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By: ice-angel 10.6 years ago

169,308 downloads • 4.72 stars


this skin is made with NO base images, done entirely by brushes, thus completely
my work.


designed by: ice angel.

thanks for the comments and downloads!~
i'll be happier if you FAVE it! =)


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Cuz I Can't Stop Thinking 'Bout You - SUPER JUNIOR
By: minto 10.2 years ago

6,858 downloads • 4.58 stars

I made this skin because SUPER JUNIOR, a kpop boyband from SM Entertainment, is one of my favourite bands from Korea.. consisting of 13 talented guys. SM Entertainment is the same company that groomed BoA & DBSK.

I hope you guys like it and PLZ UPLOAD THE PICTURES TO YOUR OWN SERVER~!!!

Comment & rate ^^


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FUNNY? - SS501 ~KyAnDii Designs~
By: minto 10.2 years ago

1,641 downloads • 4.92 stars

My 13th skin.. hehe of another favourite Kpop boyband, under DSP Entertainment, SS501. Consisting of 5 guys, aged 19-20 yrs old. Pictures taken froma magazine ^_-

Thanks to Christine (hang08@SJFH) for designing the banner.. (thanks darling).. I love her designs and she don't mind.. hehe

Commment & rate~!



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Let's Go - F.T Island ~KyanDii Designs
By: minto 9.6 years ago

1,016 downloads • 4.83 stars

Ok.. it's been awhile, and so I created this. I used to use this layout, but since I've changed, I might as well put it up for others to use ^^

Please DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS thanks =)
If you're editing.. please leave a small credits to me..

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Let's Have Fun! - F.T Island ~KyAnDii Designs
By: minto 9.6 years ago

785 downloads • 4.40 stars

ahh another design for my FT boys hehehe this is another verion of a layout Im using...


Thanks ^^

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BoA ; The Face
By: ♥HaeMin 9.1 years ago

1,113 downloads • 5.00 stars

BoA's skin for all BoA lovers out there. :]
If anything here belongs to you, do message me, so I can credit you. ^^

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UFO World of KPOP
By: koo3 9.0 years ago

1,180 downloads • 4.63 stars

My first contributions towards blogskins community.

Some might think weird, why UFO? Basically thats the place, where fans left their messages there for their KPOP idols.

Well, you can change the idol picture to your fav. kpop band.

Anyway, do comment how I did! =D Rate me as well ^^.

I welcome criticisms.

By the way, if the text document appeared in one whole big chunk, use...

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#39 Lee Jun Ki; } LIX!
By: lix2004 9.0 years ago

1,325 downloads • 5.00 stars


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Lee Junki: Foolish Love // FW #02
By: theLASTbullet 9.0 years ago

988 downloads • 4.95 stars

Feat. Lee Junki! One of the top korean artist?
He became famous after the Kmovie The King and the Clown, and the kdrama My Girl. << Should watch it! It's very funny!
Anyway; maybe its my impression or something, there's very little korean celebrities skin here. I guess I'd do more of them.

It's called Foolish Love, as one of Junki's song for his fans.
Anyway this skin is originally...

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SE7EN; Sing lalala // FW #03
By: theLASTbullet 9.0 years ago

820 downloads • 4.90 stars

it's SE7EN. my no1 fav kpop artist. LOL!
.. who's going to debut in Ameria in SPRING 2008!! along with BoA, but he didnt seem to recieve a good welcome after the white day event. ... Nevermind, let's support him ;)
Anyway; this is a simple collages of a few pics and of cos photoshop effects.
But the overall turned out something new to me; i mean.. its kinda different from my usual...

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Music Inspired
By: ncc_gal89 9.0 years ago

804 downloads • 5.00 stars

Well i came up with another skin which took me abt 3 hours to finish it....kinda influence by hip hop...haha...okie picture of me which i use photoscape, adobe illustrator and paint to edit....

so yea Do Rate It!!!

