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Skins tagged with: kiss

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#7-The Kiss ::ChronoCube::
By: ChronoCube 9.9 years ago

1,052 downloads • 5.00 stars

This blogskins is mainly about being kissed.
To be kissed is the one of the best scenario in life. However, it sometime depends on the partner. Its a joyful moment that i believe many wish to make it everlasting. Therefore, i decided to make a skin about it.
Got a image of deviantart.
Took me 30minutes to find 1 suitable image to use for my...

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09. Random // Kiss Me.
By: kagali 9.9 years ago

736 downloads • 5.00 stars

a:link, a:visited, a:active, a:hover {
color: #e4bdab;
text-decoration: none;
border-bottom: 1px dashed #dedac5;
letter-spacing: 1px;

body {...

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By: abstractmontage 9.9 years ago

512 downloads • 4.75 stars

A couple kissing in the rain, the impulsiveness and spontaniety of the picture made me fall in love with it (:
hope u like it
(words from song: I'll Be by Edward McCain, OST A Cinderella Story)

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#1. Unwanted Kiss
By: jialin_blue_pink 9.9 years ago

481 downloads • 4.83 stars

The title of the blogskin is "Unwanted Kiss" .
The picture show a boy trying to kiss a girl .
But the girl do not allow the boy to kiss her .
It is a simple blogskin .

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love kiss.:wondergurl:.
By: wondergurl 9.8 years ago

735 downloads • 4.83 stars

cyndi wang and nichloas teo(wang xin ling and zhang dong liang)...wei xiao pasta
do not rip the credits plz
plz rate and comment

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kiss..wei xiao pasta .:wondergurl:.
By: wondergurl 9.8 years ago

570 downloads • 4.75 stars

do not rip the credits
plz comment and rate

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BLEACH! Kuchiki Byakuya
By: FoxDie0803 9.8 years ago

1,335 downloads • 4.92 stars

My 4th blogskin in blogspot....itz veri nice..n it has the petals of senbonzakura falling down like a snow...gotta say thx to Phoebe 4 giving me tiz idea in an indirect way..ha ha ha ha..n oso animated gifs!!!...sori the preview doesnt show the snow..but it will come out wen u insert in ur blog..sori!!

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#04 The Power of a Kiss {*Skybabie*}
By: skybabie 9.8 years ago

589 downloads • 5.00 stars

Grey colour as theme colour
i resubmited this skin to edit several flaws
i hope its slightly better now =]
the images are found in DA[creditted]
hope u guys like it.

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#O4_♥|LOVE; Kiss -~MadGal
By: madeline_tn 9.8 years ago

1,020 downloads • 4.90 stars

My forth skin. its cute...
yes, THR IS A PIC! Its two cute pucca dolls kissing. hope you guys like it.
pls tell mie if thr ishh anything wrong kayys?
You might want the font Cheri if you don't have it [:
the usual thing lah..
the thingy on top to be covered by nav bar...

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Love in teh secret garden
By: gobez14 9.8 years ago

701 downloads • 5.00 stars

Edited my otehr skin duno wad colours to match plz suggest fotn colour and border colour


Skin thumbnail

By: jellytinggy 9.8 years ago

522 downloads • 4.83 stars

this is romatic! :D

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embrace me
By: syannaz 9.7 years ago

662 downloads • 4.50 stars

A simple skin with deep meaning in it. black and white. simple to someone but to me simplicity of love is always the best. put a nice slow, soft and love song and you will feel the feeling, the mood of this skins. i do.

download it and you can view the whole thing without scrolling......

work best in IE only. Not tested using firefox or other platform.

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Summer love ;;sweetxstardust;;
By: sweetxstardust 9.7 years ago

523 downloads • 5.00 stars

Bored and decided to make this. :] comment please!!! 2nd skin!

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#04- Our First Kisssss
By: Poisonkisser 9.6 years ago

806 downloads • 4.95 stars

cute x))

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#1 . Kissess don't lie .
By: shadow_ 9.6 years ago

766 downloads • 5.00 stars

I am back with new skin... hope you'll like it ...
ipcture is about a couple kissing
fave it
rate it
comment it
like it ;)

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Come Here++ (kiss me,right now)
By: freaky665 9.6 years ago

528 downloads • 5.00 stars

My first skin here,colorfull (haha,thats strange for me) xD

-dont change anything on this skin (images,colors...)
-all pictures are made by me using various stock pictures and free brushes,so I have full copyright on this skin.
-If you use it,please let me know so that I can put your links here.

Thank you :D

Skin thumbnail

By: %blue_black- 9.6 years ago

508 downloads • 4.67 stars

it doesnt relli blends. but i hope u all like it. codes frm sweet-innocence*

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alisonhss}love is in the AIR{
By: alisonhss 9.6 years ago

517 downloads • 5.00 stars

pretty image.... XD black background.

Skin thumbnail

By: %blue_black- 9.6 years ago

627 downloads • 4.67 stars

pls rate and comment thks((:

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KISS-KISS :D [ana.
By: &&ana- 9.6 years ago

505 downloads • 4.71 stars

blogskin based on the song called

i love the song alot.
this used to be my layout for my blog.
since i've created another version of it,
decided to submit this one (:

rate, comment, fave.
(img quality not that good)
already been warned :D

Skin thumbnail

By: !ADDICTED- 9.5 years ago

402 downloads • 4.63 stars

my eighth skin.
please dun rate it low cos u dun lyk the theme or pink.
comments on how to improve is very much appreciated.

fave it rate it dl it.

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just a little kiss ]- NatalieTYL
By: NatalieTYL 9.5 years ago

420 downloads • 4.00 stars

First skin.
Know that the words are hard to read.
You may change it when you post.
Just a normal repeated-background skin.
First-timer. Dun expect to much.

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&3 Sweet Sweet Kiss :] ~ %MOOOx-LOVE
By: %MOOOx-LOVE 9.5 years ago

2,043 downloads • 4.95 stars

body{scrollbar-face-color:white;scrollbar-shadow-color:ffffff;scrollbar-highlight-color:white;scrollbar-3dlight-color:ffffff;scrollbar-darkshadow-color:white;scrollbar-track-color:white;scrollbar-arrow-color:black} td,p,body{color: #000000;font:10pt tahoma;}
a{color:black;font:11px tahoma;text-decoration:none;cursor:crosshair;}...

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dine } -i need you
By: dine-andthat 9.5 years ago

1,783 downloads • 4.96 stars


Skin thumbnail

Love and Memories
By: hahaipwnyou 9.5 years ago

481 downloads • 4.67 stars

another skin.. im bored.
sorry about ripping this skin if it is obvious but i rmbed to put credits on the base layout :D

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!LOVEable.b!tch-#o7;first kiss
By: !LOVEable.b!tch- 9.5 years ago

499 downloads • 4.89 stars

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Our romance, its a thing in the past. [:
By: &unsophisticated.laughs 9.4 years ago

1,044 downloads • 4.89 stars

2nd Skin. (:
similar to my first.

hope you guys like it.
definitely appreciate comments & how i could improve. (:
i'm not perfect, don't be too hard on me please?


Skin thumbnail

Supergirl - Kiss Me, Love Me
By: super.girl 9.4 years ago

807 downloads • 4.86 stars

skin was disabled =.=''
hah .lol.
well , too lazy to describe..

do rate, comment, dl and faved yeah ?
TY (:

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