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Skins tagged with: nice

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Cupidsd- Precious Moments Precious Thoughts
By: cupids 12.3 years ago

6,978 downloads • 4.40 stars

This is a precious moments template. Main color is pink, preety sweet and simple layout. Lots of space for everything. Dl the zip file containing the images, entry code and a readme file here:
Pm Temp 1 zip
Hope you like this template and plz kindly upload the images to your own server or a server like Photobucket if possible. Thks.
The skin has been edited again, so plz kindly dl...

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Music LanD___+*.
By: dreamy_hl 12.2 years ago

4,930 downloads • 4.18 stars

It's just a simple design on music. The picture is taken from Princess Diane and is quite cute. Do take a look now...

^.*Hope you like it*.^

!_*PleaSe hoSt the pictuReS to yoUr seRvEr. ThankS. *_!

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i love you [[ juu ]]
By: justiniechan 12.1 years ago

1,404 downloads • 4.53 stars

This is a template to mark Vday which falls on 14th Feb. Its quite girlish and features a pink bear.

Theme: Vday; i love you
Colours: Pink, red and white
Features: bear and lipstick mark
Music: only love

Please leave comments. Thank you! =]

If you prefer the skin to not have music, then remove the first line of the coding. Should you need further help, just email me at...

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liatango\friends forever bear
By: liatango 12.1 years ago

2,289 downloads • 4.86 stars

`friends forever bear

light pink background
friends forever bear picture

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yEe *[[___ ilovemiee ((: `-//* 0=)
By: angeliciouss 11.9 years ago

25,340 downloads • 4.80 stars

i love myself.

yepp. i do.
this skin, is made to. well.

let people accept you, like you for who u are. not how u look like or anything.

the navigations are the words i love myself (:
including the smiliee! yupp. haha.

hopefully, you'll like this. its my second last skin using adobe photoshop.
coz my...

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thats her ; upside-down
By: topsy-turvy 11.9 years ago

73,290 downloads • 4.59 stars

This skin was done around 2 years ago, so I apologise for any out-dated things. But I've tried my best to make it more up to date. And, I admit my skills were and still are amateurish.

This skin is very "you get what you see". It's simply about "Love At First Sight". Simple as it is, it is not meant to have other hidden meanings. But if you see it differently, then good for you....

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The Music of the Night
By: amoose 11.9 years ago

1,477 downloads • 4.36 stars

A faerie in front of the moon.

Save the picture and upload it to your own hostness.

Tis my first skin, so yea, not sure how it will rate.

Please comment and rate though!

Flah, tis all I must say.

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ilu forever; joyce [o1]
By: joyceng 11.9 years ago

4,676 downloads • 4.38 stars

ilu forever.

hihi, this is my first skin, it was ehh.. requested by a friend. hope it won't be too slack. =))
-white background.
-picture is of a boy and a girl.
-music is true by ryan cabrera, please change it if you don't like.

please upload the picture to your own server:

please don't remove the credits, the hostings and i do deserve some right? don't alter the...

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yEe *[[___ im not perfect ((: `-//* 0=)
By: angeliciouss 11.9 years ago

21,586 downloads • 4.57 stars


okae. the title says everything?

hmm. take a look.

suitable for both guys and girls. my previous blog's layout. pretty interesting. (:

uhmm. IM SO SORREEE. i forgot to mention that the ADORABLE angel picture is from deviantart. ok pleaseeee dun start scolding me. im so sorry i used a picture from deviantart. and there one HUGE problem. i saved this pic looong...

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By: nurdiana 11.9 years ago

1,540 downloads • 4.25 stars


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screaming inside... ~suni~
By: suni 11.9 years ago

639 downloads • 4.33 stars

christian. found a really great pic at deviantart and got permission to use it. pls keep credits intact. nearly black, white, and red skin. one pic. plz host yourself. :)

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friends forever-[gn]
By: gnnio 11.9 years ago

1,767 downloads • 3.72 stars

Another skin, in a long time. Two black and white pictures. It's rather simple, and it actually took me some time to work on some bugs. Anyway, I'm feeling rather lazy, so can't be bothered to put up link of images. But I would really appreciate it if you do. Thanks.

Please view my other skins...

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dreamy (anime) [jas]
By: jasskip 11.9 years ago

3,593 downloads • 4.75 stars

Quite a sweet skin. The anime girl is really cute and pretty. =) Oh this skin is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution.

Only one image, please host it yourself. Here's the link to the image. :)

Anime girl sewing pic

Leave my credits there please. And hope you guys like it.. =) Thank you loads for coming! (Sorry it may take some time to load, I don't know why =x)

Skin thumbnail

By: Sodarnsweet5463 11.9 years ago

1,311 downloads • 4.75 stars

Just a cute lil old school rock and roll bloggie. :P Don't claim as ur own, remove my link, etc. Images from getty but i did a crapload of image manipulation so u rn't gonna find 'em on getty as they are here haha. well, take a look! :D

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simple & nice
By: juzsam 11.9 years ago

1,524 downloads • 3.67 stars

this is my first time contributing a blogskin!
hope it will be alright!
by the way tis is actually my previous personal blogskin! =)
veri simple & nice anime blogskin with light blue background... sweet lookin too!

btw i only tested out in blogspot...
so i do not know whether diaryland or others can be used...

i wil appreciate if u link it to my name......

