 downloads • 5.00 stars

well, found the nice brush so decided to do a skin.
black + red.

only tested in IE.

please dont rate me down cos of the preview error OR if you're using FF and the skin looks screwed. (:
it works pretty well in blogger. =D

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