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mirrorshot's/ This moment.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

442 downloads • 4.67 stars

I'm new at making blogskins and this is my first. I used the codes from /accidentality's the wrong way. I know it looks like I didn't change anything, but I did. I changed the font and the size, the background and the picture, FYI. I know it isn't all that great & I won't expect people to compliment me, (read my profile & you'll know why.) but I would really appreciate...

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mirrorshot's/ The Great Escape.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

632 downloads • 5.00 stars

Okay, second skin, w/ basecodes from Vintage.Veggie :) Her skins are srsly nice. Anyway, again, it looks like I didn't change much apart from the colours and maybe the header, well, take a closer look please!
Constructive comments/crits will be much appreciated! Thanks:D

Tested in MF and IE on Blogger. Works fine in both:D (There's a little blockquote preview error but I assure...

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mirrorshot's/ Hot & Cold.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

506 downloads • 4.80 stars

Back w/ my third:D 3 skins in one day! I'm so exhausted.
I would say this is one of the most difficult I've ever tried to do. The original's navigations was quite messed up.
Oh well, I thought I'd change it all & it hit me: To use Katy Perry's Hot & Cold for this skin!
The colours aren't exactly the most matching but it stands out:)
I changed alot for this skin so don't say I...

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mirrorshot's/ More than ever.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

488 downloads • 5.00 stars

Yep, my 4th. Four in a day's pushing my limit alr.
I'm gna go get some rest & more skins'll be back tmr, I guess:D
Okay, as usual, the ever awesome Vintage.Veggie 's codes've been used by me. This one's from her skin called "I promise".
It's a rly nice skin but I don't favour pink, which is why I made a few (not rly noticeable) minute changes to this skin. What can I say? I've no...

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mirrorshot's/ Thunder
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

444 downloads • 4.81 stars

Fifth skin! 1st one for today, expect more!
I don't really do, extraordinary , so don't expect that.
Well anyway, I used basecodes from dangerousshow this time round. Her skin was nice but lacked an archives and all, so I thought I'd edit it. It isn't really fantastic, what I've done. But take note, it looks almost similar right? Take a closer look 'cause once again, I did not...

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mirrorshot's/ Lingerings.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

403 downloads • 0.00 stars

Heylo, again (and again and again. Hahah)
Okay fine, 6th skin. This one's shit, srsly.
The basecodes were awesome but I made it so... Urgh.
& the basecodes were from Chique-Lilie & her original skin was srsly good. But urm, yea, I made a mess out of it.
This is mediocre, the image's too small & I didn't change much. Only the image. Yea, I suck. I swear I'll do better next time!
Oh well!...

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mirrorshot's/ Perfection
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

526 downloads • 5.00 stars

7th skin! Basecodes from the skin called "Pictures of you" by lil.queens :) I had to redo the whole thing 6 times 'cause I'd mess the whole thing up and I wouldn't know why. Hopefully this makes up for the suckish skin just now:/
I changed quite a few; Icon, pix, blockquote, etc etc. It looks like I didn't change much but what the heck:D Hahaha.
Anyways, tested in IE and MF. Great...

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mirrorshot's/ It Ends Tonight.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

516 downloads • 4.72 stars

8th skin. Really alot for 2 days! I'm still gna make more, can you believe it? Hahaah.
My second navigational skin too. I'm not quite good at making navigational skins but I'm gna practice. Meaning, expect more to come!
Okay, this one's inspired by a song, It Ends Tonight by the All American Rejects. Basecodes were from Shoelaces! :) She asked me to rate her skin (called "03/S") &...

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mirrorshot's/ If I Were a Boy.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

397 downloads • 5.00 stars

My 9th skin! 5th one today, yay!
Also, this is my 3rd navigational skin. Told you I would make more! Inspired by the song "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce:D
The prettyprettypreppy basecodes were from toxicatears11 's skin, "Crazier". That skin's srsly the bomb, so I thought of using it as my basecode for this skin!
I did change certain things. Added more navigations, (hopefully this...

