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Skins tagged with: red

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Sports Cut
By: myles 15.0 years ago

3,749 downloads • 3.48 stars

Thanks to Bj

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dragonfae ++ bad.lil.kitty
By: dragonfae 12.5 years ago

2,872 downloads • 4.47 stars

Skin #3! Red background [it's a pretty in-your-face-hurt-your-eyes deep red, but that's the feel of the page ;) I might work on an alternate coloured version later on]. Features a black cat with an attitude. The actual blogging space may be smaller than most, but sufficient. The cat image was inspired by Emily the Strange 's cats.

Please host the image on your own server. Thanks.

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Don't Speak
By: jeeohdee 12.5 years ago

1,371 downloads • 4.67 stars

My friend got creeped out by the ghostly picture of the woman on the skin. Haha. But really it's just a woman with her finger on her lips. Much like NoNoise, but takes on a reddish colour scheme. Yeah.

[Edit]: something wrong with the name, haha... Don't Speak, but i can't seem to get rid of the /. But i'll keep trying until i do!

As usual, please upload the pic to your own server! Thanks.

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FIDA INC DESIGNS - Lonely Heart Blues // PARIS HIL
By: fidainc 12.1 years ago

2,029 downloads • 4.41 stars

Takes up 75% of screen space. Very classy, sophisticated... very Paris Hilton.

Upload THIS picture to your own server. Thanks

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By: jeeohdee 12.0 years ago

1,651 downloads • 4.93 stars

was using this skin until some stupid koka advertising campaign used a scarily similar tagline.

if you're offended by the swastika (the nazi thing) please do not.

-->"The Swastika" is the oldest cross and emblem in the world. It forms a combination of four "L's" standing for Luck, Light, Love and Life. It has been found in ancient Rome, excavations in Grecian cities, on Buddhist...

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Chii From Chobits // Lorala
By: Lorala 12.0 years ago

1,730 downloads • 4.20 stars

Hey, this is my fifth layout I made. It's an anime called Chobits it's Chii! Though I've never seen the anime but I've read the mange. It's good from what I've read though I'm not a big fan of it. Well, I hope you like it. I'm not a big fan of red either. XD Enjoy!

Note: Please upload the pictures on your own site, because it uses my site stuff and I'll be happy if you didn't use my site....

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Fushigi Yugi // Lorala
By: Lorala 11.9 years ago

1,843 downloads • 4.42 stars

This is my sixth layout. It's the main characters from Fushigi Yuugi with music in the background. It is my favorite anime in the whole world and I don't care what you say. XD Anyway, I know about the weird looking thing at the bottom of the layout which for the words and such but it's fine on blogger so you don't need to worry.

Note: Please upload the pictures on your own site, because it...

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good old times (anime) [jas]
By: jasskip 11.8 years ago

6,921 downloads • 4.70 stars

This skin is a little different from my normal ones. It is dedicated to my best friend, mel. The significance of the picture is cos' we always ate 'baos' in the canteen together. =) Hehe, even the canteen vendor could predict what we were going to order.

So when I chanced upon this picture, I've decided to make a skin on it. I've also added her favourite song by sly, ying gai (hope it can...

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bad badtz maru ~~***black and white
By: paradopia 11.8 years ago

1,836 downloads • 4.30 stars

anyone fan of bad badtz maru?!?

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I'll Be Your Accident
By: |ntoxicated 11.8 years ago

1,741 downloads • 4.88 stars

My first image mapped layout! This is a huge Pinup Toon blend I made. It took me a while. LOl. And yeap, this skin is only for 1024x768 users. Enjoy!

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Phone Number [*nattypaz*]
By: nattypaz 11.8 years ago

1,433 downloads • 2.33 stars

"ohhh.....if i just had ur phone number"..that's what i was thinking when i get inspired..."and, ┬┐what if i make a skin?"..and i do it...so, here're the general description:

colours: red and yellow...i'll say....
picture: an old-fashioned lady talking on the phone....
i just add some comic affect!!!!!!!!

well, that's everything...i hope u like it very much & please vote & comment..i'll...

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ying2 - hurt no more[3 versions
By: sPirAlx 11.7 years ago

2,667 downloads • 4.75 stars

i've got 3 versions of this.

please please upload the pics and music to your own server.
the zip includs 3 different backgrounds. choose anyone u like and upload it to your OWN SERVER.


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Duct Tape Red
By: CaptainBizzarro 11.7 years ago

1,317 downloads • 5.00 stars

This is a duct tape skin, inspired by one of my friends who really likes duct tape ^_^. As always, you'll need to host an image, but it's just one this time! To the imageshack.us!


