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Skins tagged with: nature

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By the beach
By: Quinsy 11.5 years ago

1,308 downloads • 3.22 stars

HEY! New Skin. Simple. Take a look and judge. IF you wanna use it, load the pic into your own image host. THanks a LOT. Clikc on link to get there
click for image

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001 Just a Leaf and some Dew
By: indiejade 11.0 years ago

1,232 downloads • 5.00 stars

A simple, earthy skin (Blogger Archive) designed to showcase quality in written blogger CONTENT. :) For authors BY authors. When I joined blogskins, I was severely disappointed that there were no skins designed with the writer of the content of a blog in mind, so I designed one myself.

Let me know what you think! :)

Please upload the image to your own server/photo hosting site....

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Water Ripples [v.2.0 - Beginning and Forever]
By: simluz 11.0 years ago

1,702 downloads • 4.50 stars

A skin inspired by the beauty of the ripples in waters. I made it for the reason of thanking God for His wonderful creations, that even in the simplest form of movements, we can see His works and how they affect our daily lives.

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ocean#10 hear the whispers; simple
By: Oceanbluez92 10.9 years ago

4,396 downloads • 4.65 stars

Theme: hear the whispers; blue,black,green skin. really simple and weird combination of colours. P.S. change the colours if it's not to your liking but PLEASE do not remove credits. (:

-best viewed in netscape; 800x600
-untested in other browsers

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nature's greens
By: greenery- 10.7 years ago

1,102 downloads • 5.00 stars

the name is lame but who cares. and leave a comment if you want to. wont be loading any skins for the next few days. and happy downloading >.<

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11. Roses -fedora_girl
By: fedora_girl 10.6 years ago

2,060 downloads • 4.75 stars

Hi everyone! :D I've been having some sort of mental block. I made three skins and trashed them before I came up with this, LOL.

Anyway, a simple skin with roses. I think it's a little plain but didn't know what to do with it anymore. Hope you like it!

Please download and host the pics yourself. Here they are:


Thanks! :D And comments are seriously...

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#03 My little butterfly [yellownahnah]
By: yellownahnah 10.6 years ago

1,245 downloads • 4.92 stars

This is my third skin! really hope you would enjoy it.. :) comments please! tell me if you like it..

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LimClanStrummer:~May Your Light Shine~resub
By: limmdt 10.6 years ago

5,047 downloads • 4.59 stars

Ok I really couldn't resist...i had to resubmit to deceive myself that I'm still alive on blogskins :P which I'm not :D

A skin based on Matt 5:16...familiar to those brothers and sisters in Christ out there. May your light shine in the darkness..stay strong in God.

On a more secular note though...the sunrise/sunset (how would I know?) is soooo beautiful, serene, and surreal


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#01. a4. Pink Flower v.2
By: Zeventina 10.6 years ago

1,158 downloads • 4.83 stars

Power of flower v.2

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Sand Tree by SpankyJewels
By: spankyjewels 10.6 years ago

1,416 downloads • 4.88 stars

Here is another new skin from me. The background is a mostly dead tree surrounded by dunes of sand. It has a neat little saying on it. I hope you like it. This skin will be best viewed in an 800x600 screen resolution.

Please keep the credit for my design in the sidebar.

If you don't know by now, the standard courtesy rule is to save the images and upload them to your own servers. If...

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In My Life*--
By: cr0ssed 10.6 years ago

1,058 downloads • 4.38 stars

Managing a website now hosting my own images and giving free blogskins away. And Im using my own blogskin! Heh
Have quite a few now and doing more. Please visit! And give comments so i can improve. Thanks! iBlogskinsDesign

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17. Paradise is -fedora_girl
By: fedora_girl 10.5 years ago

3,825 downloads • 4.94 stars

Hey, I know I said I wouldn't show up for a week but Liliana wants me to put up her skin.

So here's your skin, Liliana! Hope you like it. :D

It's a little gray with a tree, plants, nature-y stuff like that.

Please host and download the pictures yourself from here:

There's a preview error I can't seem to get around. Just look at the screenshot to see what...

Skin thumbnail

Muted Trees by SpankyJewels
By: spankyjewels 10.5 years ago

874 downloads • 3.50 stars

This dark skin features a muted picture of branches with fall leaves on it. The background image is fixed and will stay put while the text scrolls over the top of it. This skin will work best in an 800x600 screen resolution.

Please keep in mind that with the new formatting of BlogSkins, that the first post appears in a larger font than what I've got it set to. If you want to see the sizes...

Skin thumbnail

My Lost Paradise
By: sixseven 10.5 years ago

2,927 downloads • 4.78 stars

Made with a pretty stock photo I found =)

I had to slice the image in Imageready, only to find that it worked in Firefox but not IE, so I had to redo my slicing to fit both browsers, ugh.

Hope you enjoy the lost paradise! (Save all the images yourself unless my bandwidth might exceed and you won't get your lost paradise)

This is in conjunction with thelittlegreen man's contest, so...

Skin thumbnail

By: mcrfreak 10.5 years ago

1,037 downloads • 5.00 stars

Scuicide on a sunny day :)
Green,orange and black.

