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Skins tagged with: mistyxylo

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trapped// ♥mxylo
By: mistyxylo 10.1 years ago

721 downloads • 5.00 stars

*"BLOG" nav works in BLOGGER.
*Host your images yourself, lest there're some probs. with current preview host.

MIGHT SUBMIT another version without MODEL .
- ♥mjuicy

if you think about this way, that your blog is an art piece also, despite being a place you could vent your frustrations, you wouldn't mind having the entry space a little more...

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valentine.love// ♥mxylo
By: mistyxylo 10.1 years ago

787 downloads • 4.89 stars

Happy Valentines Day! Well, I know it's tomorrow. But *advanced* wishes to you all here.



1. Navi .s are the FOUR ♥♥♥♥hearts to the right of the picture.
2. Preview's a little screwed. Check out the larger screenshot to see how's it like in BLOGGER. CLICK IT!->
3. OH. One more thing. The navi: BLOG (4th...

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By: mistyxylo 10.0 years ago

848 downloads • 5.00 stars


IF you hate small posting areas, and small text... I don't recommend you to use this skin.
It's... more simple, imagemap, red, gray. Yeah... pretty much that.

best viewed: probably Avant Browser or I.E.
-works perfectly fine in Blogger. Check out the SCREENSHOT.

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By: mistyxylo 10.0 years ago

699 downloads • 5.00 stars


I was just experimenting with the effects of some brushes and fonts. So I came up with this. It's randomly called... feel my pulse... check out the font. It's the PULSE machine thingy line. Crap. I sound like some dumb idiot. LOL. Okay, you get it.

best viewed: probably Avant Browser or I.E.
-works perfectly fine in Blogger. Check out the SCREENSHOT....

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By: mistyxylo 9.2 years ago

2,433 downloads • 4.92 stars


1) navigational
2) tested in Avant Browser, I.E. - works! - not sure 'bout MozzilaFF.
3) made in adobephotoshop cs3, myscreenreso:1280x800px


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By: mistyxylo 9.1 years ago

972 downloads • 5.00 stars


so, made in 1280x800px reso screen, works in avant browser, i.e., mayb firefox? haven't tested. also, "004. BLOG" works in blogger.

mxylo ;D

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missjuicy- Maroon 5
By: MissJuicy- 9.0 years ago

919 downloads • 5.00 stars


Here's the next featured band skin! yikes! This is like the first skin I made in adobe photoshop cs3 lol!!! long time ago... and i'm only posting it up now coz' i was too busy to code it.

Sigh... guess i can only post skins on weekends. anyways, usual stuff applies...

"004. BLOG" works in BLOGGER.com. BLOGGER preview is screwed, save template (classic) and view blog - yes,...

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