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FT Island; This is Love // FW #06
By: theLASTbullet 9.0 years ago

1,022 downloads • 5.00 stars

Whoohoo; so who's this new teen idol group? and that's ft.island, from korea. oh yeah- a bunch of youngsters age ranging 15 to 17?? LOL! im not too sure, correct me if im wrong. heehe- im not a super big fan.
But some songs are nice.

it's kinda yellowish here.. anyway- this layout is inspired by my own wallpaper paper contest at Soompi's Peace concert contest. It's almost the same, only...

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Hero Jaejoong(TVXQ) // FW#12
By: theLASTbullet 8.9 years ago

1,037 downloads • 5.00 stars

im a little late with this. My first skin on TVXQ's Hero.
i thought i'd make it simple, if you have alot of contents- it'd be of good use, =P
the colors were picked out from the image itself.

Hmm- im not a big fan of Hero; I'd prefer Uknow and Xiah more- but i guess the title fits it well for fans XD
Hope you'll enjoy it.

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TVXQ{Our journey // FW #13
By: theLASTbullet 8.9 years ago

1,047 downloads • 4.94 stars

Second skin for the day. Since i was on Hero earlier- i thought i'd make one on TVXQ.
I thought this idea was fun to put everything in ONE column.
1. if you dont have alot of side-contents
2. your tagboard's from shoutmix

You'll understand why when you preview it.

Surprisingly, i didnt use any brushes for patterns or whatever- instead i turned them into erasers to...

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Max Changmin (TVXQ) {Say Cheese // FW #14
By: theLASTbullet 8.9 years ago

981 downloads • 4.77 stars

Strangely this is my third skin of the day- i mean; before i made this i had another 2 skins. This one's featuring changmin, aka Max from TVXQ-
Im not a huge fan of TVXQ but i do listen to their songs- And this one was a request.
I was looking for images- and i found one; which gave me any idea to make this-

Out of the fun- i tried drawing a vector-style changmin in a smiley face-

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Hero Jaejoong // Dream till the end II // FW#23
By: theLASTbullet 8.8 years ago

1,371 downloads • 4.72 stars

the BLACK version of
Dream till the end; ft. Hero Jae Joong (TVXQ)

edited : i forgot to add the archives section. >< {its added}

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Lee Hyori {Toc Toc Toc} // FW #24
By: theLASTbullet 8.8 years ago

703 downloads • 5.00 stars

feat. Lee Hyori leader of Fin.K.L
My first try using image mapping and navis {such a combo}

i figured it out; file updated; now both FF and IE can view properly without errors ^^

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Bigbang {pinboard} // FW#30
By: theLASTbullet 8.7 years ago

4,670 downloads • 4.94 stars

its BIGBANG!!!
B to the I to the G, B to the A, N, G.
LOL!! okay; i just wanted to create the "atmosphere"

its a pinboard!! HAHA- interesting; i was kinda having a hardtime trying to get the pin board background pattern correct. x___x
but now it looks all okay!!

this is a horizontal layout!! and cartoonish- bigbang members were made into some "stickers" well; i had fun making...

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TVXQ // purple line // FW#33
By: theLASTbullet 8.6 years ago

893 downloads • 4.89 stars

oh well~ the first color that comes into my mind was
purple to relate to their song;
purple line.

and so~ i randomly named the skin this title too.
a request~
i hardly used all the images provided- only 2;
had much fun with the textures~ so do enjoy!!

there are 2 side bars! if you dont like- feel free to "delete" it; or change the width yourself-

Skin thumbnail

SE7EN; Girls? // FW #36
By: theLASTbullet 8.5 years ago

1,067 downloads • 4.92 stars

blockquote{ font: 9px tahoma;}
it's SE7EN! :) Well~ i myself is a big fan of SE7EN and i MISS HIM DEARLY! I cant wait for his debut in US which seems pretty well. I hope he's not exhausted. So yeah~ I had a seriously bad time blending the images because everything seemed soo wrong .___. and it happened for 3 tries till now~~ VIOLA; im DONE with it! LOL
The song~ Girls' stuck in my head~...