Oh Gosh.I know it looks ugly.Blech.The jagged edges were a BIG mistake.
I don't know what happened to my computer.
So i'll be resubmitting this!But you can comment if you like :)

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AutumnOuting {miiss.u}
By: miiss_understood 10.5 years ago

1,756 downloads • 4.97 stars



PLease ppl do not rate low bcoz u PERSONALLY don lyke it! JUST HAVE FUN AND ENJOI!!!! (^_^)

<3 miiss_understood

p.s. Da img is a bit pixellated but when i got da image it was dat way!!! :_

OH yeah, this skin was a request from ABIGAIL!! Hey abigail i hope u lyke it, i did it as nice as i could 4 u! really hope ull use it! :)

Skin thumbnail

By: topsy-turvy 10.5 years ago

1,323 downloads • 4.39 stars

This is probably one of my best layouts ever. I mean one of the ones I like most. Because it is... saying something. Not that there's a purpose or a message I want to get across. Oh whatever, I don't know what to say.

So this skin is talking about flow, flow of nature. The top part is about flow of air, of flying things like butterflies and birds, of freedom. The swirls are representing...

Skin thumbnail

aloysius03; NATUREtheRootofMUSIC
By: aloysius90 10.5 years ago

887 downloads • 4.92 stars

3rd skin...
Well, i'm still trying my best to figure out how to solve the alignment problem.
It may look un-align, but if you preview it using blogspot. Theres no problem. :)


A combination of those 3.

Comment on it! :) Thank you!

Skin thumbnail

#01 RESUBMITTED nature
By: qinqin 10.5 years ago

2,090 downloads • 4.64 stars

resubmitted first skin! XP
rate pls!

Skin thumbnail

SleepinG CO
By: celestialcloudz 10.5 years ago

1,014 downloads • 4.88 stars

4th submitted skin. Now featuring Sleeping co, my favourite character. It's just so cute! White background, pink image, purple and grey font. Enjoy! :)

Skin thumbnail

Whispers in the Dark
By: musicandmagic 10.4 years ago

920 downloads • 4.73 stars

Beautiful picture of an aurora.
with the words - whispers in the dark.
it's a dark skin.
and slightly feminine.
sure to please (:

Skin thumbnail

Black Bamboo
By: exoticboyyy 10.4 years ago

1,368 downloads • 4.92 stars

a simple layout with black bamboo design. enjoy (:

please host the pictures yourself alright? thank you!

Skin thumbnail

ForestEmotions by nutingDzines
By: nutingDzines 10.4 years ago

846 downloads • 4.96 stars

well.. a simple blogskin. well original skin was created/drafted by my fren.. the girl in the pic.. lol. but she needed sme change and stuff.. so i re-edit fer her.. n look.. it turns out nice.. i think la.. but honestly.. nt up to my standard.. but y not jus upload it ryte??

click on the X and Os to navigate


credits: deviantart; photobucket; blogskins;...

Skin thumbnail

By: *chewy.GUMMIES- 10.4 years ago

1,232 downloads • 4.44 stars

{ background-attachment:scrollable;} a:link{color:skyblue; font-family:tahoma; font-size:9px; text-decoration: none; font-weight: none}a:visited{color:lightslategray; font-family:tahoma; font-size:9px; text-decoration: none; font-weight: none} a:hover{color:lightslategray;cursor: crosshair; border-bottom: 2px dotted black; background-color:lightblue;...

Skin thumbnail

04. HOPE! {*c.GUMMIES-}
By: *chewy.GUMMIES- 10.4 years ago

1,902 downloads • 4.95 stars

{ background-attachment:scrollable;} a:link{color:skyblue; font-family:tahoma; font-size:9px; text-decoration: none; font-weight: none}a:visited{color:lightslategray; font-family:tahoma; font-size:9px; text-decoration: none; font-weight: none} a:hover{color:lightslategray;cursor: crosshair; border-bottom: 2px dotted black; background-color:lightblue; font-family:tahoma;...

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aqih {sunset silhouette}
By: wbalqis 10.4 years ago

961 downloads • 5.00 stars

image ; sunset silhouette
colour; black, white, yellow, blue

RATE, COMMENTS, DOWNLOAD really appreciated.



Skin thumbnail

aqih | search dream
By: wbalqis 10.4 years ago

882 downloads • 5.00 stars

image ; just hand
colour; overall pink

RATE, COMMENTS, DOWNLOAD really appreciated.



Skin thumbnail

By: !zrow 10.3 years ago

1,128 downloads • 4.93 stars

obviously not my fav. :s this was a skin requested by 'balqis'. okay, this sucks. i find it really suckyy T_T. but this is my nature; different .

perhaps i'll make a 2nd skin on nature :s
nature isn't much of a good topic for me
anywho, enjoy?

no, i did NOT take any images. just one usage of brushes :O (the tree). i made the image, blah blah blah.

made for reso: 1024 x 768

Skin thumbnail

magnette | no matter where, but for now we're here
By: magnette 10.3 years ago

7,942 downloads • 4.94 stars


taken from sixpence none the richer ' fields of flowers.

But I wrote them for you
And anywhere I would be with you
No matter where, but for now we're here
So let's spin around again in this field of flowers we're in

pls dont ask me why there is only one flower and not many to describe 'fields of flowers'. this was how i interpreted the song and i just wanted things to...

Skin thumbnail

#10- beyond the horizon
By: miharu-II 10.3 years ago

863 downloads • 4.50 stars

sumtin i made to express my feelings.
its sumtin like searchin for ur true self.
hope u like it. :)

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