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#o3.remember me [j-wen]
By: ji4w3n 11.8 years ago

9,505 downloads • 4.68 stars

colors ; white, grey and black
font ; verdana
style ; area mapping
resolution ; 1024 x 768

please leave the credits.
host the pictures.
do not blame me if my bandwidth exceeds

:)leave comments and rate

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F.I.R ... // Fairy-In-Reality [[[... Wu Xian ... ]
By: Jewel11 11.8 years ago

1,721 downloads • 4.45 stars

I'm back into making blog skins
after a long rest. This is my first skin created since Dev '04.
For those who do not know who is
F.I.R, I'll give a brief description of them.
F.I.R (also known as
Fairy-In-Reality) debut in March 2004 which their first album: "Fly Away". F.I.R
consist of 3 members, Ah Shin (guitarist), Chan Jian Ning (Pianist) and Faye
(Main Vocal). ...

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wierdo skin. # // unstyled-
By: miss_toiletbowl 11.8 years ago

57,863 downloads • 4.58 stars

the colours are PLAINLY disgusting. but i made it black and white so that you people can change it to the colour combi u likE! coz i noe many of your have different tastes in colours. and coz the layout is mainly the code and colours onli, i decide its up to your to decorate it ya(: dont blame me if this layout kind of.... s. u. x u noe. haha. dont blame meee!!!! i u noe. lost touch le. HMphhs (:

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pictureless imperfect.
By: dumdeedum(: 11.7 years ago

1,608 downloads • 5.00 stars

first skin. be nice.

its really plain, so dont come telling me the obvious.


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black and white.
By: dumdeedum(: 11.7 years ago

2,539 downloads • 4.29 stars

there's 2 hearts. simplicity never goes out.


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46-} Simple Rainbow
By: XstefX 11.6 years ago

1,947 downloads • 4.68 stars

I got bored and messed around with come brushes again, and came up with this skin. It features brushes from none other than 1greeneye. This is a SIMPLE AND PLAIN skin. ~enjoy~

*IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS EMAIL ME AT XstefX_Skins@comcast.net . Otherwise, feel free to visit my blog: mysticalgardenofhteoasis.blogspot.com ...

Best viewed in 1024x768


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Behind you //Galine*
By: viengeline 11.5 years ago

1,191 downloads • 3.75 stars

My 3rd Skin. Took more than 1 hour to complete it. It's forever friends bear. Hope you like it.
//*Leave the credits alone!
//*Please comment and rate.

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By: tayamanda91 11.5 years ago

1,422 downloads • 4.33 stars

i took the picture from another one of the skins here. PLEASE DONT KILL ME WHOEVER THE DESIGNER IS!!!! if you want me to remove it just let me know. :)

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Girls on Top// cOje & BoA
By: coje 11.5 years ago

4,974 downloads • 4.79 stars

my very first skin. juz, hope you guys wld like it! ((:

anyway. check out my blog at http://coje-boa.blogspot.com now! ((:

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x;; hmm.. ramen!
By: theilona 11.4 years ago

1,646 downloads • 4.88 stars

simple skin, do not direct link the image. i suggess photobucket. mind that the html is not proper.

in action: http://mindless-obsessions.blogspot.com
image: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y259/pixelate_linx/ramen.jpg

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Roller Weblogger Day Page - Basic
By: myles 11.2 years ago

1,334 downloads • 5.00 stars

Someone asked that I add support for Roller Weblogger skins. I created Types for what appears to be the two main types of Roller templates. This is the Day page, which is like the individual entry archive page. This is the "Basic" template, which I borrowed from the documentation .

I believe you need the matching Weblog page .

Skin thumbnail

By: no-way-out 11.2 years ago

2,391 downloads • 4.88 stars

My old skin.
Very busy these days. Has totally *no* time for blogskins.
Designer: ME: 1 . 2 . 3
Credits: I'm lazy to type them all here. Look for them in the skin itself. thanks.
Best in IE, Firefox , 1048x768

1) Please host the image to your own server. Click here for the image.
2) No rippings please.

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Simply-Tantalizing~ | islenska`*
By: islenska 11.0 years ago

1,590 downloads • 4.63 stars

Martini & Vodka...

i dont know much about alcohol really. i just think that the bottles are nice..aren't they? =) quench your thirst by downloading this skin now!

brushes by in obscruro . they have nice brushes =) pictures of the Martini & Vodka from google.

thanks for downloading & all commments are welcome =).

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dreaming of love... by aMIDala
By: anastasiana 10.9 years ago

1,407 downloads • 4.63 stars

my first skin! just sth simple and pure white.. =) hope you like it..

template inspired by khairul.

pls DO NOT remove credits, respect other's artpieces/designs. thank you!

pls upload pics to your own photohosts: here and here .