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mirrorshot's/ Don't Forget.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

570 downloads • 4.81 stars

10th skin. I'm so beat like srsly. I think I only have enough energy left for an 11th today, provided I even have inspiration, urgh.
Another navigational skin. It looks quite dull but there's aleeeeeeetle colour in it so it's not that dull. Inspired by the song, "Don't Forget" by Demi Lovato. Gosh, I love that song TTM!
Basecodes from the bikini boy from her 30th skin:DD

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mirrorshot's/ Sober.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

401 downloads • 4.79 stars

11th skin! Last one for today. Expect more tmr:D
I'm done making navigation skins. For now Hahah.
I think I'll only make skins tmr if I have the time. I'm not sure:/ Hahahha. Anyway, this one's inspired by P!nk's song, "Sober". Basecodes from your sweetest r0mance . Her skin was nice TTM, just that it wasn't properly aligned. So I thought I'd make some changes:)) Hope it's okay?...

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mirrorshot's/ Everything I'm Not.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

403 downloads • 4.80 stars

Hola Chicas:DD
It's a new day & I'm back w/ my 12th skin (which isn't navigational, as everyone can see).
Inspired by the song "Everything I'm Not", by The Veronicas.
Hey you, haven't listened to the song yet? Don't be a loser, go listen to it, you'll love it TTM:D Hahahah.
Okay so the basecodes were from f-urballs :) I liked her skin alot, so I thought I'd use it as basecodes. I did...

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mirrorshot's/ Just Like a Pill.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

388 downloads • 5.00 stars

13th skin, my I'm hungry. Okay, I'm random, ignore that.
Navigational skin, bascodes were from pinpoint :D I liked her skin vehry much, but I didn't think the colours of the header (in my opinion) matched well. It was a great skin tho:D So I used it as basecodes and edited things here & there. Whether it's noticeable or not, I did edit things k! Constructive comments/crits are...

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mirrorshot's/ The Climb
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

678 downloads • 4.69 stars

Back w/ my -counts using fingers and mouths numbers- 14th skin! So tired!
This one's inspired by the song, "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. It's a good song:D Basecodes from pinpoint . Her skins are so nice, gosh I'm envious):
Anyhoos, you'll notice I didn't change much. I'm sorry that I didn't but pleeeease don't rant and say I ripped. I did change certain things, others, I did try....

Skin thumbnail

mirrorshot's/ Relink!
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

689 downloads • 5.00 stars

Okay, this is my first relink skin, adding up to my 16th skin among the rest of the other simple skin's I've made:)
I used basecodes from a previous skin that I made, "The Climb". I edited certain things here and there & here it is! It's really simple, hope it's okay?
Tested in IE anf MF on Blogger. Everything's okay in both except that you can't see the background in IE. Other than...

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mirrorshot's/ Comparisons.
By: mirrorshot 7.8 years ago

453 downloads • 5.00 stars

17th skin:DD I think I might have my inspiration back again! Hahaha. It's wierd how I'm not making a fatherly-related skin on Fathers' Day. Oh well.
This skin's kind of dull and boring. Basecodes from LEENIIE . My friend was using one of her skins, "RAINBOW". And I thought it was too colourful for my liking so I used her basecodes and ta-dah! Okay, this one was the fastest skin I've...

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mirrorshot's/ Everything We Had.
By: mirrorshot 7.7 years ago

452 downloads • 4.88 stars

Back w/ my 18th skin! Based on the song "Everything We Had" by The Academy is... . This one's a navigational one!
I'm not sure if exquisite allows me to use his/her codes but I hope so! I'm sorry, exquisite, if you don't rly allow but I put effort into this so yeah. Thanks much!
As I've alr said, basecodes from exquisite :) I like his/her skin, "Where Is The Love" very much so I...

Skin thumbnail

mirrorshot's/ Purple.
By: mirrorshot 7.7 years ago

286 downloads • 5.00 stars

Back w/ my 19th skin! Basecodes from yoursweetestr0mance 's skin, "Trainwreck":D
Anyway, my friend likes purple so I thought I'd do a purple skin for her. But it's not exactly for her since I don't do requests or special skins. So I thought I'd submit it here! Okay, this purple doesn't sting your eyes (I think) and it's not excessive purple so it won't hurt your eyes. Hahaha. The...

