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Skins tagged with: me

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COOKIE! [[ juu ]]
By: justiniechan 12.2 years ago

10,250 downloads • 4.63 stars


A template about cookies! Cookies are nice, arent they? =]Anyway, this template is for the people out there who have sweet teeth.

Also, it came from a request from del who asked for a template about apetizing food. Hope this will do! Yup, i realised that i havent done one on food, so i found this pic and decided to do one!

Anyway, the space between the words CAN be...

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yEe *[[___ ilovemiee ((: `-//* 0=)
By: angeliciouss 11.9 years ago

25,340 downloads • 4.80 stars

i love myself.

yepp. i do.
this skin, is made to. well.

let people accept you, like you for who u are. not how u look like or anything.

the navigations are the words i love myself (:
including the smiliee! yupp. haha.

hopefully, you'll like this. its my second last skin using adobe photoshop.
coz my...

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thats her ; upside-down
By: topsy-turvy 11.9 years ago

73,290 downloads • 4.59 stars

This skin was done around 2 years ago, so I apologise for any out-dated things. But I've tried my best to make it more up to date. And, I admit my skills were and still are amateurish.

This skin is very "you get what you see". It's simply about "Love At First Sight". Simple as it is, it is not meant to have other hidden meanings. But if you see it differently, then good for you....

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watching over you (anime) [jas]
By: jasskip 11.8 years ago

37,537 downloads • 4.69 stars

This is quite a pinky skin, featuring a sweet anime angel.. cute and pretty.. best viewed in 1024x768. =)

Only one picture to host. Please host it yourselves k. =)

Pink angel pic

Hope you guys like it! And don't delete the credits k.. Thanks so much. =)

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#o3.remember me [j-wen]
By: ji4w3n 11.8 years ago

9,505 downloads • 4.68 stars

colors ; white, grey and black
font ; verdana
style ; area mapping
resolution ; 1024 x 768

please leave the credits.
host the pictures.
do not blame me if my bandwidth exceeds

:)leave comments and rate

:: VIEW my other skins



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//* tinkinn 0f yuu``l0vinn yuu` t0ngt0ng ((:
By: t0ngt0ng 11.8 years ago

6,434 downloads • 4.64 stars

//* first skinn since 0ld acct..haha..pls preview n c0mment!! thankiies!! ^^ pls upl0ad image at ur 0wn server...h0pe y0u lyk mahh skinn! n0 stealinn 0r c0pyinn!
* n0te: tere are supp. t0 b small bl0bs fallin! dunn0 whyy whenn u preview it will n0rt sh0w budd i triied wif html n0tepadd it shows! =(( i tinkk that if u use it f0r ur bl0g it will sh0w..h0pefully..=P
``t0ngt0ng ((:

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#1 take my hand - cl*ra
By: cl*ra 11.7 years ago

86,562 downloads • 4.64 stars

#1 t a k e. m y. h a n d.

used .div layers
font .verdana
colours .black/grey/hotpink/pink/white
image .drawn by me - stick figures (:
resolution .best in 1024 x 768

please host the pictures by yourself
as my bandwidth has exceeded
5 pictures here:

;please leave my link
;and thanks for your comments (:

;view my...

Skin thumbnail

alone in the raiin
By: sweet_freakerz 11.7 years ago

3,503 downloads • 4.00 stars

The dARkEst plAce FEr MoII oNLy MeMoRieS rOaMInG aROun

Skin thumbnail

Pretty Pretty Pink!
By: LacrosseLady 11.7 years ago

2,030 downloads • 4.19 stars

Hi, This is my first webpage! Just to warn you, it is very pink!!!

Skin thumbnail

Simple Plan______title-Evil Mordern Life___
By: xtremebc 11.7 years ago

977 downloads • 0.00 stars

This is a blogskin meant for everybody, especially for simple plan fans. Hope you all like it. I got this design from some simple plan blogskins i've seen so far. The song is addicted from simple plan. Its quite plain with three simple plan pictures and black background. Comments should be fine too. Thank You.

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Authentic ; kriss
By: kriss 11.6 years ago

1,635 downloads • 4.25 stars

i made this by using images from www.peach-blush.org and yupp. you need to upload the pic yourself agn. (:


thanks alot and may God bless you! (:
may all of you peepos out there like my skins! :DD

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Bi - uRAINium. Jihoon-a!
By: blablabla5566 11.5 years ago

2,857 downloads • 4.50 stars


Ah yes. I am back with a Rain aka Jung Jihoon skin. Been obsessed about him lately. Lol. And my SPM (super-big-government-exammie) is coming. T.T But before i go back to my books, let me just take a break to post this skin out nyehs?

Lol. Basically it's grey. It's dull. *Yesh. It's boring* Will edit it after the exams. It has a music playlist. The design...