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[li0nheart #12] Beautiful Disaster V2
By: li0nheart 10.8 years ago

40,400 downloads • 4.81 stars

[UPDATED ON 05.05.07]
If you want to use this skin, you got to revert your blogger layout to CLASS TEMPLATE first, if not the codes will not work. :)

Halo! =D

Yay I'm submitting on a Friday again!

Okay this one took me about 1 hour to complete.

Theme: Abstract art.

As you can see, the image is vectored and everything is in...

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[1beautifullybroken/jav-X [RESUBMITTED]
By: dancingbutterflies; 10.7 years ago

1,592 downloads • 4.91 stars

This is actually my second skin,and the first one didnt go very well haha;
im trying hard though,so supportive comments would be appreciated(: THANK YOU!

by the way,im so sorry about the code that i used from SAMANTHA; i wasnt very sure on how to credit her in fact=/ because i was confused about her crediting femmedevoir instead): seems like i should have thanked her better.

shes been...

Skin thumbnail

By: dancingbutterflies; 10.7 years ago

1,461 downloads • 4.83 stars

I was actually trying to make something for my blog,but ended up doing this~
its really really simple this time-
ive tried not to make the same mistakes again-
so...hope you guys like it!:DD

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VINTAGE MAMA!-elf&sexy-hobbits
By: elf&sexy-hobbits 10.7 years ago

1,308 downloads • 4.17 stars

my second skin!!

thanks to sweet misery- for the coding!
please upload the picture to your server<3


please rate and give comments.

god bless ya!

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Buried in the sunset
By: EanieMeany 10.7 years ago

1,384 downloads • 4.75 stars

My very 1st skin.
Pls lave a comment.
Its simple and easy. =)
The words are from Pretty Vegas by INXS.

Skin thumbnail

staring into space;[ashley]
By: MISunderstoodMe 10.7 years ago

891 downloads • 3.88 stars

I made this from a photo of a good friend of mine. Host the pic yourself, it's only 1 pic. Don't remove the credits.. bla bla bla.. and thats all.

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My favourite bands
By: Asilah 10.7 years ago

1,140 downloads • 0.00 stars

This is my 2nd design..The original piece have a black background with dark pink designs. However, I use neon glow for filter... I follow up with the comments..From the comments I received, im trying to imrove on it...so here it is....Pls do leave a comment on this if there's no codes available...If can, do give me some guidelines on hot to generate codes for skins cos i'm a newbie in dis.... :-)

Skin thumbnail

By: rustBlue93 10.6 years ago

944 downloads • 4.56 stars

Hey! another blogskin
main colours are yellow, black, purple, white
it's plain. ( it is suppose to be plain)

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CCHERYL. x) mysweetfairytale. i guess.
By: ccheRyll. 10.6 years ago

930 downloads • 4.89 stars

decided to do one simple skin.
well, the title's for you guys to think of.
im clueless. -.-
i guess it somehow describe about a girl seeking her fairytale.
PLAIN. WHITE. BLACKWHITE. got colour also lah. [:

Skin thumbnail

By: rustBlue93 10.6 years ago

913 downloads • 4.86 stars

lalala made this for fun lah actually
just really plain
credits to google.com for this pic

Skin thumbnail

Hancur «09» See No Evil
By: Hancur 10.6 years ago

1,032 downloads • 4.88 stars

A Plain and Dark skin.
No brushes whatsoever.
Kept it clean and simple.
Didnt wanna ruin the pic.

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Cross My Heart*
By: rainonme- 10.6 years ago

1,054 downloads • 4.00 stars

"Cross My Heart, Hope To Die, Stick A Needle In My Eye"

Made that friendship oath once? Really swore you'd never break it at the moment of the pinky-finger hook? Well, then you broke it the second you turned around and saw the icecream man. This skin was one I made to honour friendship, and this swear line is normally used between girls. Sorry guys. > Main Picture

Make your comments!

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[#7]Simple Numbers -305
By: ThirtyFive 10.6 years ago

947 downloads • 4.58 stars

soo soo plain and simple
flowerss and stuffs~

its sooo lame i know!
but heys~ at least ive tried my best!!

comment please~
lols! =)

Skin thumbnail

By: love_lizzy 10.6 years ago

1,081 downloads • 4.30 stars

FALLOUT BOY. simple skin. white bg. ((:

Skin thumbnail

DEAREST || InuYasha and Kagome - **Ayame**
By: karin-chan 10.6 years ago

1,138 downloads • 5.00 stars

A very simple skin with a green background, the wallpaper image is from [adult swim]. the song playing is Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki. Features InuYasha and Higurashi Kagome from InuYasha.

Best viewed in 1024x768 resolution
Please comment as this is my second skin.

Skin thumbnail

#05 Simplicity // Angela__ }
By: holy_angel1991 10.6 years ago

847 downloads • 4.50 stars

A really very simple layout WITHOUT any image. =)

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