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mirrorshot's/ Red.
By: mirrorshot 7.7 years ago

284 downloads • 5.00 stars

Told you I'm making a red! 24th, if I'm not wrong. Hahahah.
This is the red & I hope it's okay
I've nothing to say now so yeah,
IE and MF compatible:D Yay! Tested using both on Blogger
Comment, rate, fave, enjoy!
& I might be back w/ somemore colour skins:D!

Moved to rollingthunder
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mirrorshot's/ 'Cause I don't get it!
By: mirrorshot 7.7 years ago

392 downloads • 5.00 stars

26th skin! Yeah, hahaha. Okay, the title was completely random. Basecodes were from sockssexhyLOVE :D Hahahaha.
I edited ALOT this time round. Okay, I wouldn't necessarily say "ALOT" but I edited more than I usually do:D YAY! Hahaha.
Really simple skin here. Main colours are black, grey, white and red. Yeah, red, red, red. I'm starting to like Red more and more:D Hahahah. What a...

Skin thumbnail

mirrorshot's/ Twilight.
By: mirrorshot 7.7 years ago

413 downloads • 4.75 stars

I wanted to make another skin but I had no idea what to call it so I thought I'd make this one Twilight-related:DD!
My 29th skin:D Hahaha. The codes were from my other skin called "'Cause I Don't Get It", that's why it's so similar. So get your facts right before saying I ripped. I used the whole code from that skin again but I added in a header and an icon is all. I didn't make this...

Skin thumbnail

mirrorshot's/ Breakeven.
By: mirrorshot 7.7 years ago

508 downloads • 4.90 stars

Heylo:D Haven't been skinning fro who knows how long!
I think this is my 30th skin:) Oh great 30th:D
This skin was made from scratch. No basecodes, no help. Only me, my own coding and reference from the design of the skin I wanted to make it look like, which is basically, an LJ skin ( this , to be exact). I wanted it to look like it as much as possible, but sadly, the coding was too much...

Skin thumbnail

mirrorshot's/ Happy Endings.
By: mirrorshot 7.6 years ago

615 downloads • 5.00 stars

Anyone missed me while I was gone? No, I bet): Oh well. Hahaha. Anyway, 31st skin. Inspired from an LJ skin . Don't rate me down just cause the headers aren't visible. The colours are customisable but please do get them to match. Oh and, the basecodes were from Hiuxing 's skin:D Awesome skin man! It should work in MF. Not sure about IE tho. Do your usual drills! I don't have much time these...

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mirrorshot's/ Hiatus
By: mirrorshot 7.6 years ago

896 downloads • 5.00 stars

A completely lame and useless skin that was derived from my relink skin earlier.
Usual drills. This only popped in my head cause my CT's coming up.
So, yeah. Goodbye

(Don't really have to rate or comment & don't rate if you don't like it)

Moved to rollingthunder
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mirrorshot's/ LJ-inspired.
By: mirrorshot 7.6 years ago

510 downloads • 4.10 stars

I tried to make it as LJ-like as possible, unfortunately it was far too difficult. Take it or leave it:D Anyway it's customisable so you can change the different parts to get the colours to match.
Don't rate me down or give me retarded comments cause certain parts (like the title, date, photo and name portion) aren't exactly like LJ's k. Pinky swear? Thank you:D
I think it works in both IE...

Skin thumbnail

mirrorshot's/ Hit & Run
By: mirrorshot 7.6 years ago

738 downloads • 4.94 stars

Should work in MF
The colours are mundane so you don't have to rate if you don't like it. It doesn't look very much changed, I know. I tried:/
I saw the quote somewhere once and you can change the quote if you want. It's boring, I hate it too.
Oh and make sure if you use this skin, you keep it so 3 posts showing max so it looks nicer. I think it looks utterly disgusting once you add in all...

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