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it was a rainy day (anime) [jas]
By: jasskip 11.8 years ago

5,693 downloads • 4.79 stars

This is a sad skin, about a guy who left a girl and left her all alone in the rain. Best viewed in 1024x768.

Please host the picture yourself, only one pic.
Rainy pic

Thanks loads! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy~! =) hmm i know the song doesn't really fit.. but u can change it yourself k. cos' i don't have much songs to put on my skins. sorry about that. =)

Skin thumbnail

By: bycthangel 11.8 years ago

1,797 downloads • 4.25 stars


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watching over you (anime) [jas]
By: jasskip 11.8 years ago

37,537 downloads • 4.69 stars

This is quite a pinky skin, featuring a sweet anime angel.. cute and pretty.. best viewed in 1024x768. =)

Only one picture to host. Please host it yourselves k. =)

Pink angel pic

Hope you guys like it! And don't delete the credits k.. Thanks so much. =)

Skin thumbnail

noodle trouble [jas]
By: jasskip 11.8 years ago

5,699 downloads • 4.47 stars

This is a not so anime skin, but i used a little anime pic. Hehe. Not like my other anime skins. It's cute! And a different style. Best viewed in 1024x768.

Sorry I forgot where I got the picture from, so couldn't credit. =X Anyway, hope you guys like it! Enjoy! =) Keep my credits there k. Thanks loads~!

To noblejunk91, you don't have to host the picture yourself for this. The reason...

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#o3.remember me [j-wen]
By: ji4w3n 11.8 years ago

9,505 downloads • 4.68 stars

colors ; white, grey and black
font ; verdana
style ; area mapping
resolution ; 1024 x 768

please leave the credits.
host the pictures.
do not blame me if my bandwidth exceeds

:)leave comments and rate

:: VIEW my other skins



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By: blackpig 11.8 years ago

1,361 downloads • 2.33 stars

Fire works

Skin thumbnail

The Silent Scream
By: morganaana 11.8 years ago

1,329 downloads • 3.25 stars

Another simple skin of mine yet add a dark feeling to it..
What i can about this skin is that.. the default skin can change.. so if you want to change other pics.. by all means.. but make sure its heigh=200 width=700..
thats all i can say.. A gothic skin? i should say.. just a simple dark skin...
Like the skin? Dwld it..
Love it? Rate it..
Adore it? Compliment it..
Need Improvements?...

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F.I.R ... // Fairy-In-Reality [[[... Wu Xian ... ]
By: Jewel11 11.8 years ago

1,721 downloads • 4.45 stars

I'm back into making blog skins
after a long rest. This is my first skin created since Dev '04.
For those who do not know who is
F.I.R, I'll give a brief description of them.
F.I.R (also known as
Fairy-In-Reality) debut in March 2004 which their first album: "Fly Away". F.I.R
consist of 3 members, Ah Shin (guitarist), Chan Jian Ning (Pianist) and Faye
(Main Vocal). ...

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yEe *[[___ fallenn angel. `-//* 0=)
By: angeliciouss 11.8 years ago

4,171 downloads • 4.31 stars

oh. my favourite skin! (: hees. modified from my blog layout. into a nicer one. hopefully. x)
well. all fallen angels =/

aha. yupp.

well. i have almost given up on asking begging people to upload the pics themself. however, im sure there are still kinda souls around. right? RIGHTT?
lol. okae. here's it....

Skin thumbnail

wierdo skin. # // unstyled-
By: miss_toiletbowl 11.8 years ago

57,863 downloads • 4.58 stars

the colours are PLAINLY disgusting. but i made it black and white so that you people can change it to the colour combi u likE! coz i noe many of your have different tastes in colours. and coz the layout is mainly the code and colours onli, i decide its up to your to decorate it ya(: dont blame me if this layout kind of.... s. u. x u noe. haha. dont blame meee!!!! i u noe. lost touch le. HMphhs (:

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#16[j0lx.]; catchME - ifiFALL..
By: j0lx.iinc- 11.8 years ago

1,708 downloads • 4.70 stars

another stupid picture.
it`s very ugly i think.

pls upload the picture yourself! (:

get an account at.

i apologise if the picture is blur.
oh thnks anyway!

Skin thumbnail

//* mii + y0u t0gether # f0rever `` t0ngt0n
By: t0ngt0ng 11.8 years ago

4,455 downloads • 4.73 stars

//* third lay0ut ^^
//* lay0ut strictly c0pyrightedd!!
//* n0 stealin or c0pyinn!
//* pls upl0ad image 0n ur 0wn!
//* kindly preview n c0mment =)
//* may haf re-edited versi0n ^^

Skin thumbnail

anime^^ artist ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 11.8 years ago

9,095 downloads • 4.78 stars

nuthin' much to say.. please check out.. ;)

Skin thumbnail

By: aisyah121 11.8 years ago

2,403 downloads • 3.67 stars

credits to
eeeyan for the picture.
topsy-turvey for some scripts
ME(hehehe) for the editing.

never remove the credits
or I'll be after you.

do comment so i can improve.
after all, i am quite new to making skins.
lastly, enjoy this skin and THE HOLIDAY!

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