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By: gimickero 11.3 years ago

941 downloads • 4.50 stars

for a change! a not dark LO... hihihihi
It's Yuna FYI

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By: gimickero 11.3 years ago

1,015 downloads • 4.60 stars

another blogskin! weeeeeeeee! comment pls! Ü And this is from blackravyn's picture... Hope you'll like it!

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Confessions of a Broken Heart
By: gimickero 11.3 years ago

1,321 downloads • 4.50 stars

hey! this is inspired by lindsay lohan's song... but not the same meaning... this one is broken hearted by a lover not a father... Haha! Check it out!

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green without you resumitted
By: gimickero 11.3 years ago

737 downloads • 4.83 stars

hello again! the eddited one. With the green background and the label of navi...

this lay-out is totally my creation. I worked for 3 hours on this one hehe. From the image to the design... It's totally mine! Well, here's the total story of why green is a bad feeling... For me, it kinda a disgusting feeling as in "puke green" Ü... Well, also... Almost all say that green is for jealousy but...

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the guy's moving out
By: gimickero 11.2 years ago

1,840 downloads • 4.75 stars

hey! I just renamed the name of the skin... but this is still the pink-haired playboy... haha! but i changed the text box because it's eeky... haha! I just waited for someone to comment on it... Thanks to that guy... I forgot the name... Ü same policy pls!

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i Am CoLd...
By: gimickero 11.2 years ago

1,437 downloads • 4.44 stars

Well, another Christmas skin... I think this is the most beautiful one I've created... Haha! This is about someone loveless this Christmas... And as the quote goes in my country, "My Christmas is cold"

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By: gimickero 11.2 years ago

1,274 downloads • 4.64 stars

well, this is the first time i've used these grunge brushes... before, i only get images of grunge... Haha! Well, i decided to put these for you guys to judge... Umm... What else... O yah, umm, this is imageless. Only the grunge brushes and the font and the box is here. So pls enjoy thos very work of mine!

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Waiting in Vain
By: gimickero 11.2 years ago

615 downloads • 4.50 stars

there's a story.. too long to tell... i put it last time... but it was erased...

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By: gimickero 11.2 years ago

885 downloads • 3.92 stars

as we all know how the quote goes...

also, pls tell me how to make the div transparent... I hate it when the div goes white... Thanks!

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Br0k3n aNg3l
By: gimickero 11.2 years ago

1,496 downloads • 4.00 stars

well this one is made for about 2 hours only... haha... I just liked the wing brushes so I made something like this... But there's a story behind this that I really wanted...

When you're happy with the one you love, It feels like heaven... right? Well this man feels "fallen" because of the sadness that he feels inside him...

Oh, by the way, when someone asks why the image seems cut off...

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Love means Sacrifice
By: gimickero 11.1 years ago

1,572 downloads • 4.25 stars

hey! i'm back after a month without skins! This time, I made a simple layout of how love is... And this one is about a lover who sacrificed even his life for his loved one... My valentines gift to all of you!

BTW, host this yourself!

Skin thumbnail

Love is the greatest Gift ---gimickero
By: gimickero 11.1 years ago

1,086 downloads • 4.25 stars

love is the theme. with black, gray and white...this is another creation of mine... All except for the kissing image which is from Gabtinie. This is just simple so don't expect much... Ü also, i

Skin thumbnail

washing my tears...
By: gimickero 11.1 years ago

911 downloads • 4.00 stars

another one! this valentines season... wahaha! this one is for those who are broken hearted this valentines... not meaning any offense... single is not bad... ayt? okay! enjoy!

Skin thumbnail

By: gimickero 11.1 years ago

683 downloads • 4.63 stars

a simple one... I simply like the anime! haha! watch it! Ü

Skin thumbnail

By: gimickero 11.1 years ago

1,095 downloads • 3.50 stars

haha... just thought of a fashion blog... hope you guys like it. I don't have that many brushes to emphasize it so bear with it... Ü

Skin thumbnail

Mask~ gimickero
By: gimickero 11.1 years ago

667 downloads • 4.25 stars

it's about people's patheticness. How backstabbers and plastic people live within everyone of us.

