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Skins tagged with: ladies

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SASALICIOUS-; #03 Ladies Of London-/Angel&Demon
By: sasalicious- 10.5 years ago

763 downloads • 4.64 stars

Basically a skin featuring two Ladies of London, done by an artist on Deviant Art. Main colours, black, white & grey. Don't ask me why all my skins have the colour black, I don't know why either. T.T I guess I'm emo. Yeah right...

Alrighty, upload the pictures onto your own server! Yup.

Go check out my other skins! (:

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#13. Completely Weird & Randomised; hilmari
By: delvar 10.4 years ago

704 downloads • 5.00 stars

13th skin (: Unlucky number?
Red this time! Made for a friend actually.
Very random. Colour combination is not so good.
Superbly bright .
Works in both IE & Mozilla Firefox .
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Kindly leave the credits alone!

Please rate & comment.

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By: mistyxylo 10.3 years ago

1,383 downloads • 4.99 stars

As you all know, there seems to be a blogskins preview error.

But test it in Blogger and you'll know there's nothing wrong with the codes.

I made this a few months ago but was pretty lazy to code it. But I kinda like the *freedom* vibe from this skin. PLUS, I think this one makes a good skin for those who are going back to blogging after a long hiatus. =)...

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th ladies gonna lead /sweetened
By: sweetened 10.2 years ago

567 downloads • 5.00 stars

lost count of how long since i submitted a skin.
new creation.
enjoy :D

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o7. Let our love last forever} ♥PURPLISH.
By: ♥PURPLISH. 9.5 years ago

1,154 downloads • 4.50 stars

haven't been submitting skins for like so long.
psps :X
I've been mia-ing
studying for my prelims and psle
but i decided to submit another skin
its a simple skin actually
base codes from Yan Ting, I've credited
too lazy to describe
Hope you guys love it anyway =)

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1.Insane without you {blackcherries-}
By: blackcherries- 9.4 years ago

547 downloads • 4.90 stars

1st Skin here!
Please rate and give comment proberly!
Although my skin is not perfect, I'll do my best!
Click for live preview

ThankYOUS! :DD

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Navi Pink Polka Skin by ♥CONT-ROLLED
By: ♥CONT-ROLLED 9.3 years ago

1,765 downloads • 4.88 stars

A navigational skin.
Pink polka.
Basecodes are from Hilary.

Rate, Comment, Download

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[Braix23] MS NAUGHTY Celebrates Christmas!
By: braix23 9.3 years ago

601 downloads • 5.00 stars

This blogskin about Ms NAUGHTY was a brainchild of mine. :DDD I really really love those flat 2D images that look like they're really 3D.

Something that is cute, sexy and meanie for the girls and other Ms Naughtys out there! Haha! Something to celebrate Christmas on your blog with. XDDD

NOTE: When you use this skin in Blogger, make sure you revert to the Classic Template to avoid having...

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Onitsuka ladies (:
By: michhie 9.3 years ago

375 downloads • 0.00 stars

Here's the ladies blogskin (: the lastest onitsuka casual wear for ladies (: enjoy!

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i like you :) | sweetsugar
By: sweetsugar 9.3 years ago

45,140 downloads • 4.76 stars


Skin thumbnail

SMILE :) | sweetsugar
By: sweetsugar 9.3 years ago

144,772 downloads • 4.59 stars

i am just so happy today ha ha ha :)

How to download the skin:

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Glamourously Them.
By: WandereSS 9.1 years ago

514 downloads • 4.50 stars

This is a tribute to all ladies out there.
Never stop obsessing what to wear for whatever occasion.
Dress as you wish!

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Girls just wanna have fun!
By: petitepea%love 9.0 years ago

531 downloads • 4.00 stars

erm, this is the second web skin ive contributed so it might not be that good. credits to dancingsheep alot! i admit that all i did was to edit her blogskin. forgive me if i took too much(: you rock dancing sheep.
Anyways, my first contribution didnt work out too well so i hope this can cover it up(:
enjoy ;P

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hello kitty / reminiscence♥
By: reminiscence♥ 9.0 years ago

4,963 downloads • 4.96 stars

body, p { color: #000000; font: 9pt trebuchet ms; cursor: default; background: url(http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u64/Trenquette/Blog/006HelloKitty/BG.png);} table,P{background:#FFF} b {color: #F2A3D0; font: bold 9pt trebuchet ms;} i {color: #DA4B6B; font: italic 13pt trebuchet ms;} a {color: #DA4B6B; font-family: trebuchet ms; cursor: text ; text-decoration: underline} a:hover {...

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*[#33]_cYn* - LaDiEs HoUr
By: littleahma 8.4 years ago

564 downloads • 4.89 stars

nothing much to describe for this blogskin.

Created for the competition.

That's all.
Rate/Fav/Download then~
Thank you~


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My Last Love ; [L]
By: xiximagic 8.0 years ago

684 downloads • 3.81 stars

Hello, this is my 1st skin.
There's 3 pictures at the top.
Almost all pink in colour.

Please do comment it in order for me to learn the mistake! ^^

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By: aaaaaa 7.0 years ago

998 downloads • 4.95 stars

blog follow me!


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H O O T.
By: dorothyfrenzy 6.3 years ago

2,341 downloads • 4.97 stars

a:link, a:active, a:visited {
font: normal 7pt arial;
color: #9E9E9E;
text-decoration: none;
a:hover {
font: normal 8pt trebuchet ms;
cursor: help;
cursor: crosshair;
.h1, h3 {
font:30px georgia;
line-height: 100%;

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Pinky Dairy
By: azahazri 5.0 years ago

162 downloads • 0.00 stars

I want a pink background blogskins which is very beautiful. I do not want bright colors and very dark, make for the very pretty okay

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By: Nabilah Black Purple 4.1 years ago

148 downloads • 4.50 stars

Hai , Assalamualaikum there ^_^v
This is My second Blogskin.Hope you like this blogskin.I've take 1 weeks to make it.So , please appericate this skin.Want to Use ? Click 'Blogger Main'.One rules.Dont ever and never moves the Credit section.

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