Skin thumbnail

Surfer Girl
By: rachee 11.5 years ago

1,125 downloads • 4.25 stars

baby no. 3

credits 2:
1)billabong girls
2)my bro
5)those whom i've frogotten 2 gif.lol.

halo. hope u lyk dis skin. spent lotsa time on it k. qing duo duo zhi chi. haha. (=

Skin thumbnail

Leave Me Alone_________________*
By: easten_lxy 11.5 years ago

1,867 downloads • 4.67 stars

Erm..1st bloggy ever updated =D Hope u ll like it..pls dont remove credits.erm i dont noe y cant work but if u download it, really got thing 1

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[#05]fallen angel; -orangebluepinkdesigns*-
By: orangebluepink 11.5 years ago

1,099 downloads • 4.35 stars

# this is my fifth skin submitted using this new account.
# comments are greatly appreciated.
# leave a link back to my BLOG.
# image can be uploaded from HERE.
<3 joanna.

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dance with me; [slaf]
By: slaf_gerr 11.5 years ago

1,167 downloads • 5.00 stars

well, its a rainy kind of skin.
screenshot of it below
navigations are the stars.
do not rip/ take off credits.
if any of you recognise the brushes
& find tht i didnt credit the brush-maker,
please tell me. cause i can't really rmb whose
brushes i used >

host the b/g yourself please.

leave me your comments & ratings. =)

& rmb to check out other skins of...

Skin thumbnail

01* you're just another part of me ; xiiao
By: xiiaoees 11.5 years ago

1,347 downloads • 3.75 stars

first creation .
the 2nd one if this is successful =]

Skin thumbnail

Sweet as Sugar_rockababe
By: pohleng 11.5 years ago

962 downloads • 4.67 stars

A pink skin... Very pink.. Really pink.. i also cannot stand.. Dunno why i made such a pink skin.. Hahaha but i like making pink skin.. my blog also pink in color.. HAHaa Well hope its not so pink until people cannot stand..

Skin thumbnail

09___[you noe i love you & you love mi]\*
By: selin 11.4 years ago

2,896 downloads • 4.23 stars

black n red is e main color..

Skin thumbnail

SO RANDOMISED v2.0 ;; VGlitter!
By: vintageGLITTER 11.4 years ago

3,140 downloads • 4.54 stars


have been uber lazy to do skins nowadays!
actually, ive created quite some imgs, just that i was lazy to code em, heh(x

its a replica (sorta, not EXACTLY ) of SO RANDOMISED.
this is the black & white version that some requested for, heh.

so this is it.
please rate & comment!

Skin thumbnail

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW {10} - helpwhatiswrong
By: helpwhatiswrong 11.4 years ago

90,918 downloads • 4.74 stars

somewhere over the rainbow.
its a nice song to play on piano, it is.

this is pretty..colorful.
but not all the colors of the rainbow.
blue yellow lime.

it looks really ugly to me now so im getting rid of it. haha. so..comment and upload. thankss

i know its ugly.


Skin thumbnail

untitled v2 rainbow-colored ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 11.4 years ago

12,290 downloads • 4.68 stars

a simple dark rainbow colored layout..
hope you like it.. thanks.. ^_^

Skin thumbnail

i.LovE.eUu.____* [xiao pingg guo]
By: xiaopingguo` 11.4 years ago

1,495 downloads • 4.50 stars

-girly (brushes, i anime pic)
-song [old but nice` i knew i loved u]

**i've editied it due to requests.. hope euu guys will like it more!!=D
4th blogskin of the dae!! =p enjoyy`

Skin thumbnail

MESSES OF ME. xiaaoaii*
By: xiaaoaii 11.3 years ago

6,512 downloads • 4.45 stars

<3333; xia

Skin thumbnail

I did it just for love
By: fatuous-hopes 11.3 years ago

1,199 downloads • 4.67 stars

A really bloody skin.

Comment & rate please,
w/ loves <3

Skin thumbnail

Say U love me 恶作剧之吻 __candiiGURL__
By: __candiigurl__ 11.3 years ago

2,080 downloads • 4.80 stars

HAHA.. i'm stuck to > featurin this show by GTV.. hai.. rmb to watch k??

haha... ahh.. screams... anyone got seed.. blardy hell... singapore is takin such a long time..

anyway... hmm.. this blogskin the layout is the long long kind... like the endless flow.. chop plus gurantee... won't overflow... able to contain more then 150 paragraphs.. ok.. it's the kind i use for my past...

Skin thumbnail

#11 waiting..... [puffy- designs]
By: puffy- 11.2 years ago

1,185 downloads • 3.90 stars

this skin was previously a x'mas skin
but since evryone said it does not fit,
i changed da title =)

tis the season to be jolly, falalalala lalalala
a white skin,
wif a pretty girl =)
white n pink,
very feminine....

FEATURING DA SONG "dance of da sugar plum fairy", IF U ALL DUN LYK TT SONG PLS PLS PLS TELL ME =)

im thinkin of changing da fonts to a diff shade of pink,

Skin thumbnail

attituted; e*lame
By: bleah- 11.2 years ago

17,350 downloads • 4.79 stars


cos my sec3 life officially starts tmr o.o
*gasps* -_-
sads. skins wun go coming in too soon.
mum's gg 2 limit comp usage till wkends *sobs*
oh wells,


check out my other skins ^o-

[#o1] jian dan aii [feat jay]
[#o2] be my love
[#o3] writing a note of my lyfe
[#04] freaked out-me
[#o5] alone here, without u......

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