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#11.talk to me [j-wen]
By: ji4w3n 11.6 years ago

16,304 downloads • 4.70 stars

colors ; pink, white and black
font ; verdana
style ; div layers
resolution ; 1028 x 768

HOST ; layout

please leave the credits.
host the pictures.
do not blame me if my bandwidth exceeds

:)leave comments and rate

:: VIEW my other skins

td,p,body{color:gray;font:8pt verdana}...

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17 agustus 1945
By: isnaini 11.6 years ago

1,230 downloads • 5.00 stars

17 Agustus 1945 : Indonesian Declaration of Independence

Skin thumbnail

By: Terah 11.6 years ago

1,500 downloads • 3.75 stars

-Bright Stars
-Black Background
-Roxy at bottom
I hope the words are okay to read. You can always just change the colors yourself...enjoy!

Skin thumbnail

a bird and a red flower
By: isnaini 11.6 years ago

1,391 downloads • 3.50 stars

a bird and a red flower

Skin thumbnail

Triple J - Music for Life by Anti-timer
By: blurb-confession 11.6 years ago

1,679 downloads • 3.88 stars

:) Hello munchkins. Erm yes. Decided to actually submit a skin again... not re-submitting any others though, might make some more later. I'm leaving for England on Monday though so... not for a while. It's a pretty simple skin, red and white with the Triple J symbol (a beating drum). It's got buttons on the side which navigate and... that's about it. If there are any problems just contact me...

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Grunge Death[Suicide roses design]
By: nur-angelfire 11.5 years ago

1,085 downloads • 4.00 stars

Just an image I made using brushes.Red,simple with white background.

Comments please =D


Enjoy~ :P

Skin thumbnail

09___[you noe i love you & you love mi]\*
By: selin 11.4 years ago

2,896 downloads • 4.23 stars

black n red is e main color..

Skin thumbnail

By: selfdenial 11.4 years ago

1,187 downloads • 4.19 stars


;used // div layers
;font // verdana
;resolution // best in 1024 x 7680
;colours // black.red.white
;picture // by deviantart

host the picture youself


;thanks for your comments
;no rippers
;leave my link alone


Skin thumbnail

#2 note of tragedy // sunday`shoes
By: sunday-shoes 11.4 years ago

4,015 downloads • 4.88 stars

hellos. (:
this is my second skin,
so hope everyone would like this skin.

I spent around two hours finishing layout and coding,
The coloures used are mainly in shades of brown and red,
Font: Verdana
Style: Div Layers
Resolution: 1024x768 (best viewed in)

Please host the images at your own server by saving these images,

upload this image;

Please DO NOT...

Skin thumbnail

conn*e | deck the halls
By: conn*e 11.4 years ago

1,284 downloads • 4.33 stars

for the x'mas season!

pink bg; red holly twig on right; red text

pls use your own image host: holly

dafont.com [XmasDings; SL Christmas Silhouettes; Scriptina]

also, if you liked this skin, you cld also check out the others in this series:

conn*e | choir of angels
conn*e | carol of the bells
conn*e | christ is born
conn*e | merry christmas

Skin thumbnail

rapemyskin: control - puddle of mudd
By: rapemyskin 11.3 years ago

5,139 downloads • 4.87 stars

another skin after a long break.
hope you guys'll like it and it's time to try my luck with Top 15 Rated too. haha.
credit me and i'll be happy.
upload the images too please.
thank you very much.

much love, ele. <3

Skin thumbnail

By: easten_lxy 11.3 years ago

1,765 downloads • 5.00 stars

4 peeps who love elmo =))

Skin thumbnail

To me, you're perfect - noire(c)
By: magieNOIRE. 11.2 years ago

1,294 downloads • 4.33 stars

Dark, black, simple.
'To me you're perfect'.



Thank You.

Visit/tag my blog if you wish(:
noire (c)

Skin thumbnail

Stop this madness! [0neway]
By: one-way 11.2 years ago

2,026 downloads • 5.00 stars

Boycotting music.


Skin thumbnail

JadenKale** The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein) Ad-
By: JadenKale 11.2 years ago

2,725 downloads • 4.63 stars

I haven't sent in a design in almost a year! XD But, It's because I've been making private layouts on the side. In honor of the new year (and the fact I made a layout for someone was not ever getting back to me) I am submitting a Shel Silverstein layout. WHO?? If you have read "Where the Sidewalk Ends" or "A Light In the Attic" you may have also heard about "The Giving Tree". Shel Silverstein...

Skin thumbnail

#16 `MF- Avril Lavigne
By: mizz-freaq 11.2 years ago

1,097 downloads • 4.75 stars

Features Avril Lavigne. Main colours black and kinda red.

Skin thumbnail

underHER * ; senorita in RED.
By: underrmii 11.1 years ago

943 downloads • 3.83 stars

its practically red ; black & white. - rockON.

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