Skin thumbnail

By: gimickero 11.0 years ago

1,050 downloads • 4.43 stars

shocks! i really worked long for this one! took me 3 hours... but anyway, i think it's quite nice! hehe!

this one is made with brushes and based from experiences. i really have deja'vu which means that I see things, maybe in dreams or visions but mine is by dreams, what's going to happen to the future. And so, when it happens, I will have a different feeling of the place. That I've been...

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By: gimickero 11.0 years ago

951 downloads • 4.50 stars

well, inspired by the song goodbye my lover of james blunt... which i really want. figured that it would ruin the blogskin if I put the song so I didn'. This one is simple... but hope you'd like it.

Skin thumbnail

By: gimickero 11.0 years ago

820 downloads • 4.67 stars

a poem skin. describes how people are so sarcastic to others. We are all like this. BTW:

the poem is from a classmate of mine who is very good at making poems. i envy her. LOL. anyways, so dont go copying it cause she'll get angry. it's okay if i'm the one who created... LOL again!

Skin thumbnail

Spring Fairy
By: gimickero 11.0 years ago

987 downloads • 4.17 stars

this features a fairy in flight in a very inviting forest. this is due to the spring season. though not in my country. hehe! next one would be a summer LO... thanks! enjoy!

Skin thumbnail

Life of a Pawn
By: gimickero 11.0 years ago

1,411 downloads • 4.25 stars

well, here's a simple one. hehe! very. just an image and wordings then the divs are not even the bgs. hehe! pls just enjoy.

this one is justified by life. life is but a chess. we all lose to things around us. and we just have to accept and learn from these loses to beat the other persona.

no reapers please.

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sTay cOol this SumMeR!
By: gimickero 11.0 years ago

1,083 downloads • 4.00 stars

well! anada one for summer! a simple blogskin now... with just assorted summer thingies and a nice cool font... voila! here it is.

it's so blistering hot... so i wanna do this thing... haha! cooling this summer! Philippines is really one HOT country... Ü

you dont need to host this yourself! Imageshack hosts this... dunno upto when... hehe! just use this while it's summer okay? weeeeeeee!

Skin thumbnail

orlando bloom}resubmitted
By: gimickero 11.0 years ago

706 downloads • 4.25 stars

yes! i finally fixed that entries part... now it's 7 hours! waha!

Skin thumbnail

summer lover}a gift
By: gimickero 10.9 years ago

1,034 downloads • 4.75 stars

this one is a special layout... a gift to a very close friend of mine... she liked it so i thought I liked to post it here... enjoy!
pls justify your ratings... i hate it when people dont justify it... pls dont yoy use those 1 liners... thanks!

Skin thumbnail

Invincible}Christian Bautista
By: gimickero 10.9 years ago

854 downloads • 4.50 stars

Song I very much like... Sorry I cannot put all the lyrics... hehe... download it somewhere... someone has it... it's very nice...

The man seems troubled with the break up but still he strives to stand... That's why he IS invincible.

Pls do enjoy this one... It's kinda hard to do... :D

Skin thumbnail

Dance like nobody's watching //Elies
By: lizzy_bigsmile 9.2 years ago

961 downloads • 5.00 stars

Purple/grey skin

Mark Twain famous lines:

"Dance like nobody's watching,
love like you've never been hurt.
Sing like nobody's listening,
live like it's heaven on earth."

Just love this verse!!

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The City Drive [Behind.Closed.Doors]
By: BlakRose 8.6 years ago

549 downloads • 0.00 stars

Well, it's been a while and I've changed. Especially in my taste in music. The City Drive is an indie band with their home in LA. Go to their page and check them out.

This layout is simple and sweet. Nothing too fancy just a picture and a little color. I like it. I have in on my personal Apache/PHP journal on my laptop.

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dance your heart out
By: dory1506 8.3 years ago

610 downloads • 5.00 stars

a cheerful blogskin for people who loves dancing
(p.s. this skin was originally made for my school's dance society:) )

my blog: http://www.sumopocky.blogspot.com

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sweet pink
By: dory1506 8.3 years ago

494 downloads • 4.75 stars

a sweet and pink blogskin

please visit: http://www.sumopocky.blogspot.com

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