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By: jojolynn 10.4 years ago

761 downloads • 4.23 stars

my first skin.
i took like almost 3 hours to make it :O
many thanks to bitterswt.
she helped me along the way.
one tree hill rocks, watch it.
upload the picture yourself.

click here for the black version(:

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Rolls of Autumn. {/lisee:D
By: {/lisee:D 9.4 years ago

11,946 downloads • 4.96 stars


It's been ages since i updated my blogskins account, But here's a past-layout i used on my blog, A few have been requested that it be put up here, So hiddly-doh-dee! :D

Remember your basic manners.
no ripping of images (copyrighted to their respective owners)
host the images yourself (imageshack, photobucket/ect)
say please and...

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Once a loving couple
By: *--sexY doG--* 8.0 years ago

873 downloads • 4.79 stars

This is my first skin. Hope you all comment and rate it. Thanks. :)

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vg/What Should I Wear
By: vaguely- 7.3 years ago

441 downloads • 4.83 stars

A whimsical vain idea I had sometime ago. The images were drawn by me using the computer mouse so I'm sorry if the lines are shaky... Main colours blue, white and black; fonts used are century gothic and arial.

Leave constructive comments if rating less than 5.0 stars, thanks!

dothdrill !

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By: x.Lockandk-ey 7.0 years ago

822 downloads • 4.95 stars

.logo{display:none;}.footer{display:none;}.screenshot{display:none;}.navsearch{display:none;}.footernav{display:none;}.footernavright{display:none;}#user_profile_ad{display:none;}.topnav img, #user_profile_ad,#header_login,.navsearch,.logo,.footernav,.footernavright,.footer,.footer_text_ads,#user_profile_ad{margin-left:0px; display:none; visibility:hidden}

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By: x.Lockandk-ey 6.9 years ago

485 downloads • 4.03 stars

.logo{display:none;}.footer{display:none;}.screenshot{display:none;}.navsearch{display:none;}.footernav{display:none;}.footernavright{display:none;}#user_profile_ad{display:none;}.topnav img, #user_profile_ad,#header_login,.navsearch,.logo,.footernav,.footernavright,.footer,.footer_text_ads,#user_profile_ad{margin-left:0px; display:none; visibility:hidden}

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Meet Teddy
By: ke ying 6.2 years ago

156 downloads • 0.00 stars

Dearest heavenlygirl,
you really needn't be such a (ahem) over this, not once but twice. Appreciate your concern, but maybe you should learn to be a little less mean on your comments. If you think I'm irresponsible, really, why do you think i go to all sorts of trouble just make sure the pic is view-able?

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Do You Remember When Portable Phones Came In A Bag
By: soniyagurg 5.8 years ago

119 downloads • 0.00 stars

I remember when portable phones came in a bag. They were large and bulky which made it hard to carry one in a purse and even harder to stuff into a pocket. Most of us wondered why anyone would want to take a bag phone everywhere they went. Today, most of us have cell phones and wonder what we ever did without them. The smaller size and large range of uses make them something that many of us...

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Menacing Temptation
By: yanxiao 5.5 years ago

316 downloads • 4.90 stars

It is a sub version of my Candy House

It's navigational.

I love this one to bits because of the banners. HAHA. Japanese guys DO make a difference on your blog layout. 8D

Dark colors, grey, bla bla bla. Looks neat and clean, I guess? I am attempting to describe it since this box is for description.

Remove the credits and I hope you fucking die.

Please don't rip the images...

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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Dental Cleaning
By: manualgoldhahn 3.7 years ago

59 downloads • 0.00 stars

Having a pretty smile is only part of the reason you should have dental check ups throughout the year. Did you know that oral hygiene is linked to your overall body health as well? By maintaining a healthy mouth, you can avoid troublesome medical problems such as gum disease, bone loss, heart disease, strokes, and overall infection. This is why having a dental TMJ No More cleaning should be a...

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By: Pilihanhaty 3.5 years ago

48 downloads • 0.00 stars


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green Laser Sight star 2in1
By: etytujhmju 2 months ago

8 downloads • 0.00 stars

green Laser Sight star 2in1
The 5mW 2-in-1 Green Laser Pointer is a versatile laser pointer, with a detachable filter allowing you to point a star pattern or detach for a straight beam. The laser beam is so strong you can view the beam in low light conditions. Turning the detachable filter will make the star pattern morph allowing you to create cool laser light shows.The 5mW Green Laser...

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