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Hwajae//graphics&webdesign::SNSD/Girl's Generation
By: utopian 8.0 years ago

1,052 downloads • 5.00 stars

Featuring SNSD (:

GRAHHH i don'te get why there's always preview error in blogskins... :/

anw, here's the live blogger preview...

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(01//skypark) unfamiliar with love,
By: sky-park 7.9 years ago

651 downloads • 5.00 stars

3 thing I want to say:
So excuse me for the flaws :)

- use it, if you please.
- don’t take off the credits.
- comment/rate me, if you liked it :D

*Best viewed on FF :)

PS. I forgot where I got some of the codes, so if you own them
tell me, I’ll give proper credit.

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wiinter // { BIGBANG: mad about you
By: after.wiinter 7.9 years ago

1,157 downloads • 4.82 stars

bonjour tout le monde, long time no see.
autumn holiday time. decided to take a break from studying (ahem what studying?) xD
yes, I am a BigBang fan

here goes:
searching up bigbang skins, and there weren't many
so, voila! this is my contribution for all other VIPs out there. i know the layout is painfully similar to my last one...but what are you gonna do xP

Mad about you~ one of my...

Skin thumbnail

Saranghaeyo Ajushi { Big Bang- Dae Sung
By: Candygram Inc. 7.9 years ago

700 downloads • 4.78 stars

Whooooop!!! Third Skin! :D
As I promised , here's the Dae Sung version of my previous TOP from Big Bang blogskin. :D
Yes, yes , I knowwww... It's exactly the same as my second skin besides the main picture.
Best viewed using Internet Explorer && Mozilla Firefox .
on Mozilla Firefox. But don't worry, it works fine on blogger. :]
Do rate, comment &&...

Skin thumbnail

Big Bang is LOVE// {빅뱅}
By: Candygram Inc. 7.8 years ago

1,793 downloads • 4.92 stars


- Mainly based on the Korean band Big Bang (again...)!
- Images are from Cyworld && basecodes are from Tashiie.
- Best viewed using Internet Explorer, it's owhkay on Mozilla Firefox.
Do rate && comment :]...

Skin thumbnail

hwajae designs//graphics&webdesign::Big Bang
By: utopian 7.8 years ago

1,025 downloads • 4.50 stars

A Big Bang skin.(: It's kinda simple though, hope you guys like it.(:
The navigations are all Big Bang's songs and I put VIP especially big(HEHE BB'S FANS WILL KNOW[:) and you know, they all kinda fit.(:LIKE:

day by day(haru haru): diary/blog
last farewell: links
lies: tagboard
VIP: profile
remember: archives & credits

There's a preview error, so click here to view the live...

Skin thumbnail

ONI-purple}Shining SHINee
By: oni-purple 7.7 years ago

771 downloads • 4.80 stars

a K-pop band SHINee
I love it!!
Hope someone like it :D

Leave comments pls....

Skin thumbnail

BoBoLi0us #01 ; Lee Taemin { SHINee }
By: BoBoLi0us 7.7 years ago

593 downloads • 4.88 stars

My first skin. Hopefully its okay? O.O

It features magnae of SHINee, LEE TAEMIN

Song When Two becomes one by spice girls? Im not so sure O.O

Im not sure whom i got the basecodes from, so im thanking you now. Since it's like...from a WAY WAY WAY long time ago.
So if i took it from you,please let me know so i can credit you!

Skin thumbnail

BoBoLi0us #02 ; 2:00PM TIME FOR CHANGE { 2PM }
By: BoBoLi0us 7.7 years ago

819 downloads • 5.00 stars

Actually, it's my third skin. But im being selfish and not gonna put the Jay Park skin i made since im loving it too much to part with it xD

I got the Basecodes here .

I just changed a few things here and there, so i cant call it fully mine.


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